Using your hot tub a lot in the summer? Here Are Tips to Prevent Skin Irritations.



Welcome, hot‌ tub enthusiasts!‌ As summer rolls around, the allure of a warm, bubbling hot tub‌ becomes almost irresistible. Before you plan‍ your‍ next relaxing soak, it’s​ important to consider the impact⁣ of increased usage ⁢on⁣ your skin and hot tub’s sanitation.

Have ​you​ noticed any skin irritations or rashes after your hot tub ​sessions?

This could be a sign of⁤ inadequate sanitation, commonly manifesting in sensitive areas such as behind the knees, under the arms, and on the belly. Often, these are symptoms of a bacterial condition known as ​hot tub folliculitis, an infection that ‌targets the hair follicles, appearing as​ a troublesome red rash.

Understanding Hot Tub Sanitation

The primary culprit behind these irritations is often suboptimal sanitation. A ⁢hot tub’s warm environment is an ⁢ideal breeding ground for bacteria, particularly if the sanitizer​ levels are not adequately ⁤maintained.

When ⁢your​ skin’s pores ⁣open in the steamy water, they become gateways for ⁣bacteria. Exiting ‍the hot tub ‌shuts these portals, trapping the bacteria inside ​and leading to potential skin issues.

Sensitive Skin? Consider Your Chemical Use

If you find your skin reacting‌ after a dip‌ in the hot⁢ tub, you might⁢ have ⁢sensitivities to ⁢the ⁢chemicals commonly used in hot tubs. For those with chemical sensitivities, finding a suitable sanitizer that’s‍ gentle yet‌ effective is⁣ crucial.

A product ⁣to consider is ⁤the ThermoClear system, which ‌significantly reduces chlorine levels while⁤ still‍ maintaining clear, sanitized water. It’s a preferred choice for households with children, providing a safer soaking experience.

Enhancing ‌Sanitation‍ with an Ozonator

Another effective strategy to ensure your hot tub⁤ remains⁢ a hygienic oasis is integrating ⁣an Ozonator into your maintenance routine. An Ozonator helps continuously purify the water, ⁢reducing the reliance on ⁤harsh chemicals, thereby simplifying water chemistry ⁣and⁤ minimizing skin irritations. Ozonators are not a ⁣one-time investment; they⁤ need replacement ⁤approximately every‍ three years ⁣to function effectively.

Personalized Solutions and Customer⁢ Support

Everyone’s hot tub needs are different, influenced by factors such as frequency‍ of use and personal skin sensitivities. If you have ⁤questions or require personalized advice, ‍our customer service team is eager ‍to assist. Contact us at 800-876-0158, or reach out​ through our⁤ social platforms ⁢on Facebook or⁣ Twitter. We’re here ⁤to ensure you make the best choices for your ‌hot tub experience.

Keeping Your⁣ Hot Tub in Prime Condition

Maintaining a hot tub requires a balance ⁢of ⁤proper sanitation and accommodating⁣ personal sensitivities. Here are some tips⁣ to ensure​ a safe​ and enjoyable hot⁢ tub experience:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Keep a regular ⁣check on the water chemistry. Testing kits are‌ readily available ⁤and ‍can help you monitor the levels of pH, chlorine, and other‌ sanitizers.
  2. Shower Before and After: Showering before entering the hot tub‌ removes oils, lotions, and other‌ contaminants from your ⁤skin, reducing the potential workload of your sanitizers. Additionally, a post-soak shower helps remove‌ any chemical⁤ residues.
  3. Proper‌ Filtration: Ensure your hot tub’s filter is⁢ clean ⁣and functional. Regular cleaning and timely replacement ‍of filters are ​crucial⁣ for keeping the⁣ water clear.
  4. Adequate ⁣Circulation: Keep‍ the water moving. Most modern ‌hot tubs have automatic cycles to ensure ‍water is regularly⁢ circulated and filtered.
  5. Cover Your Tub: When ⁣not in use, keep your ​hot tub covered⁢ to prevent ⁣debris from falling in and to​ help⁢ maintain ⁣water temperature.

We hope ⁢this guide enhances your hot tub⁢ experience, making ⁤those relaxing moments ⁣even ​more delightful and safe.⁢ Are there specific aspects ⁢of hot ⁣tub maintenance or⁢ enjoyment ‍you want us to explore next? ​Please share your thoughts‍ and suggestions in the comments​ below—we love hearing from our‍ community and shaping our ⁤content to your interests!


This summer, don’t ​let ​skin⁣ irritations diminish your hot⁣ tub fun. By understanding and managing the ⁣sanitation‌ of your tub, considering less irritating ⁤sanitizers like the ⁣ThermoClear system, and possibly upgrading to an Ozonator, you can ‍significantly enhance your ​hot tub experience. Remember, a clean,​ well-maintained hot tub ​is‌ the key to endless summer enjoyment. Happy soaking!


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