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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you learn more about ThermoSpas® Hot Tubs, we have listed some of our most-asked questions and provided you with the answers. For more information or help getting started, browse our frequently asked questions today!

The ThermoClear™ cartridge will start to become ineffective after four months. So, along with having water that could potentially have a high TDS reading, prohibiting chemicals from being effective, you will have no method of sanitizing your water leading to potential health risks.

If you are not in any way allergic to Chlorine, then it is strongly recommended you use it. Chlorine has a higher ORP rating (oxidation reduction potential) which is the measure of oxidizing power. The oxidizing power is the ability to burn away organic matter. However, you must continue to use the Spa Activator each time you use your hot tub.

Too much Spa Activator can cause the skin to itch and potentially produce a skin rash. Over-shocking your water could potentially damage your hot tub cover, and this would not be covered in the warranty. Also, an excess of sanitizer might not produce any reading on your test strip because you have gone beyond its reading capabilities. This has led people to add more Spa Activator, which can make matters worse. Instead, take measures to reduce your sanitizer level.

There are two simple methods to reduce sanitizer levels: Drain 1/2 of your water and refill the hot tub; or remove the cover and turn on the air bubbling system. Monitor the sanitizer level with test strips until the recommended level is achieved.

There are two reasons: Biguanide and Copper-based Algaecide products may attack critical parts of the pumps and plumbing leading to premature failure of the spa. Chlorine may not be used with Biguanide-based sanitizers. Over time certain bacteria will develop a tolerance to Biguanide. When this occurs, chlorination of the spa is the most effective means of destroying these bacteria. At this time, it is common for most spas to switch to a Chlorine and/or Bromine sanitizer.

The use of ThermoClear™ and Chlorine can be interchanged in the same spa water. All other sanitizers require the draining of the hot tub. It is recommended to use the ThermoSpas® Jet Line Cleaner for cleaning out the lines.

A hot tub is dramatically different from a swimming pool because you are working with water that is both heated and also aerated. The ratios of people are also quite different. For example, four people in a hot tub are equivalent to 300 people in an average size pool. The heated water and higher bather load ratio can cause organic contaminants not found in swimming pools. Because of this, the chemical make-up of swimming pool chemicals is usually quite different from that of hot tub chemicals. One example is that swimming pool chemicals are not buffered so they can create havoc on the pH level of your hot tub water.

Headrests that are constantly submerged in spa water that is not properly treated with chemicals may discolor. However, even if you have been performing your water maintenance faithfully and correctly, the pillows will still naturally discolor over time. ThermoSpas does not provide warranty coverage for bleaching or discoloration of spa pillows.

Yes. If your hot tub includes an Ozonator, you can reduce your use of both sanitizer and activator by approximately 50 percent. For example, hot tubs with Ozonators require a bromine reading of only 1 to 3 ppm. Each week, add only 2 oz. of Bromide Salts (sanitizer) and 1 oz. of Spa Activator (activator) after each use.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and is considered to be 25 times more effective and works 100 times faster than traditional sanitizers like Chlorine or Bromine. However, ozone only lasts about 20 minutes in a hot tub when the filtration pump shuts off. There are many contaminants (i.e. algae, ammonia, nitrogen laden compounds, and bather wastes) that are not controlled by ozone. Also, Ozonators have no effect on reducing the use of any other chemical but sanitizers.

With the new addition of the 24-hour circulation pump they are set to turn on for 3 minutes then shut off once the spa goes over the desired set temperature to eliminate heat gain from pump.

On some models of ThermoSpas® it is almost impossible to change the filters while the pump is on. So the spa must be put into standby mode or the power must be turned off at the circuit breaker.

If your spa has a circulation pump it is set to run 24/7, unless the spa temperature goes 3 degrees above the set temperature. Another reason may be heater malfunction, so please contact the service department to help determine the cause.

The proper way to troubleshoot an instant tripping breaker is to first turn the GFCI breaker off. Then, access the spa pack and unplug all components (all water pumps, blowers, and Ozonator if the spa has one) except for the light. Then turn GFCI breaker back on. If breaker does not hold, the only component that is still connected is the heater since heater wires are inside spa pack. If breaker does hold, re-plug in components (one at a time) and whichever one is failing will trip breaker when you plug it in. At this point, the second, third, and fourth pump can be left unplugged. Also, if blower or Ozonator is causing the problem, they can be left unplugged. Only spas heater and primary pump are necessary to maintain heat and filter cycle.

Try your Whirlpool Jet or top side diverter valve to direct water flow to that seat(s). Check the jets for that seat(s). Your jets may be in the closed position. Most of the jets in your spa have an outer ring that turns to the left and right. This will open or close the jets.

Remove the skirt panel and find your pump. Chances are a gate valve might be closed, which will shut the pump off. Open the valve by lifting the handle. Your pump may need to be primed. Open the union connection slightly to bleed the air out of the line.

ThermoSpas offers free computerized testing of your water. If you reach the point of having no luck with keeping your water in balance, and have tried draining and refilling your tub, you can send us a sample of your hot tub water for analysis. Please contact ThermoSpas Customer Care Department at 800-876-0158, option 2.

The best way to prime a pump is to put pump into high speed, loosen pump union just a little bit to let the air escape from pump, then tighten the union back up.

Winterizing your spa properly while you’re on vacation is not only smart but it could save you operation cost. You won’t have to have someone check it every 24 hours. Also, if the power goes out or spa freezes this will eliminate any freeze damage which isn’t covered under any warranty. NOTE: It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the spa from freezing.

If your spa and circuit breaker are outdoors, you don’t need to be home. ThermoSpas can set up an appointment and complete the service call while you are at work for your convenience.

First, there are a few things you will need to do. Determine the area of the spa where the leak seems to be coming from. Remove one of the skirt panels in that area and check your pump(s) union connections. If you have a loose union, simply tighten the connection and the leak should stop. This is a part of your spa start up and is the responsibility of all of customers to make sure that this is done.

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