ThermoSpas Premium Hot Tub Warranty

While most spa manufacturers offer a warranty for their shell for one to five years, we have confidence in the strength and durability of the ThermoSpas® Hot Tub shell to offer a 20-year limited warranty. You’ll enjoy the beauty of your spa for many years to come, without worrying about costly replacement or repair should it become defective. All of the plumbing, including the pump, the blower, and even the spa heater are covered under the ThermoSpas 10-year pro-rated warranty. In fact, ThermoSpas is one of the few manufacturers to offer any type of warranty on pumps, blowers, and motors beyond five years. But more important than the paper the warranty is written on, is the company and the people who stand behind the product.

The ThermoSpas® Premium Warranty comes standard on all Designer, Aquatic and Fitness Series Spas.

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