Creating The Perfect Space for Your Indoor Hot Tub


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When done correctly, an indoor hot tub can transform an average room into a luxurious therapeutic retreat. All it takes is a good eye and an understanding of the necessities of indoor hot tub spaces.

We’re here to help you create the perfect space for your indoor hot tub with a handful of helpful aesthetic and functional tips.

1. Install Floors That Can Take a Splash

No matter how careful you are, water will fly out of the hot tub and onto the floor at some point. Outdoors, this is no problem at all. But when your hot tub is indoors, you’ll want to make sure you
choose flooring that won’t be damaged by water and isn’t too slippery when wet. Avoid wood and carpet flooring.

Instead, go for a non-slip tile material with a matte-finish. Once you pick the perfect flooring for your hot tub space, we suggest installing a drain system to make your life even easier.

2. Keep The Air Fresh

While you relax in your steamy hot tub, a lot of moisture is going to build up in the room.

You’ll need a ventilation system, like the one in your bathroom, to keep the warm and moist air moving.

Your best option is to buy a quiet fan with a thermostat and humidistat that suits the size of your room.

3. Make Sure Your Walls Are Tough

Even with a great ventilation system, the room is probably going to steam up quite a bit. You may want to consider redoing your walls to keep them safe. There are specific types of drywall that are resistant to moisture. Cement walls and cedar lining are also great options for your hot tub room.

4. Transform Your Space into a Relaxation Room

Along with making sure your walls are tough, you’ll want their appearance to reflect tranquility and relaxation, with calming colors, such as blue, light green or purple. Large windows also promote
peaceful meditation and bring in calming natural light.

You’ll also want to make sure you have towel racks and cabinets attached to the wall near your hot tub for easy access. After all, you don’t want to disturb your peacefulness with a cold and wet journey to find towels.

5. Set Up Soothing Lighting

Lighting can transform the entire atmosphere of your room, so it’s important to carefully select types of lighting and where you place them.

Use as much natural and ambient lighting as possible to create a soft and calming effect. Placing candles around your hot tub can also promote an extremely tranquil environment.

Take a look at this great guide from Prime Location for more information about how to light your hot tub space.

6. Buy A Hot Tub to Match Your Room’s Aesthetic

Finally, to ensure that your indoor space is as relaxing and beautiful as possible, you’ll want to pick a hot tub that compliments the colors and aesthetic of the room it will be placed in.

All of ThermoSpas® hot tubs feature five different calming shell colors, as well as three elegant cabinet colors for you to choose from.
With these options, you’ll be sure to choose a hot tub that will bring your whole room together.

By paying attention to both your hot tub room’s functionality and its aesthetic, you’ll be sure to create the perfect indoor oasis for you. If you’re still looking for an indoor hot tub, we suggest taking a look at ThermoSpas® luxurious 2-3 person hot tubs.

Have you already designed an indoor space for your hot tub? Share it with the ThermoSpas community on our Facebook page! We’d love for you to share your hot tub inspiration.


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