Hot Tub Cinema – A Hot Tub Experience to Remember


hot tub cinema

Ever thought about blending the soothing comfort of a⁤ Thermospas hot tub ⁤with the thrilling ⁣experience ⁢of a ‌movie night? ‌It’s not ⁢just a fantasy; it’s ‌a fun, engaging reality many are embracing.

Originating from an innovative idea in East London, where a group of ‍friends projected a movie onto a sheet while enjoying ⁣the warmth of a hot tub, this concept has quickly ⁢evolved into ​the “Ultimate Hot Tub Experience.”⁣

The founder, Asher, recalls the creation of this unique enjoyment, saying it was born from a desire to relax in‍ warm waters while engaging in the entertaining allure of cinema. The ⁣outcome was magical, leading to numerous requests for more​ such ⁢evenings.

Why Consider a Hot Tub Cinema Setup at Home?

Owning a Thermospas hot tub turns⁣ your ⁢backyard into a potential venue for countless memorable nights.​ Why travel when you can host your ​very own hot tub cinema right in the comfort ⁣of your home?

Whether it’s⁤ a get-together with friends or a cozy family movie‍ night, the combination of a movie and a relaxing soak is undeniably delightful. Moreover, this setup⁢ allows‍ you to modify your environment to fit the theme ⁢of the movie⁣ or the mood of your guests, making each event uniquely appealing.

Step-by-Step⁢ Guide to Hosting a Cinema Night in Your Hot Tub

  1. Choose the Right Equipment: Invest⁣ in a waterproof, outdoor projector and a portable screen or use a ⁣plain white backsheet as a substitute. ⁣Ensure your sound system is set up for outdoor use to provide that ​immersive cinematic experience.
  2. Select the Movie: Depending on your audience, pick a‌ movie that suits the tastes and preferences‍ of your guests. Whether it’s a splashy action‍ movie or ⁣a serene romantic comedy, the right film can make or break your hot tub cinema experience.
  3. Comfort Measures: Make comfort ⁤a priority. Have ⁣waterproof​ pillows, extra towels, and perhaps lightweight robes ready for when ⁤guests ‌need a break from the water.
  4. Setting the Scene: Ambient lighting can greatly enhance the viewing experience. ⁢Soft, waterproof LED ⁣lights can add ‌a magical touch to ‌your garden or patio area.
  5. Snacks and Drinks: ​Offer ‌a​ mix of easy-to-handle snacks and beverages. Opt for waterproof containers to avoid ⁣any accidental ​spills in the tub.
  6. Safety First: Don’t forget to address safety. Ensure that all electrical setups are‌ secure and that the tub area ‌is slip-resistant.

Engage with Our Community

We love seeing how you bring these ideas to life! Share snapshots from‍ your hot tub cinema nights on our Facebook Page or tag us on ⁢ Pinterest ​ @thermospas. We are‍ eager to see how you recreate this fabulous experience. Don’t hesitate to ⁢comment below with your thoughts on this concept or any suggestions you might⁤ have to enhance the movie night experience.‌


The concept of a hot tub cinema combines relaxation, entertainment, and social fun, making it an increasingly ⁢popular⁢ home feature among Thermospas owners. With these tips and your ‌creativity, you’re well-equipped to host an unforgettable hot tub cinema night. Embrace this delightful fusion of comfort and entertainment, and create magical movie memories ​right from ⁣the serenity of your hot ⁢tub.


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