ThermoSpas Recommends: Hot Tubs and Features


thermospas recommends concord

ThermoSpas is dedicated to providing amazing hot tubs that can deliver many years of relaxing stress relief. Part of our promise is to provide a wide variety of hot tub models and options that allow
you to have a hot tub that is truly your own. We’d like to guide you through a few of our favorite hot tubs and some of our top-recommended options.

2 – 3 Person Hot Tub

For a great experience with a personal touch for 2 or 3 people to use, we recommend our Maui model Aquatic Series Hot Tub. With perfected energy efficiency, it’s a great option for a family on a budget. Energy bills will stay low while still being able to enjoy all the wonders of a hot tub.

And with a near-sound proofed body, the Maui can be placed indoors or outdoors with hardly a peep made. It’s compact size makes it simple to fit indoors and outdoors, while still delivering the release you need after a hard day’s work or an
evening workout.

Total Control Therapy

With any hot tub, it’s a great option to control the jets and bubbles you want, especially if the person enjoying the hot tub with you wants a completely different experience. Total Control Therapy, an exclusive ThermoSpas patented technology, allows each seat in a hot tub to enjoy their jet massage at their own intensity. Choose from a mild tingling sensation to a full power jet action massage. It’s up to you.

3 – 4 Person Hot Tub

If you’re interested in a hot tub that will provide a relaxing touch for you and several guests, consider The Concord. It’s an intimate hot tub with all the great features that come with all ThermoSpas hot tubs.

Furthermore, the Concord has a molded interior that’s perfect for relaxing and receiving jet therapy. It’s best features include wrap around armrests, built in pillows angled for face to face conversations. As well, the center has a V-shaped foot well that’s perfect for receiving a relaxing, jet-powered foot massage.


For all size hot tubs, you may want to consider ThermOzone, a new method of sanitation that’s safe for indoor use. Rather than using strong chemicals to sanitize and control the pH levels of your water, ThermOzone is a natural purifier that uses Ozone to sanitize and clean your water.

5 Person Hot Tub

If you’re interested in entertaining more than a few guests or have a large family, the Park Avenue is a great option for you. With 5 unique seating areas and a cool down seat for younger guests, or to take a break from the relaxing massage jets, it’s a great choice for a family looking to add some fun into their evenings.

It also includes a double wide, reversible lounge area that allows for two people to fully extend and receive a full body massage. With built in pillows on each end, a couple can choose to sit head to toe or snuggle up next to each other for soft whispering in each other’s ears.

Pillow Jets

Another great feature we recommend to all our customers is our pillow jets. With the push of a button a warm stream of water will push against your neck and shoulders to deliver a sensational massage unlike any other experience.

With an independent valve to control the intensity of the pillow, you can customize your massage to be perfect for you.

6 Person Hot Tub

Last, if you’re looking for a grandiose hot tub that will fit a fair amount of people and keep your friends and family coming home every evening, then look no further than The Manhattan. This hot tub is perfect for 6 people, but includes seating for 8. With textured pillows at each seat and a deep foot well to keep everyone feeling cozy, this is the perfect full size hot tub.

Of course, we love all our hot tubs and can’t wait to tell you more about our amazing models and features. If you have any questions or are interested in receiving a quote for hot tub an
installation, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas today. We’re happy to help.


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