Total Control Therapy System


total control therapy

At ThermoSpas, we take immense‍ pride in continually enhancing​ the ⁤hot tub experience for‌ our valued customers. Our dedication has led to the creation of our patented ‍Total Control Therapy® system, which significantly elevates comfort ⁤and personalization in spas.

This innovative solution offers unparalleled relaxation and is a testament⁣ to our commitment to⁢ creating‌ exceptional ‍hot ⁤tub‍ experiences.

Understanding the Total Control Therapy System

The concept behind the‍ Total Control Therapy system is straightforward yet revolutionary. It centers on the idea that not everyone enjoys the same type of​ jet pressure during their hot tub sessions.

Some may‌ prefer​ gentle bubbles to soothe ⁣their muscles, while others might seek vigorous streams to alleviate deeper‍ bodily stress. Typically, hot tubs come with a unified ⁤control system, which limits customization and forces everyone to settle for the same level of​ pressure.

Customized Jet Pressure for Every Seat

With our unique system, each hot tub seat comes equipped with its own set of controls. This means that every‌ individual can adjust the intensity of the jets‌ in their seat without affecting others. Whether you‍ prefer a soft, calming⁣ flow or‍ a strong, pulsating massage,‍ the control is entirely ​in your ‍hands—or ⁤at your fingertips, ⁤to be precise.

Advanced‍ Pump ⁢Technology

The ⁣effectiveness of the Total Control Therapy system⁢ is significantly‍ boosted by the use of multiple pumps—up ​to six⁤ in some models.​ This ​multi-pump​ setup stands in contrast to the one or two‍ pumps⁣ found ​in most standard hot ‌tubs. More​ pumps mean more power‍ and precision ‍in creating a personalized spa experience for ⁢each user.

Innovative Throttle and Air Control Valves

To make​ adjustments as intuitive as possible,⁤ ThermoSpas has​ developed an ‌easy-to-use Throttle ⁤Control Valve.‍ Each seat features this tailored valve that lets you effortlessly dial in your desired level of jet intensity. Furthermore, the Variable Air Control valve allows for fine-tuning of the ​air-to-water ⁣ratio, enhancing the texture of ‍the jets’ output, from bubbly lightness ‌to rigorous power.

Experience Enhanced⁣ Comfort with ⁣Pillow Jets

In addition⁤ to the ⁤customizable jet streams and innovative control mechanisms, another standout ⁤feature ⁢of our ⁤Total Control ⁣Therapy ⁢system is the patented Pillow ‌Jets. Designed to target the neck and shoulders, these jets deliver a stream of⁤ warm water that effectively eases tension and stress. Just a push of a button activates⁢ a delightful massage that rivals professional therapeutic sessions.

Why Choose ThermoSpas?

Choosing a ThermoSpas hot tub equipped with the Total Control Therapy system means opting for‌ a luxury spa experience that ⁤you‌ can tailor to ⁤your personal ‌preferences each ⁤time you ⁤dip into⁣ the waters. Below ‌are just a few ‍reasons why our hot tubs stand out:

Unmatched ​Personalization

Every aspect of our hot ​tubs, from the intensity and type of jet massage to the seating arrangements, can be customized. Your ⁤comfort and satisfaction are our⁣ utmost ⁤priorities.

High-Quality Engineering

ThermoSpas⁤ hot tubs are built with longevity and ⁤efficiency ​in mind. Our systems are ​easy to use and are designed ⁢using the latest advancements in ⁤spa‍ technology.

Customer-Centric Approach

We believe in building relationships with our customers. From free consultations to personalized quotes, our team is here to ensure that your hot tub buying ⁢and owning‌ experience is‍ as​ seamless ‌and satisfying as possible.

Transform Your Hot Tub Experience Today

Total Control⁣ Therapy⁣ is just one of many innovations that ThermoSpas offers. Our ⁤customers frequently praise the easy-to-use Throttle ⁢Control ‌Valves and adore​ the relaxing power ‍of the Pillow Jets. With all these features⁣ combined, ⁢we‌ are​ confident in delivering a​ hot tub experience that you, your ⁣family, and friends will ⁣cherish.

Embrace the ultimate in relaxation and customization with​ ThermoSpas. ‌Contact us today for a complimentary consultation ⁢and to discuss how we can make ⁢your​ hot tub dreams a reality. ⁣Delight in the sophistication of Total Control ⁢Therapy⁢ and transform‌ your home into‌ a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility.


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