Hot Tub Filters: When to Clean, When to Change, and How


cleaning your hot tub filters

Maintaining a⁢ pristine hot tub experience predominantly revolves around the care and management of the hot tub⁢ filters. These ‍filters act as guardians, capturing debris, dust,⁢ dirt, and certain microorganisms that could otherwise mar your relaxing spa session.

To ensure these filters ‍perform optimally, regular cleaning⁤ and timely replacement are essential.

Regular Filter Maintenance ‍Schedule

To keep ⁢your filters in prime condition, it’s crucial to adhere ‍to a⁢ structured ‌maintenance schedule. This schedule is divided into three main timeframes: bi-weekly⁤ to tri-weekly, quarterly, and annually. Let’s explore⁤ each period in detail.

Bi-weekly‌ to Tri-weekly: Quick ⁣Rinse and Inspection

Every two to three weeks, it’s advisable‌ to⁤ conduct a brief check‍ and clean of ⁣your hot tub filter. During your hot tub upkeep, simply remove the filter and give it a‌ gentle, yet thorough ⁢rinse with a⁤ garden hose. This will dislodge larger ⁤particles such as leaves and hair, and ‌prevent them from clogging the filter.‍ This ‌quick rinse aids in maintaining filter functionality between​ deeper cleaning sessions.

Quarterly: In-depth Cleaning

Once every two to three months, a more comprehensive ⁢cleaning‌ is required. We ⁣suggest ‌having an additional ⁣clean filter on hand to swap with the dirty ⁢one. This practice ‌not only prolongs the life of both filters but also‌ allows‍ uninterrupted hot tub enjoyment.

Steps to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub Filter:

  1. Consult Your Hot Tub’s Manual: Initially, refer to the “Special Operating Instructions” provided with your hot tub to​ understand⁢ specific guidelines for filter removal ⁣and maintenance.
  2. Preparation: Remove ⁣the filter and submerge ‌it in ‌a⁤ bucket of water. Mix in an appropriate quantity ⁣of filter cleaning ‍solution, such as Thermospa’s Filter‌ Clean, available ‌ here. Depending on the level of soiling, you might need between 8 to 16 ounces of the solution.
  3. Soak: Agitate the filter in the solution gently, ensuring the cleaning mixture is worked through. Let the filter soak for 12 to 24 hours to dissolve all impurities ⁣effectively.
  4. Rinse and Dry: After soaking, rinse the filter ⁤thoroughly with a garden⁤ hose to eliminate all​ chemical residues. It’s crucial to allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling it to prevent bacterial‌ growth.

Annually: Filter Replacement Time

Filters are designed to be effective for about a year. ‍Using a filter beyond this period can reduce⁢ its efficacy, leaving behind contaminants ‌in your hot tub.⁤ If you rotate between two filters, keep a ⁢log of their‍ usage. Once a filter hits the 12-month mark, it should ⁣be‍ replaced to ⁢ensure optimal functioning.

Additional Care Tips

When ​cleaning your filters, avoid using high-pressure⁣ washers, dishwashers, or ​washing ‍machines as these can damage the filter structure. Additionally, ‍steer clear of household cleaning agents like laundry detergents ⁢or dish ⁤soaps. Always use solutions specifically formulated for hot tub ⁤filters to prevent issues⁢ such as water foaming or contamination.

Why Follow These Guidelines?

Adhering‍ to these maintenance steps will not only ‌extend the lifespan of your hot tub filters but also⁣ enhance your hot tub’s overall cleanliness and functionality. With regular ‍care, your ‌hot tub will⁤ continue to be a source of⁤ joy and relaxation for years ⁤to come.

Need Assistance? We’re Here to ‌Help!

Our dedicated and friendly customer care team is ready to assist you with any questions about filters, replacements, or cleaning products. Feel free ⁢to reach out to Thermospas Customer Care at⁢ 1-800-876-0158.

By following these guidelines, you ⁤ensure​ that your ⁤hot tub remains ‌a ‍safe and⁤ delightful ‌retreat. Enjoy the relaxing⁤ bubbles and let your well-maintained filters take care of keeping the ⁣water⁤ crystal clear!


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