Foamy, Soapy Hot Tub Water: How to Fix


soapy foamy water hot tub fix

Are you experiencing excessive foaming in your spa water? While foam cannot harm you or your spa, it tends to be unattractive and annoying. Luckily, fixing this problem is not hard at all, although finding the source that is causing the foaming may take some time.

We’ve listed some steps that you can take to stop your hot tub from excessively foaming below, depending on the cause.

Rinse off in the shower before you enter the hot tub

Products that you use on your hair and body can cause the water in your hot tub to become soapy and foamy. Try to thoroughly rinse out your hair and wash your body with water in the shower before you enter the hot tub, so that you remove all of the soap, lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, deodorant and hair gel from your body. If you have long hair, put it up into a ponytail or bun to ensure that no hair products enter the spa’s water.

Do not wash your swimsuits with detergent

If you use soap or detergent while washing your swimsuits, soap will end up in your hot tub. The soap will build up in your tub over time and cause the water to foam. You should wash your swimsuits often to keep the water clean, but try washing them with cool water and no soap or detergent. Even if you use a double rinse cycle, rinsing will never wash out all of the detergent from your swimsuit.

Keep all food and drinks out of the hot tub

Some food and drinks can cause the water in your tub to foam if you spill them in your hot tub. Try to eat and drink outside of the hot tub if possible. We do understand that drinking and eating a snack in the tub can be relaxing and fun though, so if you do choose to do this, then just try to be careful about spilling and clean up after yourself and others. Also, always make sure to use plastic instead of glass.

Use high-quality chemicals and do not overuse them

Buying cheap chemicals will cost you. They usually contain fillers that dilute chemical effectiveness and cause foaming. To keep your water safe, clear, and beautiful, you should buy
high-quality chemicals from a trusted hot tub store. ThermoSpas has a great selection of high-quality chemicals available online.

Even if you purchase high-quality chemicals, they can still cause your hot tub’s water to foam if you use too much. Make sure to follow the instructions on the chemical bottles to make sure that you are adding the correct amount to your hot tub water.

Clean your hot tub and its filter

After following all of the instructions above, make sure to drain your hot tub, thoroughly clean it, and add fresh water. This will ensure that your tub will have no leftover soap, lotion, drink, or chemical residue on it. You should make sure to replace your spa’s water every three to four months, as a high amount of dissolved solids in the water can cause foaming.

Also make sure to clean out your filter at least every three weeks to get rid of residue that may cause excess foaming. To clean, simply remove the filter and spray it with a water hose until the water runs clear. This will help to ensure that the water in your tub runs clear too. Every two to three months, you should do a thorough cleaning of your filter, and every year, you should replace the filter.

Use an anti-foam product

If none of the steps above work to eliminate excess foam from your hot tub’s water, using an anti-foam product should do the trick. These products should cause the foam to disappear in a very short period of time. Our Spa Foam Away is an excellent solution to the problem of excess foaming. Make sure to only use a small dosage at a time, as this product uses a very high concentration of active ingredients.


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