Featured Hot Tub of the Month: The Healing Spa


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May is National Arthritis Awareness Month, and here at ThermoSpas we understand the link between arthritis and warm water therapy. That is why we have chosen The Healing Spa as our featured hot tub of the month.

Did you know that, despite the fact that over 70 million Americans suffer from the chronic pain of arthritis, and dozens of studies recommend warm water therapy as an ideal treatment for stiff joints and sore muscles, no one has designed a therapeutic hot tub specifically for arthritis sufferers?

ThermoSpas recognized the need for a hot tub model that overcame the obstacles typically faced by those with limited mobility and advanced age; a hot tub with features like sculptured safety steps, easy grip mobility bars, easy entry and exit captain’s chair, and a child’s therapy seat for juvenile arthritis.

In collaboration with the National Arthritis Association and an expert panel of volunteers (all arthritis sufferers themselves), ThermoSpas set out to design the ultimate arthritis hot
. Volunteers tested the existing ThermoSpas hot tubs for easy access, entry and exit safety, simple maintenance, and much more.

With the input from The Arthritis Foundation, the ThermoSpas engineering team redesigned every spa feature from the knobs to the staircase, and even designed a completely new hot tub shell.

This powerful collaboration resulted in the creation of The Healing Spa, a 5-person therapy hot tub with advanced therapeutic features that can be used for pain relief, entertainment, and relaxation. The Healing Spa was also awarded the National Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation.


What makes The ThermoSpas Healing Spa so special? The advanced therapeutic features of course!

Since ThermoSpas builds each hot tub to fit your unique needs and budget, you have the ability to customize many of your spa’s features. Below are the features that come with every Healing Spa, but you can choose the type of jets, controls, sanitizing systems, and more. You even get to pick the color of the cabinetry and acrylic to match the decor of your home!

Every Healing Spa Includes:

  1. Extra Wide Top Rail. The wide, flat platform around the outer edges of the spa gives bathers a secure place to rest or cool down after a therapy session.
  2. Maxi-Comfort Pillows. Larger and plusher than other hot tub pillows, these two deep therapy station pillows provide utter comfort and gentle massaging jets.
  3. Easy Grip Mobility Bars. This spa has horizontal and vertical grab bars that light up so that you can easily position yourself into the most comfortable position.
  4. Easy Entry and Exit Captain’s Chair. Mobility is a key concern for those with arthritis. This unique chair has an armrest stirrup that gives you the leverage to get out of this seat as easily as you settled into it.
  5. Full Body Therapy. The wide array of jets in this seat provide the ultimate in warm water therapy for the neck, back, thighs, calves and feet.
  6. Palm Adjustable Controls. Fingers are frequently affected by arthritis. This jet control is large enough to accommodate fingers with limited movement.
  7. Sculptured Safety Steps. These wide, non-slip steps make getting into your spa safe and carefree. The step places you directly in the center of your spa, so from there you can choose your therapy seat. Later, you use the steps to cool down at the end of your hot tub session.
  8. Easy Change Filters. ThermoSpas didn’t leave any hot tub feature unnoticed when they designed the Healing Spa for ease-of-use. These specially designed filters require no twisting or heavy-lifting. They simply slide up and down and then lock into place effortlessly.
  9. Reversible Ice Bucket, Cup Holder, and Shelf. Flip the shelf over and it becomes a bucket large enough for multiple cans or bottles and includes 4 cup holders.
  10. Deep Massaging Lounge. A relaxing, full body massage for bathers of every height and size.
  11. Standard Depth Bench Seat. Massage your shoulders and back with the pulsating jets while you sit high enough to enjoy a conversation with friends or family.
  12. Child Massage Seat. Whether for therapy, fun, or both; the child’s seat massages a child’s body with back, leg, and foot jets. It’s within arm’s reach of a seat for a parent or physician. It also can be used as an adult cool-down seat or an entry/exit step.

Are you ready to enhance your life with the power of warm water therapy? Request your free brochure and DVD today or call us at 1-800-876-0158 to speak with a ThermoSpas representative.


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