Customized water jets provide full body massage: ThermoSpas aquatic series Hot Tub and Spa


Heidi, ThermoSpas representative, reviews the ThermoSpas 2011 aquatic series hot tubs. If Michael Angelo made spas, says Heidi, the aquatic series would be his masterpiece. The aquatic series hot tubs are energy efficient, quiet, and more importantly, have the most powerful water jets in the industry.

The water jets provide a full body massage, from head to toe, and are highly customizable.

0:36 —
The Dolphin model hot tub and spa Heidi stands inside a Dolphin model hot tub and explains the many features. It is a five person hot tub and spa and all of the seats have varying depths at which you can sit. You have many different options available to you, whether you are entertaining guests, or just using your spa for personal relaxation. The Dolphin model comes with a wavelounge and has some higher elevated seats that are perfect for children.

01:12 – The two person wavelounge Heidi sits in the two person wavelounge of the Dolphin hot tub. It is very spacious with plenty of room for a second person, and this section of the hot tub will give users a full body massage from head to toe. The control panel sits on the left side of the tub. The tub also contains a hidden neck pillow massage. The user can control any one of the water jets by turning them on or off. Each of the jets can come with a stainless steel finish. There are therapeutic water jets that are customizable.

0:1:50 — The ThermoSpas Marlin model series hot tub and spa Heidi stands in the Marlin model hot tub and spa. The Marlin is one of the models that make up the 2011
aquatic series of hot tubs and spas. The Marlin is designed to accommodate up to five people. All of the seats are at varying depths.

02:11 — The Captain’s seat Heidi explains the significance of the Captain’s seat. This particular seat divides the foot wells into two distinct areas. One of the best features is the ability to individually activate or deactivate any of the seating areas.

02:43 — The filter cover, speakers and cup holder Heidi discusses the Dolphin hot tub filter cover, which doubles as an ice bucket and a cup holder. In addition, the hot tub features pop-up speakers, which makes it easy to hook up your iPod and enjoy music.

02:56 — Maui model hot tub and spa Heidi discusses the ThermoSpas Maui model hot tub and spa. The Maui model is part of the 2011 aquatic series of hot tubs and spas. The Maui model hot tub and spa is designed to be the world’s most comfortable three person hot tub and spa. The Maui model features a Wavelounge and the patented pillow massage to get a head to toe massage. In addition, the Maui model also features a cool down area, which separates itself from the wavelounge with a stainless steel arm rest that provides safety and comfort. The Maui model is the perfect hot tub to soak away the stresses of the day.

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