Childproofing Your Hot Tub

childproofing your hot tub

on February 11, 2014 in Care & Maintenance

It’s true: a hot tub is a fun and fantastic addition to a family’s home. Enjoying the warm bubbles and massaging jets of a ThermoSpas hot tub indoors or out in your backyard is a great way to spend a little family time. However, children under the age of 5 should never be allowed in a hot tub. Children above the age should only spend minimal time in the hot tub until the age of 10 when it’s safer for a child to enjoy the spa. To keep younger children away from the hot tub and out of harm’s way, you must childproof your hot tub area.

To do this, there are two easy steps that can keep your younger children out of harms way. First you want a protective cover with lock.

Hot tub covers are essential to saving energy and keeping your hot tub clear of debris. A well-made hot tub cover should hold in the heat of the hot tub even in the toughest weather. However, if you’re concerned about keeping your children away from the hot tub, the hot tub cover is the strongest line of defense.

Quality hot tub covers, ones that will protect your children, will come with locking straps that hold the cover to the top of the hot tub. Locking straps are essential to keeping a hot tub cover atop the spa and in place. ThermoSpas sells several designs of hot tub covers that serve hot tub users amazingly well. Our hot tub covers come with four locking straps to ensure no movement is possible and are all ASTM approved. We believe strongly in the durability and quality of our hot tub covers and are confident, when locked, all of our covers can help keep your children away from the warm waters of the hot tub.

The second best line of defense that can work effectively, is setting up a lockable gate around your hot tub area. While this may be harder to do indoors, this is a great way to protect your children from getting too close to the hot tub zone. We recommend a gate system that is at least four feet high.

Some hot tubs are designed with steps that lead to the top of the hot tub to enter the water. One can also protect those steps with a small, lockable gate to keep children from walking up to the top of the hot tub.

When it comes to childproofing your hot tub, a strong hot tub cover with lockable straps is the best line of defense. Research ThermoSpas great line of hot tub covers today to decide which might be a good fit for your hot tub. Don’t hesitate to call us too, we’d be happy to help guide you through the process.


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