Why you should not buy your hot tub from a Chinese manufacturer

thermospas hot tubs made in the usa

on November 2, 2011 in Lifestyle

Buying a hot tub that does not carry the “UL” or “CE” certification can be dangerous when it comes to mixing water and electricity. Any product sold to consumers that uses water and electricity together is dangerous enough, but add to that not having the high quality of consumer protection that a safety certified “UL” or “CE” inspection provides makes that choice of hot tub, no matter how cheap a deal it is, a very dangerous product.

Reports from various consumer agencies and consumers across the world have highlighted some key problems with Chinese hot tub products and purchases. Many folks simply lost money on products that they bought but never received. Other stories surface of consumers who purchased cheaper Chinese-made hot tubs, only to find irreparable leaks, faulty temperature and jet stream controls, or fading and inferior quality acrylic tubs. These things are problems that cannot be easily repaired, and if they are able to be repaired using high-quality American made, or U.K. manufactured products, it doubles the cost of the original price. That means, not only is there quite a head-ache involved when purchasing an inferior quality item, but by the time a high quality, certified product replaces it, the cost of the hot tub is doubled, plus it may never be as good as purchasing a quality product to begin with.

If you’re using hard-earned cash to make a purchase that will improve your home, add quality for your family, aid you in health and therapy needs, then it is safer and simpler to invest in a superior made, high quality product than a cheap one. That is not to suggest all Chinese made hot tubs have the same deficiencies and are subject to the same faults, some may not be. But for the most part, when reviewing the many studies that have been reported, a trend seems to develop from the majority of these complaints.

A consumer interested in purchasing a quality product did not do sufficient research on brands, quality, make, manufacturer, reliability, warranty and reliability and governing body to certify quality. By omitting the necessary homework on the product they purchased, they easily fell into the trap of buying a cheaper and more inferior product that literally fell apart. Chinese hot tubs may be able to boast of several rather impressive features, such as several pumps, many jets, a TV, and a price so inexpensive it’s hard to say ‘No’, but in the end the product is likely to break down quickly and easily.

Besides faulty controls with primitive designs that are unreliable, to poorly designed construction, consumers also found Chinese hot tubs developed leaks shortly after purchase, and if valves or pipes needed to be replaced, the odd size they were made in is not easy to replace or modify.

So, there are concerns thinking about purchasing a foreign-made, or Chinese made hot tub. Good advice might be to stick with the known, reliable and respected brands in the industry, those who have consumer backing, high quality safety certifications, and a well constructed design. A pleasant and enjoyable hot tub, one that can be enjoyed for years to come is the goal, not just finding the cheapest one available and ending up with a long-lasting headache.


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