Music for Hot Tubs: Five Moods and Five Songs to Ignite the Night

on November 22, 2013 in Entertainment, Lifestyle

When using your hot tub to relax or entertain, we always recommend a good mix of music to help set the mood. As we mentioned before in our Guide to Entertaining Guests, a choice selection of music is essential to setting the ambience for your time in the hot tub. Whether with friends, or alone, music always helps enhance the experience. However, there are different moods you might want to set considering the amount of guests and the kind of emotion you’re trying to evoke. Here’s four of the most common moods and a few selections of songs to set your playlist on the right track.


Out first selections of songs would be perfect for a small gathering or even some alone time. Perfect for taking a dip in your hot tub but keeping the mood energetic and light. Bands like the Ventures and the Shadows helped paved the way for rock music and create terrific beach style that will transport you away from your home. We added a little Hawaiian vibe to keep you warm while Roy Orbison and Lester Lanin keep your foot tapping.

The Ventures – Pipeline

The Shadows – Wonderful Land

The Hawaiian Spa Players – Terang Belau (Hawaiin Style) Instrumental

Roy Orbison & Teen Kings – Go! Go! Go!

Lester Lanin & His Orchestra – Guitar Boogie


Of course, the hot tub is a perfect place for a nice romantic evening and music only helps enhance the experience. We chose a mix of old and new songs to set the mood. Picking a list of cheesy love songs you’ll hear in your dentist’s office didn’t attract us. Instead, we chose a few off-kilter love songs we think are a great way to set the mood along with keeping your partner from rolling their eyes.

Grizzly Bear – Knife

Sam Cooke – Love Me

Miles Davis – Blue in Green

The Velvet Underground – After Hours

Radiohead – I Will – Los Angeles Version


When you have a good amount of friends and family over to enjoy the hot tub, maybe at night with a few drinks, you’ll want some livelier music that keeps everyone in high spirits. We chose a list of modern artists that keep the beat moving and the melodies fresh. Let a mix of men and women keep your guests bobbing their head as they relax under massaging jets.

Haim – The Wire

Lorde – Royals

Beck – Gimme

Darkside – Paper Trails

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines


Our last list of songs are meant for the quiet times after work to relieve stress and relax those sore muscles and joints. Let the simple sounds of Erik Satie on the piano and Mark McGuire on the guitar set your mind to a meditative state where the worries of the real world drift away. Let the quiet stream of bubbles push away the hard questions of the day while the warm water melts away your fears.

Enrico Rava – Verde Que Eu Te Quero Ver

Henrik Måwe – Waltz No. 1 in D-Flat Major, Op. 64, “Minute Waltz”

Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No. 3

Mark McGuire – Around The Old Neighbourhood

Air – Alone in Kyoto



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