Jets For Warm Water Therapy

hot tub jets

on September 21, 2011 in Health

The most important features in a hot tub are the jets, and this is where ThermoSpas really shines. Hot tub jets add to the diversification of your warm water therapy, and they make the real difference between a basic hot tub and a true spa.


Only Thermo Spas offers an extensive line of patented hot tub jets.

  • The Therapy Jets and Swirl Jets are unique because they are easily interchangeable in your spa. This feature allows you to create your own custom seat by swapping jets as needed to target different parts of your body. Each jet has a head with a small locking tab that permits you to pull the head out of its socket with ease – even while sitting in your spa!
  • Therapy Jets – very popular hot tub jets, with powerful directional streams. These are easily controllable to give you just the right amount of massage. Turn the outer ring to open or close the jet to control the power, and the nozzle can be adjusted by simply touching it and pointing it to the desired location on your body.
  • Swirl Jets – pamper you with swirling massage. The nozzle design swirls the water around in a circular pattern, giving you an overall massage in a wide area. Power from the jet is also controlled by turning the outer ring to open or close the jet stream.

Hot Tub JetsThermo Spas Patented Pillow Jets give an unbeatable neck massage.



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