I Love to Swim, Should I get a Pool or a Swim Spa?

pool or swim spa

on September 26, 2012 in Fitness

I love to swim, should I get a pool or a swim spa hot tub?

One major difference between a pool and a hot tub is the ability to use a hot tub outdoors all year long. If you live in an environment where there are cold winters, this is especially important. You can use your hot tub 12 months out of the year, whereas with a pool you get an average of 3 months use out of the year. Not to mention the space efficiency of a hot tub vs. a pool. A Swim Spa hot tub can be used like a pool, with the option to swim all year long, and it takes up much less space than a pool. In addition, a hot tub requires less chemicals, making the maintenance less expensive and more Eco-friendly.

The most notable disadvantages of owning a pool are:

  • limited seasonal use
  • large space requirements
  • expensive building code regulations
  • timely maintenance
  • expensive upkeep and negative effect to home’s resale value


In response to the concerns of pool ownership, Thermospas designed the Swim Spa. One side offers a steady current for the swimmer to swim against, getting an intense workout, and the other side of the Swim Spa allows for the ultimate hot tub experience. The extra current added in the swim spa offers an added challenge to the swimmer, helping them burn more calories and become fitter and stronger. After the workout, the swimmer can speed recovery by soaking on the hot tub side and letting the therapy jets give them a full body massage. The Swim Spa comes with the option to add exercise bands to work out your entire body.

Fitness and swimming is not the only use for a spa trainer, since this hot tub seats up to 12 people it is a great source of entertainment for friends and family. A swim spa is also an excellent way to teach your children how to swim in a safe, controlled environment.


The Thermospas Swim Spa is the ideal hot tub for year round use for fitness, recreation and entertainment!



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