Create Lasting Family Memories With A Hot Tub


family memories hot tub

Noticing where we are spending our time can be a real eye-opener.

When the day is a flash of phone calls, missed deadlines, and driving from one destination to the next–who has a chance to stop, relax, and simply enjoy spending time together?

Consider this: if this was your last day on earth, how would you want to spend it? Whose faces would you want to see? Who would you want to be next to?

In these demanding times, it’s more important than ever to create sacred spaces where we can reconnect and create lasting memories with the people we care about.

Together but alone

Email and social media are convenient ways to keep in touch and make plans, but they do not replace live conversation and one-on-one interactions.

Psychologist and MIT professor Sherry Turkle is the author of the book, “Together but Alone.” In it, she encourages families to get away from their impersonal digital screens and back in touch with each other.

She stresses the importance of parents setting a good example for their children by creating sacred spaces in their home and taking time to reconnect:

“Find ways to demonstrate this as a value to your children. Create sacred spaces at home-the kitchen, the dining room-and reclaim them for conversation.” Dr. Sherry Turkle

Technology isn’t going anywhere soon, but there is still hope that we can get back to our real lives, our communities, and our families.

All that’s needed is some live, intimate time. No clocks, deadlines, commitments, or schedules. And it’s more about quality than quantity.

A hot tub can help bring your family together

If you look at the common purchases like computers, tablets, and video games; they all have one thing in common–they separate us instead of bringing us together.

A hot tub is one investment that does just the opposite. When you’re sitting in a hot tub, you are outside in nature, away from the distractions of phones and other electronics.

When you sit together, face to face; there is nothing else to do but to have a real conversation!

With a hot tub, you can create a magical place to escape to right in the freedom and privacy of your backyard, 365 days a year!

It’s a peaceful place where the stresses of the day no longer matter. A place to create memories, reconnect, check in with each other, talk about your goals and dreams.

Even 20 minutes taken out of the evening in your hot tub together instead of in front of the TV can be all you need to create lasting family memories.

No preparation is needed, just the intention to spend quality time together. So what are you waiting for?

Start today and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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