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At ThermoSpas, we have a wide range of Hot Tubs customized to each users preferences. This includes the number of people that can fit in the hot tub to the colors to additional options.

With the use of our online customization, we can help you design your very own hot tub. But first, here’s a quick overview of our collection and some of the options that you can pick while designing your own hot tub.

First, The Hot Tub Size

The first thing you’ll need to decide is how many people you would like to fit inside your hot tub. Of course this might depend on the size available in your house or outside. You choices are:

2 Person Hot Tub: This is a perfect size for a couple that isn’t planing on having too many people over to share their jets and bubbles. It’s comfortable yet compact so it can fit easily inside or

3 Person Hot Tub: This more spacious hot tub can fit 3 – 4 people quite comfortably. For a
couple or small family, it’s a good alternative to something too small or much too big. It can easily find a
cozy spot in your house or on a patio.

4 Person Hot Tub: Our 4 person hot tub is when it starts to become clear this is more than just a place for a soak. With enough room for 4 – 5 people, it’s a relaxing tub for family and friends to
dip in. Great for small parties and get-togethers.

5 Person Hot Tub: 5 person hot tubs tend to get pretty big. Often, these hot tubs are a little harder to fit inside, but look great on a patio or back deck. This is a perfect tub for a big family
or a group of friends sharing a home.

6 Person Hot Tub: We call our 6 person hot tub the Manhattan, because it’s as decadent and luxurious as a Manhattan sky rise’s suite. With plenty of space for a few friends to stretch their legs or 6 – 7 people to easily fit, chat, and enjoy the jets. This is our pride and joy of luxury, group-sized hot tubs. We also offer the Olympian which can fit 6 people but is more intended for aquatic therapy with clips for exercise bands and an adjustable seat. Great for athletes training or seniors needing a little extra movement.


The Healing Spa: This hot tub made specifically for treating and helping reduce the pain of arthritis and sore muscles. It can comfortably fit 4 people. With jets that massage sore muscles and stiff joints, its great for an older couple with some family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Swim Spas & Exercise Hot Tubs: Last, our swim spas are a great way to get the workout of an olympic size pool in a much smaller setting. Made to push a strong current which keeps your body in one place, you swim against the water to exercise your every muscle. Try different swim strokes while the timed mechanism helps build muscle and burn fat. And because these models must accommodate a fully horizontal body, there’s plenty of room for family and friends. The Swim Spa can easily fit 12 people.

Next, Select Specifics

Once you’ve decided on which hot tub you would like, there are plenty of options that you can choose to make your hot tub truly customized.

Number of Jets: Most importantly, you can select a number range of jets specific to the hot tub size you’ve chosen. Obviously more jets mean more power. You’ll have to decide exactly what your hot tub is being used for, if it’s just for casual dips with a friend to stay warm on cold nights, you might not need as many jets as someone looking to use their hot tub for hydrotherapy.

Location of Your Hot Tub: While our hot tubs are not designed differently for indoor or outdoor use, helping us prepare all the specifics of shipment and installation will make all of our jobs
just a little easier.

Colors: Your hot tub can come in a variety of colors. The interior “shell color” can come in several options from an Ocean Wave blue to a Desert Stone sand color. The exterior or “cabinet color”
comes in a range of wood-like bases including Burmese Teak and American Cherry.

Finally, Your Added Options

Last, you’ll need to select a range of options that you can add to your hot tub to enhance the experience.

ThermoSpas Stereo Package: With every hot tub, a different package and set up of a stereo can be made. Depending on the location of your hot tub and the size, a ThermoSpas representative can accurately design the stereo package for you including speakers, pre-amp, and types of music players.

LED Lighting: With your hot tub, you can select a variety of LED lights that can enhance your hot tub experience. By lighting the interior of your hot tub, you can surprise guests and make a hot
tub party just a little more exciting. With special features such as lighted grab bars, pillow jets, cup holders, and even crystal balls on select models, you’ll be sure to impress a friend or two.

ThermOzone Ozonator: ThermOzone is a patented method to purify your hot tub water to safely oxidize unwanted bacteria, mold, spores, cyst, mildew and viruses up to 3,000 times quicker than chlorine or bromine.

Step and Cabinet Add-Ons: With your hot tub, you can help design the exterior cabinet that surrounds the tub. With that you can add steps for easier access to the tub along with additional room for setting your drinks or plates.

Cover Lifters: We can all agree that hot tub covers are not easy to handle, especially if you’re using a hot tub for arthritis and muscle pain. That’s why we offer a simple cover lifter that
automatically allows you to remove the cover with ease.

While options are great, ThermoSpas likes to guarantee a wide variety of features that come included with your hot tub at no extra charge. For a full list of features and information, request a
free brochure and $1,000 Coupon today. Once you receive your brochure, contact us to schedule a free site survey with our ThermoSpas technician and let us help you custom build the hot tub of your dreams.


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