Super Bowl + Hot Tub = The Best Party on The Block


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The Super Bowl ⁢isn’t just⁣ the culmination of the NFL season; it’s an annual ritual that brings people together in celebration, and what better way ⁢to heighten this festive atmosphere⁤ than by throwing the ultimate‍ hot ⁢tub party? For⁣ those fortunate enough to own a‍ hot tub, this blend of luxury and comfort provides‍ the perfect‌ backdrop for a memorable Super Bowl bash.

The Perks of Owning a Hot Tub

For individuals who own amenities like⁤ a Thermospa, already know the myriad of benefits ⁣these ⁣wonderful machines​ can offer.⁢ Not ​only ⁣do they provide a​ tranquil ⁣oasis and a means to‍ unwind‌ but they act as the perfect ⁤centerpiece for any gathering, especially during the ‍Super Bowl. Unlike those spending upwards of ​$1,000 a night renting a place with a ‍hot⁢ tub, you have the advantage of hosting a high-end party right from the comfort ⁤of ⁢your home.

Ideal⁣ Season for Hot Tub Parties

Winter, often referred to as ‌the⁣ preferred hot tub season by many⁣ Thermospa owners, offers just the right climatic blend ⁢of chilly air and the comforting warmth⁤ of hot spa waters. This contrast not only invigorates the body but also makes ‍your hot tub the hot spot everyone wants to ⁢be at during your Super ⁤Bowl party.

Key Tips for Hosting in Cold Weather

When planning​ your Super Bowl hot ‍tub party in a cold climate, ensuring guest ​comfort should be atop‍ your list. Here are some essential tips to ensure⁣ things go off without a hitch:

Ample Warm Towels

Keep your ⁤guests cozy⁤ and‍ warm by‍ having plenty of towels on hand. ​If your setup includes an outdoor shelter or proximity to your house, you can stash⁢ your towels in a dry spot.‌ Even better, place ‌them in a cooler by⁢ the hot⁤ tub to keep them dry⁤ and ready for use.⁣ For added luxury, ‍consider a towel warmer which can​ transform your⁤ hot tub experience into a slice of winter heaven. The Thermospa corner cabinet ‍ also doubles as a neat towel holder and extra seating.

Challenge the Cold with ​Fun

Inject ⁢some excitement with a ⁤“Polar Bear Plunge.” This fun challenge involves heating up​ in the hot tub, leaping into the‌ snow to make snow ⁣angels, and then diving back into the warmth of‌ the spa. It’s a thrilling activity that will surely make your party memorable.

Safety with ⁣Plastic​ Flip Flops

To ensure safety and avoid slips, provide plastic flip flops for your guests. In freezing conditions,⁣ water splashed outside can‍ quickly freeze, creating hazardous icy patches around the tub. Familiarizing with concepts like the Mpemba effect, ⁤where hot water can freeze faster⁢ than ⁣cold, will keep ⁣you one step ahead in ensuring guest ​safety.

Super‌ Bowl⁤ Party Enhancement Ideas

Beyond the ‍basics‍ of hosting, enhancing your party with innovative⁢ ideas can ⁣make your event ⁢the talk of​ the ‌town.

Hot Tub Cinema

For those with an indoor setup, a ⁢ Hot Tub Cinema becomes ‌a feasible and trendy option. This concept ‍has garnered popularity in the UK and can easily⁢ be replicated by setting up a ‍screen where you can watch the game ​while soaking,‍ munching on snacks, and sipping your favorite drink.

Plan Ahead for ⁣Next Year

Don’t⁤ have a Thermospa Hot​ Tub ⁤yet? ⁣It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s Super​ Bowl⁣ party. Request a free brochure and ⁣DVD today and explore the‍ various options that can enhance not only your​ party hosting capabilities ⁤but also your daily life through ‌therapeutic⁣ relaxation.


Hosting a Super Bowl‍ party with⁤ a hot tub offers a blend of ‌entertainment, luxury, and comfort that is unrivaled. By integrating⁢ thoughtful⁢ amenities, safety measures, and unique entertainment like the⁤ Hot Tub Cinema, you can host an unrivaled ​Super Bowl party that will be remembered for years. ⁢Remember, the key⁣ is ​in the details, so plan accordingly, cater to comfort, and ensure everyone has‍ a delightful, warm experience ​at your hot tub‌ bash this‍ Super Bowl season.


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