Save Time With These Hot Tub Filter Accessories


hot tub filter accessories

Owning a hot tub is one of life’s simple luxuries, offering relaxation and comfort in the comfort of your backyard. ⁣But to maintain the pristine condition and functionality of your spa, it’s crucial to keep your filters clean.

Filters are central to keeping your hot tub water crystal clear and free of impurities, working tirelessly in​ conjunction⁤ with pumps. While the maintenance effort is ⁤minimal, it is still necessary to ensure optimal performance. To streamline the cleaning⁣ process, we have a selection of hot tub filter accessories designed to simplify your⁣ routine and improve efficiency.

Key to Clean: Spa Filter Clean

At the core of a diligent filter‍ maintenance routine is the use ⁢of‌ an effective cleaning solution. ThermoSpas’ Spa Filter Clean is⁣ specifically‍ engineered to tackle the ‌demands of spa filters, ensuring they operate​ efficiently. This cleaner excels in removing contaminants like suntan oils, grease, and scale deposits⁣ which ⁤can clog your filter over time.

Using Spa Filter Clean is straightforward and should be​ performed every few months. ‌Start by removing the filter and‍ installing a spare. Rinse the removed filter under a garden hose to eliminate large debris, ​then soak it in a mixture of Spa Filter Clean and water for 12 hours. Once soaked, replace the spare with the ⁣clean ‌filter. This simple process not ⁣only cleans your filter but helps ⁤extend its lifespan,⁣ ensuring ​clean, clear water.

Instant Refresh: Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner

For maintenance between deep cleans, ThermoSpas’ Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner is an indispensable tool. This swift​ solution helps ​prolong the life of your filters by cleaning them regularly, thereby doubling their lifespan. ⁣Designed to break down grime​ and oils that accumulate over weeks, this cleaner ‌ensures that‌ water pressure ‍is maintained, enhancing your hot tub’s functionality.

The application of the Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner is a breeze. After a preliminary rinse of the filter to remove loose debris, spray the cleaner over the entire surface area of a still-wet filter. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly​ with a hose. The quick and easy nature of this product means your hot tub is ready to use again in no time.

Effortless Cleaning with Water ‍Wand Filter Cleaner

To truly ease the filter cleaning ⁤process, consider adding the ThermoSpas’ Water Wand Filter Cleaner to your toolkit. Unlike traditional hose rinsing, the Water‌ Wand targets the hard-to-reach areas between the ‍cartridge pleats with ‍its specialized design, featuring‌ eight pleat-separated fingers and a high-pressure nozzle. This innovative tool not only provides a thorough clean but also⁤ reduces the time and water needed for maintenance.

Ultimate Tool: Filter Flosser

For those seeking a comprehensive cleaning tool, ⁣the ThermoSpas’ Filter Flosser ​is unmatched. Its design enables a powerful water spray that deeply cleans between⁢ the pleats of your filter cartridge, effectively ‍removing trapped dirt and debris. Beyond just filters, the Filter Flosser ‌is versatile enough to be used for cleaning spa cabinets, steps, and surrounding walkways, making it a multi-purpose tool ⁤for your‍ entire hot tub area.

These accessories, available on our filter accessories ⁢page, not⁢ only improve the longevity of ​your filters but also significantly cut down on the time and effort needed for cleaning.

Stay Informed and Equipped

Keeping up ⁣with regular maintenance and using the right tools can⁢ greatly enhance⁢ the joy and‍ functionality of your hot tub.⁤ Regularly visit our​ blog⁣ and accessories store to stay⁢ updated with the ​latest products and tips,⁣ ensuring your hot​ tub remains a sanctuary of relaxation⁣ and cleanliness.

Incorporating these specialized tools into your cleaning regimen will not only safeguard your investment but also⁣ enhance your hot tub⁢ experience, letting you focus more on relaxation and less on maintenance.‍ Isn’t⁤ it time you treated yourself and your hot tub⁤ to the best care possible?


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