Lifestyles and testimonials of a ThermoSpas hot tub and spa customer


The technology of today offers a multitude of distractions that separate couples and isolate our children. So in 1999, ThermoSpas asks their customers to designate one night a week as family night.

Just 20 minutes where everyone sits in the hot tub to relax and talk. The response received was overwhelming.

0:35 — Testimonial by Dr. Ed Markowitz, owner of ThermoSpas hot tub since 1998

0:42 — Testimonial by Rob Ikeler, owner of ThermoSpas hot tub since 2002

ThermoSpas is all about fun. It’s about spending private time with the one that’s most important to you. In 2004, ThermoSpas commissioned an independent study on 500 ThermoSpas owners and 500 couples that did not own a hot tub but fit the profile of the typical ThermoSpas customer.

The result showed that ThermoSpas owners were happier; less stressed, and enjoyed a better love life. But most importantly, ThermoSpas received responses from customers every day just like this one:

1:40 — testimonial by Kathy Ortoleva, ThermoSpa owner since 2000

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