How Can a Hot Tub Relieve Arthritis Pain


how can hot tub relieve arthritis pain

It’s a sad reality that over 70 million Americans suffer from chronic arthritis pain. The pain starts with a stiffness that escalates over time. Shoulders, knees, hands, and more can become swollen and hard to move. It’s often caused by inflammation of the tissue lining our joints.

The older we get, these tissues can become worn down and more sensitive, causing the pain associated with arthritis. While there’s no specific cure, there many remedies that can help reduce swollen joints and relax muscles. One of the most effective is heat and cold water therapy. A hot tub can help make this therapy an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

It’s true that arthritis can be painful. Many believe that it’s a fact of life that they must learn to accept. However, there are many ways ones can reduce the pain and make the disease manageable. Our recommendation for treating arthritis pain is the use of heat and cold water therapy.

How Does Heat and Cold Therapy Help Arthritis?

The method of hot and cold therapy works by stimulating the processes in your body that naturally heal swollen and painful areas. For heat therapy, when the body is exposed to higher temperatures your blood vessels dilate which stimulates blood circulation. This helps brings oxygen to swollen areas and reduce muscle spasms. As well, heat can alert the body of pain, first making the body act as to restore health, along with distracting from the more painful joints and muscles.

Cold therapy, on the other hand, helps reduce the swelling of tissue lining by constricting blood vessels. If a cold compress is in use long enough, it can numb the pain for a significant amount of time.

Our recommendation for the best pain relief is moist heat therapy. This involves submerging your body in hot water to reduce pain. Moist heat increases relaxation of the muscles, is able to boost blood supply to painful areas of the body, and relieve muscle spasms. However, we understand that a hot bath might not just do it for you.

Moist Heat Therapy and A Healing Spa for Arthritis

For the best moist heat therapy you can receive, we recommend our Healing Spa. The first hot tub to ever be designed specifically for helping relieve arthritis pain.

What makes our Healing Spa different from other hot tubs is the advanced mobility options and therapeutic features. We consulted the non-profit Arthritis Foundation to help learn about the difficulties of arthritis and what could be done to improve a hot tub and make it specific for arthritis patients. The result was a complete redesign of our hot tubs to service those with arthritis.

Our therapeutic features include max-comfort pillows to relax the head while the rest of the body soaks in the warm water of the tub. Underneath, a wide array of jets provide a steady stream of warm water that will massage the muscles while providing the warm water to relieve pains. The seats are shaped to easily fit the contours of the back to massage each muscle comfortably.

Along with advanced therapeutic options, we made sure the Healing Spa had accessible mobility options. Arthritis will most typically occur at an older age and become worse throughout the years, the majority of arthritis patients are past middle age. We made sure our hot tub was accessible for anyone faced with limited mobility.

Sculptured safety steps, easy grip mobility bars, and an easy entry and exit captain’s chair make this a spa for anyone who may have a hard time moving. As well, we even created an easy change filter mechanism that require no twisting or heavy lifting. They simply slide up and down into place making it easier for patients with very painful arthritis.

Our Healing Spa is so helpful to arthritis patients, that Thermospas even received the ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. Denis Bowman, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Arthritis Foundation has said,

“We believe the relationship between Thermospas and the Arthritis foundation sets a new precedence for business alliances with non-profit health organizations. Thermospas is the first manufacturer to seek guidance from the Arthritis Foundation to create a product that will benefit people with arthritis being both easy to use and soothing on stiff joints. By using direct input from people with arthritis and healthcare professionals, Thermospas is helping to improve the quality of those affected and helping the Arthritis Foundation achieve its mission.”

By using moist heat therapy to relax and relieve muscle, joint, and tissue pain, our Healing Spa can help you reduce the stress of Arthritis and get you feeling like your old self again.



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