Hot Tub Temperature Guide: How Hot Should Your Spa Water Be?


hot tub spa water temperature guide

Though all hot tubs are unique in their own way, one thing remains consistent: their warm water. For thousands of years, warm water therapy has been utilized to heal the mind and the body. Hot water helps bathers melt their worries away, soothe their muscles and relax after a long day. It’s what hot tubs were built for.

Some hot tub owners have asked us what the optimal water temperature is for it to remain both relaxing and healthy. This is what we’re here to answer today.

Best Hot Tub Temperature for Most Healthy Adults

For most healthy adults, a water temperature of 100 degrees F is safe, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). At this temperature, you will receive all of the
benefits from warm water therapy and a great relaxation experience. According to the CPSC, water temperature should never exceed 104 degrees F. Because of this, the temperature limit on most hot tubs is 104 degrees. Though modern hot tubs should not exceed this temperature, it’s best to check the temperature with an accurate thermometer before you use the spa.

There are some instances when you should keep the temperature lower than 100 degrees F for safety reasons. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

Healthy Temperature for Children

Though the CDC states that children under five years old should not use a hot tub, we here at ThermoSpas think you should wait until they are even older to let them use the spa. We recommend first allowing your child to enter the hot tub when they are 10 years old. At this age, they should be able to touch the bottom of the spa with their head out of water. Children should also never be fully submerged in the water.

When children are in the hot tub, you should lower the temperature because their bodies are more sensitive to heat than adults’ bodies are. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, you should drop the temperature to 98 degrees F or lower and take your child out of the spa every fifteen minutes at this temperature to give them a break from the
heat. During these breaks, give your children a drink of water so that they stay hydrated. Children should never stay in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes at a time when the water is at 95 degrees F.

Healthy Temperature for Pregnant Women

While pregnant, women do not want their body temperature rising to 102 degrees F. Because of this, the CPSC states that pregnant women should not use a hot tub when the water temperature of or exceeding 102 degrees F, as this can cause fetal damage during the first three months of pregnancy. The CPSC states that women should keep the temperature at 100 degrees F maximum.

If you are pregnant, you should speak to your physician before using a hot tub.

If you do use the hot tub while pregnant, the temperature should not exceed 100 degrees F, as the CPSC states. According to the Mayo Clinic, pregnant women should also limit their time in the hot tub to less than 10 minutes, just to be safe. They should also only spend time in the hot tub once every couple of weeks.
The Mayo Clinic also recommends that these women get out of the hot tub if they start to sweat or feel discomfort. If they already have an elevated temperature as a result of being sick or exercising, it’s best to not use the hot tub at all.

Healthy Temperature for People with Heart Disease, Circulatory Problems, Diabetes and High
Blood Pressure, or Those Taking Certain Medications

We suggest that any people with the medical conditions stated above talk to their physician before using a hot tub. The safest temperature for people with these conditions may vary from person to person.

People who take medications that induce drowsiness, such as tranquilizers, antihistamines or anti-coagulants should also consult their doctor before using a hot tub. It may not be safe for these
people to use hot tubs because of the risk of falling asleep in the water.

Best Temperature for Warm Days

Though soaking in hot water over the summer is relaxing, it can be fun to cool down in your hot tub during warm days too.  Try lowering the temperature to 95 degrees when it’s hot outside. Anything below your body temperature should feel good, even on the hottest of days. If you really want to enjoy cool water on a sunny day, reduce your temperature to 85 degrees F. This is a fun way to transform your hot tub experience.

Keep the Temperature Consistent

Some people assume that they should lower the water temperature while they are not using the hot tub and then reheat it right before they get it. They may think that this will save energy and
money. Yet, lowering the temperature after use and raising it before saves little to no energy if you use your hot tub often. In fact, it does more bad than good. It causes unnecessary stress on your heater and circuit board, which can lead to more wear and tear.

Try to keep your hot tub temperature as consistent as possible. The only time we recommend you lower the temperature when you are not using your hot tub is if you are not going to use it for an extended period of time, such as if you are going out of town.  If you have a high quality hot tub cover, such as our ThermoSpas Hot Tub Covers, your hot tub should use little energy to
maintain its temperature.

We hope this guide to hot tub temperatures helps you to enjoy your hot tub as much as possible in a safe manner. For more maintenance tips and advice, take a look at the maintenance
section of our blog
. We have lots information about how to take care of your hot tub, and will be producing lots more!


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