Cold & Flu Season: How Your Hot Tub Could Help


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As the ‍cold and flu‍ season descends once more, the quest for effective preventive measures‌ and remedies becomes paramount. With instances of flu hitting new heights annually, it’s vital⁣ to⁢ explore⁢ all avenues to bolster ‍your health.

The Therapeutic Benefits of ‍Hot Tubs

It might‍ surprise you to learn that your hot tub serves as more than⁤ just a ⁢luxury; it can be a‍ formidable tool against the onset of ‍colds and the flu. Hot tubs not only offer⁣ a preventive boost against illness ‍but can also facilitate quicker recovery should you fall sick.

Exercise and Immunity: The Connection

There is a‍ well-supported theory that regular exercise can lead to⁢ lesser instances⁣ of illness. In an enlightening⁢ study conducted by Appalachian State University, researchers followed the lifestyle patterns of 1,000 adults through a 12-week period. The findings were compelling; those who engaged in ⁢at least 20⁣ minutes of moderate exercise daily halved their risk ⁣of sickness.

David Nieman, the lead researcher,​ emphasized,⁢ “Activity ⁣is the strongest ‌lifestyle habit ‌to avoid ‍getting‍ sick. It trumps ​even meticulous hygiene. ‍Regular exercise ​boosts your immune system dynamically.”

Every exercise bout temporarily increases the ⁤number of immune system⁣ cells circulating in the body. Though these levels normalize within a⁣ few hours, each session ⁣extends your body’s​ capacity to fend off pathogens, thus reducing the frequency⁣ and intensity of ⁣infections.

Why Hot Tubs and Exercise Share ⁢a⁤ Common ​Thread

Raising Body ‌Temperature: Both exercise and hot tub use elevate your body temperature, creating a less hospitable environment ‌for pathogens. Studies have shown that a heightened body temperature can activate immune cells more effectively, which is crucial for​ combating​ infections. However, excessive physical ‍exertion during illness ⁣can be counterproductive.

Inducing Sweat: Exercise induces sweat, expelling toxins and potentially reducing pathogen ​load​ in your body. This mechanism is similarly activated when you use a hot tub, amplifying your body’s natural defense⁢ against illness.

Hot ⁣Tubs: ⁢Exploiting the “Fake Fever”

Your body naturally combats​ illnesses by inducing fever, temporarily raising body‌ temperatures​ to kill off viruses. By soaking in a hot tub, which can maintain temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you mimic this fever state,⁤ essentially tricking your body into activating its immune response.

Hot Tub Magic: The combination of an ⁣elevated core body ‍temperature and sweating forms a potent defense⁣ mechanism against pathogens,‌ mimicking the‌ body’s natural ⁢response to fighting infections.

Enhancing Your Hot Tub Experience

To maximize the health benefits of ⁤your hot‌ tub⁤ during the ⁤flu season, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure Cleanliness: Always keep your hot tub clean​ to prevent ​the spread of bacteria. If you need tips on maintaining⁢ your Thermospas hot ‍tub, do not ⁢hesitate‍ to⁣ contact their Customer Care at 1-800-876-0158.
  • Stay Hydrated:⁢ Hot tubs can lead to dehydration, so drink plenty of water​ before ⁤and after your sessions.
  • Utilize‍ Aromatherapy: Adding⁢ essential oils like eucalyptus​ to your hot tub ⁢can enhance the therapeutic effects, aiding in relaxation and congestion⁤ relief.

Regular ‍Use and Restful Sleep

Beyond its immediate effects‌ on⁤ body temperature and detoxification, regular hot tub use contributes to better​ sleep ⁤patterns and overall‍ relaxation. These factors are crucial in both preventing illnesses and recovering from them more swiftly.

We Want ⁤to Hear from You

Have you utilized your hot tub as a ‍method to ‌combat ⁤colds ⁣or the ⁣flu, or are you considering it now? Share your experiences or intentions in the comments ‌below.


While it⁤ may initially seem unconventional, using your hot ⁣tub⁤ as a tool to fight against cold‍ and​ flu is backed by scientific principles related to body heat, immune system activation, and overall wellness practices. As​ we navigate another flu season, consider turning to your hot tub not just for relaxation, but for health and prevention too.


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