The Financial Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

financial benefits of owning a hot tub

on November 14, 2014 in Lifestyle

Most people know that transforming their backyard into a relaxation oasis with a hot tub costs money. But, what you may not know is that a portable spa, such as a ThermoSpas® Hot Tubs, can actually keep more money into your wallet.

ThermoSpas® Hot Tubs offer a variety of financial benefits for homeowners, including tax reductions and an increase in the value of your home, both without raising your property taxes.

You May Qualify for Tax Reductions

If you have physical ailments, injuries or chronic pain, your hot tub may qualify for tax reductions under doctor recommendation. Many doctors prescribe warm water therapy for pain relief and faster healing.

Based on collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation, our hot tubs can be recommended for therapeutic use and may qualify for tax incentives. Florida residents also have the added benefit of paying no state sales tax on your ThermoSpas® purchase when a doctor has prescribed a hot tub. Tax reductions for spas do vary from state to state, so check with your doctor, insurance provider, accountant or state officials to see if you qualify for tax incentives.

A Portable Hot Tub Won’t Increase Your Property Taxes

In most states, property taxes only increase when you install permanent fixtures, such as in-ground hot tubs or swimming pools, in your home. But, installing a portable spa, such as a ThermoSpas® Hot Tub, can increase the value of your home without affecting your property taxes in most states.

A Hot Tub Boosts the Value of Your Home

Installing a portable hot tub on your property can increase your home’s value. Many real estate agents acknowledge that houses advertised with a hot tub will generate more inquiries and sell faster than a similar house without a hot tub. But, we won’t blame you if leaving your ThermoSpas® Hot Tub for a new homeowner is too difficult; you can always take it with you when you move.

There’s No Need to Pull Building Permits

Since ThermoSpas® Hot Tubs don’t require a permanent connection to your home, you shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining a building permit when installing your spa. The only time you would have to do this is if you made your hot tub a permanent fixture by building it into your home.

You Don’t Have to Build Fencing Around Your Spa

Unlike with pools or built-in hot tubs, portable spas don’t require fencing to protect children or animals from the water. ThermoSpas® Hot tub covers come with a secure locking strap to keep children, animals and other intruders out of the spa and keep the heat inside.

Before you make any decisions that influence your finances, consult with your doctor, insurance provider, accountant or state officials to find out more. To find out more about how a ThermoSpas® Hot Tub can benefit you financially, physically and mentally, please contact us today. We would love to help you transform your life for the better with a ThermoSpas® Hot Tub.


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