Hot Tub Setup Guide: Where To Install Your Hot Tub

hot tub installation guide

on November 11, 2014 in Care & Maintenance

Finding the perfect place to install your hot tub is just as important as choosing the right spa for you. It can affect both comfort and accessibility. Knowing what to look for in a spa location isn’t always obvious. This is why ThermoSpas provide complimentary site inspections to those who are thinking about purchasing a hot tub.

During your free site inspection, our ThermoSpas representatives will give you the expert advice you need to find the best place for you to put your hot tub. They can help you with any questions you may have, and will give you advice about the safest and least expensive ways to install your hot tub and ways to avoid common installation mistakes. Best of all, it’s complimentary.

Before you have an expert take a look at your home, it’s best to start thinking about a good place to put your hot tub. Let’s take a look at what factors you should consider when picking a location for your hot tub now.

What Are You Using Your Hot Tub For?

Before you decide where to put your hot tub, think about what you want to use your hot tub for most of the time. Depending on its main usage, you’ll want to put it in different places.

  • Socializing

If you’re thinking about getting a large hot tub to host friends and family in on a regular basis, you’ll want to place your hot tub in an open area outside with lots of room around it. This will allow you to set up a table and chairs nearby, so that people who can’t fit in the hot tub can still feel like they are a part of the group. It will also give people easy access to and from the hot tub.

  • Therapy and Relaxation

If you’re going to be using the hot tub mainly for relaxation and therapy, you’ll want your spa to be in a more secluded and quiet area. Think about placing it in a corner in your backyard, or near trees or bushes that can provide some privacy.

  • Exercise

Planning to transform your body with an exercise spa? You will want to place your workout machine in an area with lots of open space. Exercise spas tend to be large, and you don’t want to be working out in a claustrophobic corner. Open space gives you more breathing room while you exercise. Because of its size, it’s also likely that you’ll have multiple friends or family members using it at one time when you’re not working out in it, so having a lot of space around the hot tub is the best option.

Environmental Factors To Keep In Mind When Figuring Out Where to Install Your Hot Tub

  • Do You Live in an Area that is Mostly Sunny?

If it’s mostly sunny where you live, you’re going to want to place your spa in an area with some shade. Trees, umbrella fixtures, walls or other structures in your backyard can provide adequate shade. Protecting your spa area from the sun will make soaking during the day a more comfortable experience.

  • Do You Live in a Cold or Rainy Area?

Does it tend to get chilly or rain where you live? If so, you’ll want your hot tub to be close to the back door of your house so that you can quickly get inside after your warm soak in the spa.

Other Factors to Consider When Picking a Location for Your Hot Tub

  • A Strong and Level Foundation

Hot tubs are heavy, typically holding hundreds of gallons of water and multiple people. It’s important that you place your hot tub on a foundation that can support its weight. This foundation should also be evenly leveled.

Do not place your spa on dirt, sand, asphalt grass or other unstable surfaces. These foundations can shift overtime and may cause damage to the spa. We recommend a concrete pad or wood deck base for your hot tub. These options are great long-term foundations.

If you’re interested in putting your hot tub on a deck, you must first determine the deck’s maximum load capacity. Your deck has to support a minimum of 100 pounds per square and meet local building codes before you can install a hot tub on it. Our ThermoSpas representatives can help you to check if it’s safe to put a hot tub on your deck. You can schedule a free site inspection with us here.

  • Access To Service Areas

No matter where you decide to place your spa, you should leave a minimum of 18 inches of clearance on all sides of the hot tub for service. Try to leave extra space in the front of your spa (typically, the front is the side below the control panel). If your spa ever needs service and you don’t leave enough room for access to the service areas, you will have to drain it and move it prior to the service call.

Factors to Consider When Placing Your Spa Indoors

  • Indoor Foundation

When figuring out where to put your spa indoors, foundation is an important factor to consider. Make sure to consult with a building contractor or structural engineer to see if the floor you are considering placing your hot tub on can hold the weight of your hot tub. You shouldn’t place your hot tub directly on carpeting or hardwood floor because of possible splashing. We recommend putting your hot tub on a non-porous surface with a drain that is large enough to handle the amount of water your spa holds.

  • Ventilation

You should place your spa in well-ventilated room, as it will create water vapor just like a shower does. We recommend installing an exhaust fan or dehumidifier in the spa room to help prevent moisture buildup.

  • Use a System That Doesn’t Produce Off-Gases

Hot tubs installed indoors shouldn’t include an ozone system that produces off-gases. These gases can be hazardous, and can corrode household equipment. Consider using a system that doesn’t produce off-gases indoors, such as ThermoSpas’ ThermOzone, which is safe for indoor use.

We hope this guide helps you to find the perfect place to install your hot tub. For more specific information about hot tub installation in your home, feel free to schedule a complimentary site inspection with one of ThermoSpas’ hot tub experts. They will give you energy saving tips, tell you the safest and least expensive way to install your hot tub and help you scout out a place that provides easy access and is safe for your spa.


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