6 Skin Care Tips For Hot Tub Users

6 skin care tips for hot tub users

on September 9, 2014 in Health

Have you ever experienced dry skin after a soothing soak in the hot tub? Sometimes, sanitizers or hot water in a spa can affect sensitive skin. They can reduce the amount of oil on your skin, which can lead to it drying out. But luckily, it’s an easy problem to fix. Get your skin feeling great again after your relaxing spa time with these simple tips.

Use Spa-Safe Moisturizer in the Hot Tub

There are many products out there that contain moisturizing ingredients to help your skin retain moisture. For use in the hot tub, these products need to be spa-safe, which means they are oil-free and do not contain elements that could harm your hot tub or clog your filter.

ThermoSpas sells fragrances that not only smell good, but also moisturize your skin. Enhance your relaxation inside and outside of the hot tub with these deliciously scented fragrances. They should help to keep dry skin away, and moisture in.

Avoid Alcohol and The Sun While in the Hot Tub

Both alcohol and the sun can cause your skin to dry out, especially if you are soaking in hot water. How? Well, alcohol hinders the production of vasopressin, causing a diuretic effect. This means that your kidneys work harder than usual to remove excess water from your body. The water that you consume goes straight to your bladder instead of your organs, which need hydration. As a result, skin, which is the largest organ in the body, becomes dehydrated and dry. If you’re prone to having dry skin, limit your alcohol consumption and save it until after you are out of the hot tub.

The sun is a more obvious dehydrator. In any climate, the sun’s heat reduces the natural oils in the skin, just like hot water does. Try to keep your hot tub shaded with umbrellas, trees or any other protective cover. This will help to keep your skin not only hydrated, but also safe from dangerous UV rays that can damage your skin in a variety of ways.

Take a Lukewarm Shower After You’re Out of the Hot Tub

Although chlorine protects you from contaminants and bacteria in your hot tub, it can also remove some of the oils on your skin, causing it to dry. Because of this, it’s a good idea to remove your swimsuit as soon as you get out of the spa and take a lukewarm shower to rinse the chlorine off of your body.

Pat Your Skin With a Towel

Whenever you are drying yourself with a towel, you should gently pat yourself down instead of roughly rubbing your skin. Rubbing your skin can strip the upper layer of your skin and its oil off, leading to irritation and dryness. The best way to keep your skin looking healthy and young is if you treat it gently and with care.

Apply Moisturizer While Skin is Still Damp

After you’ve taken a lukewarm shower and patted your skin with a towel, apply moisturizer while it is still damp to trap the moisture to your surface. This way, your skin will look and feel extra good after your soak. If you have a problem with dry skin, choose a moisturizer that is heavier, oil-based and contains ingredients that hydrate your skin.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Though exfoliation may not be the first solution to dry skin that comes to mind, it significantly benefits dry skin in the long run. When you exfoliate, you do remove moisture from your skin, but you also rid your body of dull and dry skin and open up your pores. Removing dead skin cells allows for a faster skin renewal process, as healthy skin cells replace the old ones. Topical moisturizers also work more efficiently on exfoliated skin because layers of dead skin don’t get in the way. We recommend exfoliating once a week to keep your skin as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Don’t leave your skin parched after your time in the hot tub. Follow these tips to keep your skin feeling as good as it felt in the spa after you’re out of it. Keep an eye on our blog for more tips and suggestions to make your time in the hot tub the best it can possibly be.


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