Aquatic Exercise for Strength and Cardiovascular Training


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At ThermoSpas, we’ve developed an innovative solution for those seeking a blend of relaxation and workout intensity with our premium exercise hot tub, the Aquacisor. Uniquely deep at over 4 feet, the Aquacisor stands as the deepest hot tub available on ⁣the market, providing ample⁤ space not just‍ for relaxation but⁢ for a vigorous aquatic exercise routine as well.

Transformative Water ⁢Workouts⁤ without ⁤Joint Stress

One of the greatest advantages of the Aquacisor is the ability to perform jogging and running ​exercises⁣ without the harmful impact associated with traditional running on hard surfaces. Knees and joints are spared from stress, drastically⁢ reducing the risk of injury while still promoting cardiovascular ⁢health.

This makes aquatic‍ exercise in the Aquacisor an ideal ⁤choice for both ⁣fitness enthusiasts and those looking for gentle, rehabilitative movements.

Rehabilitation and Muscle Strength

Offering more than just a safe jogging environment,‌ the Aquacisor is perfect for⁣ isokinetic​ strength-training. This form of exercise involves muscle contractions⁢ at constant ‌speeds, ​a method usually necessitating specialized, costly equipment. However, the⁤ water’s natural resistance eliminates the need for such equipment, providing resistance that adjusts dynamically with the speed of your movements.​

The​ Isokinetic Advantage in Water

Isokinetic exercise, characterized by consistent ⁢muscle contraction speeds, is known for its efficiency in building muscle strength uniformly across the entire range of motion. As noted by Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, water exercise leverages the principles of isokinetic training where resistance naturally​ scales with ​effort ⁢and ⁢ceases once you stop, making it inherently safe and highly effective.

Multi-functional Design for Diverse Fitness Goals

Integrated ⁢within the Aquacisor are features that facilitate an array of exercises beyond running. Special bands can‌ be attached to perform resistance weightlifting, all while floating impact-free​ in the soothing embrace of warm water. Designed with direct input from orthopedic and occupational therapy professionals, our hot tub supports⁢ various exercise routines including those targeted at physical ​rehabilitation.

Enjoy Swimming? Meet⁣ the ThermoSpas Swim Spa

For those who love swimming as⁣ part of their fitness ‌regime, ThermoSpas offers the versatile Swim Spa. ⁣Accommodating up to ‍12 people,‍ it serves both as an entertainment hub and a​ fitness installation.⁣ Host festive gatherings or engage in an intensive swim—the Swim Spa⁣ is⁢ engineered to support all activities. ​Furthermore, regardless of the season, maintaining your fitness schedule becomes seamless and enjoyable with continuous⁤ access to this‍ aquatic facility.

Year-Round ‌Fitness and Fun

Investing in an Aquacisor ⁢or Swim Spa ‍from ThermoSpas ⁢means enabling year-round health and fitness activities, regardless of weather conditions. The impending cold of winter months often disrupts regular exercise ​routines, but with our high-quality hot tubs, your training and wellness journey can remain on track, all within the ⁤comfort of⁢ your home.


ThermoSpas is dedicated to enhancing lifestyles ​through thoughtful ⁤innovations in aquatic fitness technologies. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your ⁢joints from high-impact exercises, strengthen muscles efficiently through isokinetic training, or simply seeking a fun and engaging way to stay fit,⁤ our Aquacisor and Swim Spa models provide the perfect solution. Embrace ‌the​ myriad benefits of water exercise and transform your health and ‍well-being with ThermoSpas. ⁣Explore our options today and immerse yourself in the ultimate exercise experience. Explore ThermoSpas’ offerings.

Let us help you turn your home into a sanctuary of health and relaxation, where fitness goals are not just met but ‍exceeded. ⁢Revitalize your⁢ exercise routine with ThermoSpas, and experience wellness like never before.


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