The Olympian

olympian hot tub

on September 7, 2011 in Health

The Olympian is the first to spa in the world to offer a patented, vertically adjustable seat and ThermoSpas took it a step farther, creating a seat that also allows users 360 degrees of massage options.

Users can face forward for a back massage, or rotate a full 180 degrees to face the exterior of the spa and target a whole different muscle group, or 90 degrees to target the Obliques. Since the adjustable seat accommodates individuals of any height, it is perfect for anyone who wants aquatic therapy customized to their physique and stature. In addition, the jets can be adjusted to target anywhere (knees, back, chest, etc) and because the Olympian has been designed with multiple pumps it allows for ThermoSpas patented Total Control Therapy (TCT). TCT technology allows users in therapy seats to adjust the intensity of those jets, without affecting the experience of others in the hot tub.


As part of ThermoSpas Fitness Series, the Olympian also is available with attachments for resistance bands and a rowing attachment. These accessories allow users both young and old to exercise in a low-impact environment to tone and strengthen upper body muscle groups. The rowing machine and exercise bands are adjustable for a wide variance of resistance. Ideal for entertaining and family fun, the Olympian Spa’s adjustable seat can be easily removed to leave the spa wide open with two elegant seating areas with built-in pillows, a raised child seat and a spacious foot well. The hot tub includes elegant cabinetry, soundproofed operation, energy efficiency, padded seating and pillows and a Corian hard surface built into the top coping. Additional options are an air bubbling system, deluxe lighting, a state of the art sound system, and ThermoSpas patented ThermOzone sanitization system.



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