The Aquatic Series

the aquatic series hot tubs

on December 27, 2013 in Lifestyle

Thermospas is constantly working at making the most efficient, effective, and quiet hot tubs on the market. Our Aquatic Series is one of the best series of hot tubs in the industry, extremely energy efficient, quiet, yet with some of the most powerful massage jets available. Let’s take a look at the three models that make up our Aquatic Series and tell you a little bit about each tub.

maui hot tub

Maui 3-Person Hot Tub

The Aquatic Series is comprised of three models, the first being a 3-person hot tub we call the Maui. We designed this hot tub to be the most comfortable 3-person hot tub on the market with three unique shaped seating areas that specifically focus on different areas of the body- so you can choose a different massage process every time you take a soak. The hot tub includes a wave lounge seating area that provides a head-to-toe massage experience and includes our patented massage pillow for shoulders and neck. The second seat focuses on massaging the back, and the third is a cool down seat with jets that focus on the calves and feet. The Maui 3-Person Hot Tub is compact enough to fit through a standard exterior door for indoor use yet was built with full insulation and soundproofing which makes the hot tub energy efficient and extremely quiet.

islander hot tub

Islander 4-Person Hot Tub

The Islander is the perfect 4-person hot tub with each seat having its own unique jet design and slightly different seating depth so as to accommodate bathers of all heights. There’s no fighting over the best seat in this hot tub, since each one is perfect in a slightly different way. With wide sweeping armrests, soft textured built-in pillows, and a deep spacious foot well, the Islander is designed to provide complete relaxation and stress relief. The Islander offers a perfect seat facing in all directions making it the preferred hot tub for a family who loves to relax and spend quality time together at the end of each day. The Islander also offers a host of standard luxury features and provides the ability to custom design your spa to suit your individual taste and budget.

dolphin hot tub

Dolphin 5-Person Hot Tub

The Dolphin model comes with five seats with varying depths for plenty of options for when you want to relax alone or with a few friends. The most interesting seat in the Dolphin series is our double-wide, extended wave lounge which is big enough for two people to relax next to each other while receiving a full body massage. The jets are adjustable, so even if your partner wants less jet action than you, they can control which jets to switch off. It also includes an extra long massage pillow to work both you and your partner’s neck and shoulders. The hot tub also features a shallow cool off seat, perfect for when you’re ready to take a break from the warm waters. This hot tub is great for a couple that loves to host and entertain their many friends.
If you’re looking for a series of hot tubs that are stylish, sleek, yet energy efficient and as quiet as can be, then look no further than the Aquatic Series. Thermospas has worked hard to perfect each of these hot tubs to make your soaking experience out of this world. If you have any questions or would like to talk to a Thermospas representative about installing one of these masterpieces in your home today, contact us, we’d be happy to help.


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