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  1. 3 Reasons to Choose the VacuSeal for your next Hot Tub Cover

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    What is the VacuSeal Hot Tub Cover?

    The VacuSeal is a patent pending, revolutionary Hot Tub Cover lifter and Cover with Canopy that outperforms any hot tub cover over on the market today.

    What makes the VacuSeal the best?

    1. Ease of use – The VacuSeal requires just one lifting motion to open or close the cover. When exiting the spa, simply grab the center handle of the cover and pull it closed as you exit. Simple and quick!

    vacuseal hot tub cover lifter

    • The pneumatically assisted lifting motion of the coverlifter does the hard work for you, making it virtually effortless to open and close the spa cover.
    • No more shifting the cover into place like traditional covers. The VacuSeal always sits perfectly on your spa and locks into place with one simple device.
    • Wind blown covers pose a safety hazard and cause loss of heat. To lock a traditional cover in place you need to close 4 latches on each corner of the spa. With the VacuSeal, there is only one latch to open and close.

    2. Energy-Saving – The VacuSeal applies pressure on the cover when it’s in a closed position, creating a vacuum tight seal and locking in the heat, every time you close the cover. When you lift the cover, the pressure reverses, and opening the spa is effortless.
    energy saving hot tub cover lifter

    Did you know that the large space in the folded center of most cover lifters is considered to be the #1 area of heat loss on spas? The patent pending VacuSeal Cover is the only cover available that removes this trouble spot; thus making the VacuSeal a wise investment given the amount of money you will save on your energy bill. Not only will you save money, it will make you a greener hot tubber too.

    The upward pressure of lifting the cover causes premature damage. See the example below of a traditional cover within just 6 months of use:

    traditional hot tub cover

    The VacuSeal technology reverses pressure when lifted, eliminating the traditional wear and tear and preserving the lifespan of your cover.

    3. Attractiveness – For many, the hot tub is a part of their landscaping or deck design. No one wants their hot tub to be an eye-sore. An attractive cover can give your hot tub an immediate face-lift.

    attractive hot tub cover lifter

    • The lifting bar, made of galvanized steel not plastic, in encases in marine vinyl where most hot tub covers lave the bar exposed.
    • The attractive canopy adds a new look to your cover, while at the same time providing the convenience of protecting you from the sun, wind, and rain.
    • Without the normal wear and tear that traditional covers are subject to, your VacuSeal cover stays beautiful year after year.
  2. 10 Steps to Become a Greener Hot Tubber

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    “We treat this world of ours as though we have a spare one in the trunk,” or so the saying goes. Today marks the 43rd Earth Day in the United States, and it’s a good time to reflect on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. One area where you can easily conserve energy is with your hot tub.

    Saving energy will not only reduce the impact on the environment, it will also save you money in energy costs and reduce wear and tear on your spa.

    Conserving energy in your hot tub comes down to this: Get the water hot only when you need it; and prevent that heat from escaping.

    Here are 10 Easy Energy Saving Hot Tub Tips:

      1. Use a timer. Set the heater timer to come on 15-20 minutes before you’ll be using the spa.
      2. Lock the cover. By locking the cover you can be sure it’s on tightly and securely with no gaps. A good hot tub cover that is used properly is your #1 energy saving resource.
      3. Close Valves. When the spa is not in use, close the valves to prevent warm air from escaping.
      4. Lower Filter Duration Cycle.  Don’s sacrifice water quality or chemistry, but if you are a solo user or at times when you are using the hot tub minimally, you can use this technique to save electricity.
      5. Maintain a steady temperature. The drop in spa temperature after 4-5 days will take more energy to re-heat. It’s more energy efficient to maintain a steady temperature on economy mode than to turn off the spa for several days and then re-heat. This is highly relevant to weekend hot tubbers who turn their spa on only for the weekends.
      6. Sleep Mode. Use this mode when you are away for long periods of time.
      7. If the electric company offers reduced rates during peak hours, take advantage of the savings by heating the spa after a drain and refill during this time period.
      8. Wind or privacy screen. Not only is this convenient for privacy and comfort when exiting the spa, you can reduce heat loss by protecting the hot tub from the wind,
      9. Don’t waste water. When it’s time to drain your hot tub, re-use the water to irrigate your lawn, for example. Make sure to not add chemicals 3 days prior to the drain.
      10. Switch to ThermoClear. This patented mineral-bed technology recreates nature’s own process of purifying water. A chlorine and bromine alternative, ThermoClear requires maintenance and you drain your spa only twice a year. You may also want to consider installing an Ozonator.

    If you’re looking for more ideas to decrease energy consumption, visit ThermoSpas’ online store at http://online.thermospastest.info. Here you can find great deals on ThermoSpas spa covers.

    Designed to save you money, ThermoCovers have a 4 ½ inch core of the best Super-Foam – the same insulation used on the Alaskan Pipeline! Experts suggest replacing a hot tub cover every five years to help reduce monthly operating costs.

    Or, look into adding a ThermoBlanket. These energy-efficient floating blankets will help retain heat and reduce the amount of moisture building up inside the cover, extending its life.