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  1. 9 Helpful Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

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    Congratulations on buying your first hot tub! We know that being a new hot tub owner is not only exciting, but can also feel a little bit overwhelming at first. There’s no need to worry though. Taking care of your hot tub and enjoying it to the fullest extent is easy to do, especially after reading some helpful information. We’ve compiled a handful of tips to help you both maximize your enjoyment and maintain your hot tub.

    1. Invest in a high quality hot tub cover

    Along with keeping your spa safe from the outside environment, a well-insulated and high quality hot tub cover saves you a significant amount in energy costs by keeping your water warm. Good news: if you bought a ThermoSpas® hot tub, you’ve already invested in a great cover.

    2. Stick to a regular cleaning routine

    As long as you regularly sanitize and clean your spa and its filters, maintaining your hot tub will be easy. All you have to do is follow our hot tub cleaning schedule here to keep your spa looking and functioning as good as new.

    3. Keep the temperature consistent

    If you have a well insulated hot tub and cover, it actually costs less to keep your water temperature consistent than it does to heat up cool water when you use your hot tub regularly. Instead of turning down the heat after you’re done using your hot tub for the day, just make sure to secure your cover.

    4. Protect your cover with cover conditioner

    After you’ve invested in a high quality hot tub cover, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make it last for as long as possible. Use a cover conditioner to protect your cover from UV rays and keep it from hardening and cracking.

    5. Always have extra swimsuits and towels for your guests

    Whether your friends forget to bring their hot tub attire or they spontaneously want to use your hot tub while they are at your house, you’ll quickly learn why it’s important to have extra swimsuits, towels and robes for your guests to use.

    6. Use cleaning tools to save you time and effort

    Though cleaning your hot tub is already pretty easy, cleaning accessories can make it even easier. Hot tub filter accessories and other cleaning tools are definitely worth the investment.

    7. Keep your hot tub chemicals dry and out of extreme temperatures

    If your chemicals get wet or are exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, they will begin degrading and may not work properly. Make sure to follow this guide when deciding where to store your hot tub chemicals.

    8. Soak in your hot tub two hours before bed to get better night’s sleep

    Bathing in warm waters for 20 minutes before bed can help put you into a deep sleep, says Joyce Walsleben, PhD, associate professor at New York University School of Medicine. If you have sleeping problems, your hot tub may be the perfect natural remedy.

    9. Turn on economy mode while you’re on vacation

    If you’re worried about what to do with your hot tub while you’re out of town, don’t sweat it! ThermoSpas® hot tubs feature an economy mode, which lowers the water temperature by 15 degrees when you turn it on, and heats it right back up to its original temperature when you turn it off.

    We hope these tips help you get the most out of your hot tub! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact a ThermoSpas representative at 1-800-876-0158.

  2. 5 Ways to Make Reading in a Hot Tub Easier

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    Nothing beats relaxing with a good book in the hot tub—At least until you drop it in the water and ruin it, of course. Unfortunately, it’s hard to relax while you’re worrying about potentially damaging your book or eReader by getting it wet. Reading near water can be a risky activity. But it doesn’t have to be anymore. We’ve come up with a handful ways to make reading in a hot tub easier and less worrisome.

    Before we get to those, we want to note that you should avoid reading valuable or precious books in the spa even if you have taken precautions because there is always a chance they might get damaged by water. Only use an eReader in the hot tub if it is waterproof or placed inside of a competent waterproof case.

    Now, without further ado, here are some great ways to comfortably read in your hot tub:

    1. Buy books with DuraBooks technology

    When you think of book technology, eReaders are probably the first things to pop into your mind. But there are other great reading technologies out there, including DuraBooks. DuraBooks is a waterproof book-binding technology that was created by Charles Melcher and patented in 2004. DuraBooks use synthetic paper that is virtually indestructible, waterproof and can be recycled indefinitely, unlike regular paper which can only be recycled a couple of times. You won’t have to worry about these tough books getting ruined by your hot tub water.

    DuraBooks Suggestions:

    There are a bunch of great books out there that use DuraBooks technology. If you’re interested in environmentalism and thought-provoking tales, try giving Cradle to Cradle a read. This is one of the most popular DuraBooks available because of its unique and progressive re-imagining of environmental sustainability.  If fiction is more your style, pick up The Beach Book, which is filled with beach stories written by a handful of acclaimed authors, including Roald Dahl, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isaac Bashevis Singer. You can also turn the heat up in your hot tub with a variety of steamy adult novels.

    2. Use an AquaReader

    AquaReaders are helpful tools that are designed to hold your books and eReaders above water for you. This hot tub accessory secures your tablet PC’s, eReaders, magazines and books to a flotation device, so that your reading material is safely placed on top of the hot tub water. Still, we recommend that you don’t use valuable books or eReaders without a waterproof case with this device , as it does not protect your reading material from splashes. For all other reading material, AquaReader allows for a comfortable and effortless reading experience.

    3. Slip your eReader into a waterproof case

    If you use an eReader and are looking for one of the cheapest ways to make reading in the hot tub a less terrifying experience, waterproof covers or guards are the way to go. These accessories will protect your eReader from splashes and the occasional accidental drop in the water, leaving you worry-free. They allow for easy interaction with the keyboard and navigation buttons. We recommend doing some research before you buy. You’ll want to make sure you’re buying a tried and tested waterproof case before entrusting it with the safety of your eReader.

    4. Purchase a waterproof eReader

    This is by far the easiest way to ensure a worry-free and relaxing reading experience with your eReader in the hot tub. Waterproof eReaders are designed to come into contact with water. You can splash water on them and even submerge them in water. Waterproof eReaders are definitely the best option if you have children who want to read with you in the hot tub. If you’re interested in purchasing a waterproof eReader, we suggest taking a look at Waterfi’s Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite.

    5. Listen to an audiobook

    Although you don’t exactly read audiobooks, they can give you a hands-free way to enjoy books in the hot tub. Most popular books are available in audio form now, and you can download them from various sources, including Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Audible. You can also find a bunch of free, public domain audiobooks available for download on various websites.

    ThermoSpas’ deluxe sound system makes listening to audiobooks in your hot tub easy. All you have to do is hook up your digital audio source to the hot tub’s sound system and you’re ready to go. You can even adjust the volume, change tracks and select the audio source without leaving the water. You’ll never have to worry about damaging books or electronics with water again.

    We hope that this guide helps to enhance your relaxation experience by allowing you to read comfortably in your hot tub. Keep an eye on our blog for more unique ways to enjoy your hot tub.

  3. Ways to Lower Your Hot Tub Heating Costs

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    After you’ve made the decision to invest in a hot tub, your next question will likely be, “How much will this raise my electric bill?”

    Although many factors go into the actual costs of running your spa, such as the size of your hot tub and frequency of use; you do have some control over your hot tub’s energy consumption.

    As you will discover in this article, educating yourself on what to look for, and making smart investments, can greatly reduce your hot tub energy costs.

    Insulation is the number one factor that affects energy efficiency

    There are two types of insulation: full foam and thermal insulation. Over 70% of hot tubs built today are built the old-fashioned way–with full foam.

    Although foam can be a good insulator, if there is a leak or repair that needs to be made, it becomes a nightmare to fix.

    hot tub insulation

    Thermal insulation make repairs easy

    Thermal insulation uses layers of insulation material in the walls and base of the hot tub to trap the heat inside. Another benefit of this type of insulation is that it locks in the heat generated from the spa’s pumps and motors, a system called co-generated heat.

    Thermal insulation is simply a smarter and more modern method for hot tub insulation.

    All of our designer series hot tubs come with our unique ThermoInsulation system that consists of layers of insulated materials between the spa shell and the cabinet walls.

    Independent tests have shown that ThermoSpas unique insulation system requires less kilowatts of energy than solid foam spas, making them less expensive to operate.

    The importance of a good hot tub cover

    hot tub covers

    ThermoSpas covers are 70% more energy efficient

    Even though ThermoSpas hot tubs are well insulated on the walls and base, since heat rises, a good cover is also needed to reduce heat loss.

    If your cover is waterlogged, or does not seal tight when closed–your hot tub is going to lose a substantial amount of heat, and subsequently use more energy.

    The ThermoCovers designed by our engineers are 70% more energy efficient than industry standards. All you need to do is make sure that you replace your cover when necessary to keep it working efficiently and saving you money.

    Some of the signs you need a new cover:

    • Your vinyl is cracked, torn, or dry
    • The cover is sagging, extremely heavy, and waterlogged
    • The cover has a musty, moldy smell

    Any of these signs could mean you need a replacement cover. Call our customer care department for questions and orders: 1-800-876-0158 (Option 2).

    Keep your filters clean

    Dirty filters reduce the circulation of the spa water, causing the pump to work harder and the heater to run less efficiently.

    To keep your filters working efficiently, clean them every one to three weeks, and replace them once every 3-4 months.

    Keeping your filters clean is not only an easy way to save on energy costs, it also prolongs the life of your hot tub, and saves you time and money on chemical maintenance.

    Follow this guide on cleaning and changing your hot tub filters.

    thermal blanket

    A thermal blanket can reduce energy costs

    Drastically reduce heating costs with one small investment

    Investing in a thermal blanket is a small investment that will give great returns. Not only does a thermal blanket reduce energy costs, it extends the life of your cover, and reduces the amount of chemicals you use.

    A thermal blanket floats on the surface of the hot tub water, underneath your cover. It reduces heat loss by adding another layer of heat protection, and it also slows down chemical evaporation.

    Order one online today

    More energy-saving hot tub tips:

    • Use a timer. Set the heater to turn on 15-20 minutes before you are going to use the hot tub.
    • Maintain a steady temperature. It costs more money to heat an entire spa that has been turned off for 4-5 days than it does to maintain a consistent temperature using economy mode.
    • Use sleep mode when you know you aren’t going to be using the hot tub for an extended period of time.
    • Reheat during reduced rate off-peak hours when you need to reheat your spa after draining. Only drain your spa when necessary to save energy and water.

    When approaching the subject of hot tub heating costs, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. If a small investment will save you money every month, it will add up to a substantial amount of savings over a period of years.

    A hot tub representative can go more into detail about all the unique patented features that make ThermoSpas hot tubs a smarter energy-efficient choice.

    Contact us today at 1-800-876-0158 or schedule a free site inspection online.

  4. Healthy Sleep Tips – National Sleep Foundation

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    Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music.

    A relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime conducted away from bright lights helps separate your sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety which can make it more difficult to fall asleep, get sound and deep sleep or remain asleep. Avoid arousing activities before bedtime like working, paying bills, engaging in competitive games or family problem solving.

    Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water (such as a hot tub or bath) before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep, but it should be done early enough that you are no longer sweating or over-heated.

    If you are unable to avoid tension and stress, it may be helpful to learn relaxation therapy from a trained professional.

    Finally, avoid exposure to bright before bedtime because it signals the neurons that help control the sleep-wake cycle that it is time to awaken, not to sleep.

    2009. National Sleep Foundation