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  1. Unplug With A Hot Tub Ritual

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    Most of us are on sensory overload – our time is spent connected to our computers, mobile phones, and the internet and less in quiet self-reflection or in meaningful conversations with our kids or spouse.

    The Effects of Technology

    Adults today spend about 12 hours a day consuming media yet only 5.5 minutes a day on average having meaningful conversations with their children.

    Digital overload effects our brains, our bodies, and our human relations.

    Owning a hot tub is a lifestyle choice, and it can be used as a tool to help us unplug and reconnect with ourselves and our family.


    An Ancient Tradition

    Humans have been taking part in the hot tub ritual since Ancient Greece, when it was common to sit in a hot spring and discuss philosophical ideas or socialize with the community.

    You too can recreate the old rituals that have been lost in modern times. Whether you live alone or are part of a large family, creating a hot tub ritual will make ‘unplugging’ a part of your daily or weekly routine.


  2. Healing Scents – How Aromatherapy Can Boost Your Mood and Calm Your Emotions

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    Aromatherapy has been used for over 6,000 years across the globe. Holistic Health Practitioners today believe that essential oils can be used to treat ailments such as headaches and muscle-aches and to relieve stress and fight depression.

    Adding essential oils directly to your hot tub water is an excellent way to diffuse the healing scents. Depending on the size of your Thermospa, you will use between 6 to 10 drops of oil. Make sure that the essential oil of your choice is in a non-diluted form. Carrier oils could damage your hot tub.

    There are many essential oils readily available in health food stores and online. We have compiled a list of 4 popular oils known for their aromatherapy benefits on our post, Here’s A Quick Way to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience.

  3. Here’s A Quick Way to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

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    If you want a quick way to shift your mood or even soothe a headache, try some aromatherapy in your hot tub.

    Practitioners in the Holistic Health Field claim that Aromatherapy can help stress, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Some say they can even reduce toxin build-up and possibly treat ailments like asthma or the flu.

    Aromatherapy is claimed to work by stimulating the scent receptors in your nose, which in turn sends a signal to section of the brain that controls emotions  [The International Journal of Neuroscience 2009; 119(2): 263-90.]

    Adding essential oils to your hot tub is an effective way to release the aromatherapy properties of the oils since the heated water, which is constantly circulating, helps to diffuse the scented molecules. Hot tubs already have several physiological and mental benefits. Adding some essential oil can be used to enhance that experience.

    4 Popular Essential Oils for Aromatherapy:

    1. LEMON

    Improve Concentration, Alertness, and Decision-Making Abilities

    Lemon stimulates the mind, but it also calms the emotions, so it is effective for decision-making. Do you ever sit in your hot tub with your partner talking over an issue at the end of the day? Maybe lemon would help!

    In Japan, they believe in lemon aromatherapy so deeply that they infuse the scent into factories and offices. They have found that it greatly improves concentration and memorization in workers. Studies confirm that lemon does relax the brain waves, which results in improved concentration.


    Relieve the Tension, Stimulate the Senses

    This stimulating scent can be used to ease tense muscles, or for a more stimulating hot tub experience.

    This essential oil dates back to the Egyptian times, and it is the most widely used oil today. Peppermint has many of the same healing properties as Menthol, which makes up 70% of the oil.  Menthol is known for relieving aches of all kinds from headaches to bone-aches to muscle-aches.

    Since it is thought to be a powerful stimulant, some claim Peppermint activates the imagination and is sensually stimulating, even resulting in more vivid dreams at night.


    Uplift Your Mood, De-Stress and Relax

    We naturally gravitate toward floral scents because they bring a sense of calm to our mood.

    This scent was popular during the Victorian times, and it was common to see Geranium plants potted around the living areas where it was readily available to uplift the senses any time.

    Geranium in particular is known for its uplifting, anti-depressant properties. Used in a bath, it’s mildly sedative and relaxing while at the same time uplifting to the spirit.

    If you are under stress and need a quick pick-me-up, try some Geranium oil in your hot tub.


    Anti-Depressant, Mood Balancing, Relief from Nervous Tension

    This is one of the more interesting essential oils, claiming to induce a feeling of euphoria and joy.  Clary Sage can be traced back to ancient Greek medicine and is very popular among women.

    When trying our Clary Sage in your hot tub for the first time, be aware of the claims that this essential oil is a powerful aphrodisiac! If you are planning a romantic evening, read our tips in our post:  5 Sensual Steps to A Romantic Hot Tub Encounter.

    How to Use Essential Oils in Your Hot Tub:

    Essential oils can come in traditional liquid form, or in crystal and bead form. If you are using a liquid form of essential oil, you can add the undiluted oil directly to the hot tub water.

    Depending on the size of your spa, you will need about 6-10 drops of essential oil. You must use pure essential oils that are not blended with a carrier oil. If you have any concerns, contact our customer care department.

    Not only are essential oils beneficial to the mind and body, some essential oils such as lemon and geranium have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that may help keep your spa clean.

    Want to experience this but don’t own a hot tub yet? Request your free brochure today and see what Thermospas can do to enhance your life:


  4. Swim Your Way to A Healthier Heart with a Swim Spa

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    February is National Heart Month.

    Heart Disease is a serious condition that is the #1 leading cause of death among men and women in the United States.

    Scary numbers, but the good news is that with simple lifestyle changes, the risk of heart disease decreases substantially.

    Simple steps include proper food choices, an effective exercise program, and stress reduction.

    The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of physical activity for a healthy heart.

    Physical activity includes anything that makes you move your body and burn calories.


    Exercise is good for your heart

    Swimming is an excellent calorie burning workout that is low-impact, fun, and suitable for the whole family.

    If you want to learn more about the benefits of water exercise, read our popular article 5 Little Known Ways Water Exercise Can Help You Get (and Stay) Fit.

    Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources or space for an in-ground pool in their home, or the time to travel to the local swimming pool several days a week.

    This is why a portable Swim Spa is an appealing alternative to those looking to enhance their health and lifestyle.

    What is a Swim Spa?

    The Swim Spa by Thermospas is a self-contained hot tub that delivers a continuous water current you can swim against. The Swim Spa doubles as a relaxation and entertainment hot tub that fits up to 12 people comfortably.

    A swim spa can fit in most any space, inside or outside and it provides endless hours of continuous swimming, entertaining and relaxing – all in one portable unit!


    Thermospas Swim Spa for Exercise & Relaxation

    How much does a Swim Spa cost?

    Many people are surprised that a portable Swim Spa is much more affordable than an in-ground pool!

    Not only is a Swim Spa less expensive; Swim Spa owners get more use out of their spa than pool owners because they can use their spa all year long  for both swimming and entertaining.

    Thermospa Swim Spas require less maintenance than a pool, are portable and can be taken with you when you move, do not require expensive building code regulations, are space efficient, and won’t effect the saleability of your home.


    Thermospa Swim Spa for Family & Entertaining

    Free delivery and installation are included in the price, so you can have your unit up and running within a matter of hours.

    If you want to hear about one couple’s Thermospa installation experience, you can watch Jim and Lynette’s Hot Tub Installation Slideshow.

    All of Thermospas hot tubs are custom built and sold factory direct, so you don’t pay for features you don’t want.

    Learn More at Thermospas