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  1. Get The Ultimate Workout with ThermoSpas Swim Spas and Exercise Spas

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    Hot tubs are usually thought of as a great place to relax and sooth your body and mind after a long day. While this is definitely true, spas are also one of the greatest places to work out. Why?  Well, because working out in warm water is safer, more effective and more fun than working out on land.

    The Benefits of Exercising in Water

    Exercise in water is one of the safest ways to get fit because it allows for a no-impact workout, so you aren’t putting any extra stress on your joints. Water also makes your physical activities more efficient because it provides resistance. This water resistance gives you a full-body workout during most exercises and allows for an increased development of flexibility, balance and muscle symmetry. Finally, the heat from hot tub water gets your blood flowing more quickly, giving your body more energy and oxygen.

    Along with health benefits, the small size of a hot tub also allows for convenience and low maintenance.

    Think it all sounds too good to be true? You’re probably asking yourself how you can exercise in a spa when they’re so small and covered in jets. Well, we have the answers.

    ThermoSpas Swim Spas and Exercise Spas

    ThermoSpas offers spa models specifically designed for both exercise and relaxation. We call them our Swim Spas and Exercise Spas. Physical therapists, physicians and customer focus groups contributed to the design of these spas, so that they would provide the features, quality and convenience that people want most while exercising.

    Let’s take a look at the three models from our Fitness Series to learn which one is right for you.

    Spa Trainer

    The Spa Trainer Swim Spa is the ultimate exercising machine. It’s a combination of a hot tub, swimming pool and gym. Measuring at 174 inches long and 88 inches wide, the Spa Trainer is big enough for almost any exercise. You’ll never have to go to the gym again.

    One of the best features of this hot tub is the powerful jet stream that produces a current strong enough for an adult to swim in place. This jet allows for a great aerobic exercise through swimming without the need to buy a massive pool. You can practice any swim stroke you like against the stream and adjust the strength of the current accordingly for a full body workout.

    The Spa Trainer also features three structural bars for strength exercises. The attachment mounts allow you to use exercise bands and an optional rowing attachment for an intense upper body workout.

    All of these features make the Spa Trainer the only exercise machine you need. But that’s not all it is. The Spa Trainer is also a great place to relax and entertain guests. The warm water and bubbling system soothes your mind while the jetted seats and pillow jets massage your entire body. The Spa Trainer can also hold 12 adults and includes up to 85 jets, making it perfect for a hot tub party.

    The Olympian

    Though smaller than the Spa Trainer, The Olympian offers a wide area of open space for exercising. Like the Spa Trainer, it features attachment mounts for exercise bands and a rowing machine, great for working on your upper body strength.

    The most unique feature of this hot tub is its adjustable seat. This seat allows a person of any size to get the most comfortable and effective workout possible. After your workout, you can also adjust the seat to get a perfect massage from the target therapy jets no matter what direction you’re facing.

    The Olympian can fit six people comfortably, at 91 inches long and 87 inches wide. You can remove the adjustable seat for even more space. With up to 62 jets, a foot well, elegant seating and a raised child seat, this spa is the perfect place to relax with your friends and family.


    As one of our deepest hot tub models, the Aquacisor is a great place to work out, especially when you’re doing leg exercises. The three grab bars allow you to work on upper body exercises, as well as keep yourself stable while doing leg exercises such as bicycles or leg extension. A set of six optional tension bands allows you to work virtually every muscle in your body, and the rowing attachment lets you build up your upper body strength.

    After your workout, you can relax with a full body soak and a back and neck massage in one of the two corner seats. The Aquacisor can have up to 67 jets and is 93 inches long and 88 inches wide. This allows six other people to enjoy the spa with you when you’re not exercising.

    Transform the way you work out with a ThermoSpas Swim Spa or Exercise Spa. Working out in a hot tub is effective, safe and fun. To learn more about our Swim and Exercise Spas, click here.


  2. Four Swim Strokes for the Perfect Swim Spa Workout Routine

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    Along with a great line of hot tubs for relaxing and relieving sore muscles and joints, Thermospas offers the amazing Swim Spa Hot Tub. Our Swim Spa has been specially designed to provide a powerful current that keeps you in place as you swim various strokes to work out your entire body’s muscles. With a cluster of up to ten high-powered adjustable jets, you can swim at a pace you choose without the fear of being tossed around. With the combination of the four main swim strokes, you can create a workout routine like none other. Here’s how all four basic strokes can help you.


    The freestyle which is often referred to as the forward crawl and even, more rarely, the Australian crawl is the most basic swim stroke, but also one of the most effective for cardio. As the name implies this is an open ended stroke with minimum limitations on how arms and legs must move. The basic rule of a Freestyle is to keep one arm above the water while the other pushes you forward. A very comfortable and easy stroke, we recommend starting your Swim Spa routine on a low current to warm up the body and get the heart rate moving. An average-sized male can burn 500 calories an hour at a moderate speed.


    Now that your body has warmed up and you’re feeling comfortable in your swim spa, it’s time to try a different stroke that will concentrate on a variety of muscles. The breaststroke can keep your heart rate up while giving you a chance to concentrate a little more on a technique. With this stroke, make sure to keep your shoulders at water level. Extend both arms forward, press outward with cupped hands to push forward. Pull your elbows to the side of your body while bringing your hands to the front of your chest. While doing this, lift you head and neck above the water for a breath. Bend knees and bring your feet towards your bottom, then extend them to push yourself forward. Repeat the motions. We like this as the second stroke because there is more difficulty to the maneuver. Hopefully you’re not too worn out from your freestyle stroke to concentrate on your body’s movements. Coordination is a great way to exercise the mind while the rest of your body feels the burn. An average male can burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories an hour with this stroke.


    We recommend the butterfly stroke as your third stroke in your workout routine as well as the stroke to spend the least amount of time on. The butterfly really works out your shoulders, so take this easy and build up your time with it until you feel comfortable in your technique. Start with your arms behind you and move them up and out of the water until they reach one another over your head. Let them enter the water again and pull you forward as your legs move with a dolphin kick. Although a slightly easier technique then the breaststroke, the butterfly delivers the most intense workout with an average burn of 800 calories an hour.


    Last, the backstroke is a great way to cool down after a good workout. Set your Swim Spa’s water pressure to low and turn so your back is facing the bottom of the Spa’s shell. Swim as you would the freestyle stroke with your nose above water to keep a constant flow of breath. This will help lower your heart rate without drastically bringing it down too fast. As you cool down, you should still be able to burn calories at about 500 an hour, so don’t worry about losing precious cardio time.

    We understand not everybody’s workout routines can be this active, but a Swim Spa is still great for a moderate routine that helps relieve arthritis and joint pain while getting some much needed exercise. The Swim Spa comes with a grab bar for simple workouts that don’t require as much cardio output. Set the water’s pressure just low enough that it keeps your body afloat, grab the bar, and swim with your legs for a simple workout that will help burn calories.

    When you’re all finished move to one of the many cool down areas of the hot tub to allow your muscles the ability to relax and rebuild.

    With Thermospas’ Swim Spa, you can find all the benefits of a lap pool while still getting to experience the relaxing qualities of a hot tub. Our Swim Spas, when not in use by a swimmer, can hold up to 12 people which makes it great for families and entertaining guests. If you’re interested in installing one of our Swim Spas in your home, contact Thermospas today for a free quote and brochure.

  3. How To Design an Outdoor Hot Tub Oasis

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    Imagine having a personal retreat where you can escape to any time you want. A place where you can relax, watch the sunset, read a book, or soak in your spa. A place where you can have a romantic evening with your partner or throw a stylish party for family and friends.

    You can turn your deck into your destination; transform your patio into a personal paradise; or build a breathtaking backyard retreat–all with a little inspiration, planning, and your hot tub.

    Creating an outdoor living space

    Outdoor living spaces have become a popular trend in recent years. No longer is design limited to the interior of the home. More and more, decks and patios are being used an extension of a homeowner’s living space.

    Your outdoor space should be open and welcoming while at the same time useful. A place where you can have an outdoor meal, enjoy a sunrise from your hot tub, entertain your friends, or enjoy a pleasant conversation.

    If done right, a good deck, patio or backyard design can give your home a feeling of having more space by blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside living areas.

    Choosing a design style

    Your outdoor hot tub oasis should be a reflection of your personality, while also complementing your home design. There are many design themes to choose from, but here are a couple ideas to get you started:


    romantic couple hot tub

    Whether you own a two-person Gemini or a five-person Concord, a hot tub can create an intimate atmosphere of romance; but it doesn’t have to end there.

    Add some candles, stringing lights, a fire pit, plenty of flowering plants, romance themed color schemes with pinks and reds–and you’ll have a space that will charm your partner for a romantic evening or dazzle your guests for a night of entertainment.

    Luxury Spa:

    If you want to step outside your house and enter into an oasis of relaxation and therapy–the “luxury spa” style is for you.

    The clean lines and the beautiful simplicity of the ThermoSpas Aquatic series make this model ideal for a spa retreat. But with some accessorizing, any one of our hot tubs can be turned into a backyard spa refuge.

    thermospas manhattan hot tub

    ThermoSpas Manhattan Hot Tub

    Accessories and design tips to create a spa-like ambiance:

    • Incorporate natural, organic elements like plants, rocks, teak, and bamboo
    • Use earth inspired colors such as creamy whites, warm browns, and neutral beige. Check out our Copper Beach acrylic color.
    • Cool, tranquil colors like blues and purples can be used for a splash of color
    • Consider building a stone pathway to your hot tub to keep out dirt and debris
    • Palm trees and other tropical plants can offer shade as well as privacy. Bamboo palm is a popular plant for spa settings
    • Use luxury towels. 100% cotton Turkish towels are plush, absorbent, and a common spa amenity. Go the extra mile and provide robes and slippers for yourself and guests!
    • Complete the experience with an outdoor shower to wash off before and after a soak, like this ThermoSpa owner’s setup:
    hot tub with outdoor shower

    Hot Tub w/ Outdoor Shower


    Exercising outside in your hot tub is far more enjoyable than exercising inside a crowded gym. You can turn your outdoor deck or patio space into a workout friendly spot by day; and an entertainment spot by night with a hot tub like the ThermoSpas Swim Spa. Unlike a pool, you can workout or entertain in a swim spa hot tub all year long.

    swim spa

    Designing the layout:

    Remember that your outdoor oasis should be a space that’s both beautiful, relaxing, and useful. Your outdoor hot tub area will be a popular spot for entertaining family or friends, so you’ll want to plan your layout around how you will be using the space the most.

    Practical considerations to consider when designing your outdoor hot tub oasis:

    1. Privacy from neighbors. You will want your oasis to be a private, not public space. Use mature trees, tall plants, bamboo shades, lattice, fences, and garden walls for privacy.
    2. Adequate seating. Think of the different ways you will be using this space. You will want an area for your guests to eat, relax, and take a break from the hot tub.
    3. Kid friendly. How can you make your deck and hot tub a safer area for your smaller guests. Think about installing non-slip mats around the hot tub to prevent slips.
    4. Expanding your living space. In the warmer months your outdoor oasis can be an extension of your home. You can even make a smaller home feel more spacious. With well-placed patio doors, your deck or patio can act as another room of the house.
    5. Shade. Protect yourself, guests and children from too much sun by creating shady areas using awnings, plants, trees, or umbrellas.
    6. Multi Use Furniture. Since your outdoor oasis will be used for many purposes, be smart with your furniture choices by choosing pieces that can be used for multiple uses.
    7. Lighting. Between stringing lights, chinese lanterns, tiki torches,
    8. Warmth. Whether it’s a cool summer evening or a crisp fall day, warming up by a fire pit or with some infrared heat lamps after a dip in the hot tub.

    Are you ready to get started?

    If you already own a ThermoSpas hot tub, check out our Pinterest page for more design ideas.

    Don’t own a ThermoSpas yet? No outdoor oasis is complete without a hot tub, so contact us today for your free information packet and be on your way to designing your own outdoor hot tub paradise!

  4. Top 25 Benefits of Owning A Hot Tub

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    1. Family. Enjoy your hot tub as a family. Talk about your day, your next vacation, or simply spend quality time together.

    2. Sleep. Soak for 20 minutes and fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep deprived?  Take our sleep quiz.

    3. Less Tax. Bypass an increase in property tax with a portable vs. in-ground hot tub or pool. Read: Should I Buy A Pool or A Swim Spa?

    4. Save Money. Ditch the gym fees. With an Aquacisor or Swim Spa you can perform most of the same exercises as a traditional gym.

    5. Kids. Host a fun party for the kids or teach your child to swim from the safety of a Swim Spa. Read: Hot Tub Safety and Children.

    6. Unplug. Being “plugged in” and hot tubbing don’t mix for dangerous reasons. Enjoy the quiet time for self-reflection.

    7. Lose Weight.  Soak in a hot tub and lose weight. Studies show that those who soaked in a hot tub lost over 1 pound a week.

    8. At-Home Therapy. Access the age old ritual of warm water therapy in the convenience of your own home.

    9. Massages. Get a free massage when you want, as long as you want, with powerful hot tub therapy jets.

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