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Swimming and a workout for the entire family using an exercise spa and hot tub – ThermoSpas

A new study by Dr. Joel M. Stager, University of Indiana, concluded that exercising in water actually slows the aging process by up to 20 percent. It provides benefits to respiration, muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular activity and neurological functions. Though swimming offers many benefits, there are disadvantages of pool ownership, including: limited seasonal use, large space requirements, costly building code regulations, high degree of maintenance, expensive upkeep, and a detriment to the home’s resale value. All have contributed to the slow growth in swimming pool sales. In response to these concerns, ThermoSpas engineers designed the revolutionary swim spa, called the Spa Trainer. Large enough to accommodate up to 12 adults, the Spa Trainer features a powerful current that allows you to swim endlessly, while the other side provides the ultimate hot tub experience.