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  1. ThermoSpas Smallest Hot Tubs

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    If you’re looking for a quiet and compact warm water oasis for therapy and massage, you’ll probably get the most enjoyment out of a compact hot tub. The compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are luxurious, easy to maintain, less expensive to operate than larger hot tubs and don’t take up a lot of space indoors or outdoors. Best of all, they come with a variety of incredible features and are roomy enough to comfortably fit even the tallest of bathers. Let’s take a closer look at our compact hot tubs now.

    thermospas gemini hot tub

    The Gemini

    Imagine ending your day by retreating to an intimate and steaming indoor hot tub for a relaxing night with your loved one. Our Gemini model can make this dream a reality. It’s our most compact hot tub, offering the perfect private retreat for one or romantic oasis for two. Each side of the spa features a slightly different seating arrangement and jet configuration to create a unique experience for both bathers. The Gemini is extremely economical, at less than 175 gallons. Most importantly, even the tallest of bathers will find deep relaxation while receiving a neck, shoulder, and foot massage in the Gemini’s deeply contoured seats.

    thermospas maui hot tub

    The Maui

    Looking for the most comfortable 3-person hot tub in the world? Look no further than the Maui. Not only is this compact hot tub energy efficient and soundproofed, it can also include all of the elegant features of a full-size spa, so you won’t miss out on anything with its efficient size. Both short and tall bathers will rejoice in the hot tub’s masterfully-designed deep therapy seats, which are covered with powerful massaging jets. If you’re looking for a compact hot tub that still has all of the great features of a full-size spa, the Maui is the perfect choice.

    As you can see, compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are as luxurious, comfortable and relaxing as our full-sized models, yet can fit in much smaller places. If you’re interested in finding the perfect spot to put your future hot tub, feel free to schedule a site inspection with our professional hot tub experts. They’ll deliver all the information you’ll need to your home and help you decide where and how to install your hot tub.

    Interested in larger hot tubs? Check out our largest ThermoSpas® hot tub models here.

  2. Preparing Your Hot Tub for Winter

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    Soaking in your hot tub during a snowy winter evening is a beautiful and relaxing experience. You keep warm in the heated hot tub water while ice-cold snow surrounds you, steam rising up. It’s a picturesque moment.

    Even if it doesn’t snow where you live during the winter, a hot tub helps you to keep toasty on the chilly evenings. We suggest you use your hot tub in every season, including winter.

    We have put together some steps you should take to prepare your spa for winter, whether you’re planning to use it or not. If you’re not planning to use your hot tub regularly during the freezing cold winter or are going out of town, you’ll have to follow simple steps to winterize and close your spa to avoid freezing damage.

    Replace Your Hot Tub Cover if You Need To

    You always want to make sure your hot tub is well covered up, but it’s especially important to do during the winter. A good quality hot tub cover will keep your water warm and keep snow and rain outside. If your cover is sagging or bowed, you’ll want to replace it before winter, even if you’re not planning to use your hot tub. Puddles of rain or snow can form on bowed or sagging hot tub covers, causing them to sag even more and possibly even crack.

    Make sure to clean and condition your hot tub cover regularly during winter, and always push water off of your cover after rainfall, snowfall or your time in the hot tub.

    Drain, Inspect and Clean Your Hot Tub

    Whether you plan to close your hot tub for the winter months or not, you’ll want to drain and clean it. You’ll be creating a safe and clean environment for all of the relaxation you’ll be having throughout the winter months, or for when you begin using your hot tub again. It’s better to clean your hot tub before the cold winter months than during.

    To drain your hot tub, follow these simple steps:

    1. Close all therapy control valves and open all jets.

    2. Then, turn the spa breaker off.

    3. Now it’s time to drain the water out. We recommend doing this with a submersible pump. If you don’t have one of those, you can attach a garden hose to the hose spigot, which is on the primary water pump within the spa interior.

    4. Finally, open the spigot to allow your spa to drain.

    When your spa is drained of all water, inspect the jets, pumps, valves, pipes and filters for any damage and built up dirt. You should also check your shell and the mechanics behind the panels of your tub for any cracks or leaks. If you do find any damaged parts, you can replace them or contact us. Our representatives are available for service and repairs year-round.

    After you have inspected your hot tub for any problems, dry it off and clean the shell’s surface with an all-purpose cleaner. Then, apply ThermoGloss to your shell to polish and protect its acrylic surface. Next, clean your hot tub filters to ensure that they work effectively during the winter. Finally, if you plan to use your hot tub during winter, detach your hose, close the spigot tightly and refill your hot tub with fresh, clean water. When you’re spa is filled up to normal operating levels, turn your spa’s circuit breaker back on.

    If you’re not going to use your hot tub regularly in the winter, skip down to the Winterize Your Spa section of the article.

    Check Up on Your Hot Tub Regularly if You’re Using It

    The winter season is the perfect time to use your hot tub regularly because it keeps you warm! If you’re planning to use your hot tub during the winter (which we hope you do), it’s important check the water temperature everyday to make sure the heater is working properly. If you detect a problem, contact ThermoSpas’ Customer Care department right away.

    If your hot tub is not working properly or a power failure occurs during freezing cold weather, you’ll need to winterize your spa by taking the steps below. You can also contact our service department to come fix your hot tub. Just give us a call at 1-800-876-0158 to make an appointment. While you’re waiting for service, you’ll want to make sure your hot tub doesn’t freeze. A good trick is to place the submersible pump in the hot tub and let it circulate the water so that it doesn’t freeze up.

    Winterize Your Spa if You’re Not Using It

    Many people go out of town during the winter months and won’t be using their hot tub regularly. If this is the case for you, you will want to winterize your hot tub. It’s an easy, but important process.

    If you don’t want to winterize your hot tub yourself, ThermoSpas can do it for you! Our service department can  You can give us a call at 1-800-876-0158 to make an appointment.

    Follow these simple steps to winterize your spa after you’re already drained and cleaned it:

    1. Remove the cabinet panel in front of the spa’s equipment compartment.

    2. Open the hose spigot, if you haven’t already, to drain any leftover water and keep it open. You can find the hose spigot near the primary pump.

    3. View your owner’s manual to locate the heater. Then, turn the heater unions counter-clockwise to open them at both ends.

    4. Use a canister-type wet vacuum to clear all of the water from the water pumps suction and return lines.

      1. You must use a canister-type wet vacuum to ensure that the lines are emptied of all remaining water.

    5. Remove the drain plugs from all of the water pumps.

    6. After all of the water has been drained from the water pumps, replace the pump plugs.

    7. Turn the heater unions on the heater clockwise to reconnect them. Turn until tight. Make sure the O-ring gaskets are sealed properly so as to not pinch O-rings. Do not over-tighten.

    8. Replace the cabinet panel in front of the spa’s equipment compartment.

    9. Turn on the spa circuit breaker.

    10. Turn on the blower to expel water from the plumbing and air channels.

    11. Turn off the spa circuit breaker.

    12. Remove the insulated hot tub cover from the spa.

    13. At each fitting, use a wet vacuum to assist in removing any remaining water in the fittings, water lines and spa shell.

    14. Sponge out any remaining water from the spa shell.

    15. Replace your hot tub cover and make sure that rain water and/or snow is not entering the spa through the cover.

    We hope these steps help you to prepare your hot tub for the cold winter months ahead. If you need help winterizing your hot tub, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-876-0158.

  3. How a Hot Tub Can Provide Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

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    Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is an irritating, and sometimes painful, neurological condition that often keeps people up at night. Feelings of tugging, pulling or throbbing in your leg usually begin right as you begin to rest, and an overwhelming urge to move your legs can prevent you from falling asleep. Unfortunately, about 10 percent of the US population is thought to suffer from this unpleasant condition. Thankfully, soaking in a hot tub can provide relief from symptoms of RLS, and makes treatment enjoyable and relaxing.

    Let’s take a deeper look at Restless Leg Syndrome to find out what it is and how a hot tub can help.

    What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

    RLS is a neurological disorder that affects the legs and can disrupt relaxation or sleep. It can cause throbbing, pulling or other unpleasant feelings in the legs. Sometimes, people with RLS may feel an overwhelming urge to move their legs. This usually happens when they are relaxing.

    Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

    If you have RLS, you may experience the following symptoms:

    • A feeling of tingling, itching or pulling in your legs or an irresistible urge to move them
    • Unpleasant leg sensations begin or worsen at night, when you sit, when you lie down or when you try to relax
    • Your legs twitch or cramp during your sleep
    • The unpleasant leg sensations improve when you move, massage or stretch your legs

    How a Hot Tub Can Help With Restless Leg Syndrome

    Many people choose to treat RLS with medicine, but treating it naturally with a spa can be healthier and less complicated. A hot tub’s warm water therapy and massage therapy have been used to successfully treat physical problems for years, and RLS is no exception. A warm soak in a hot tub has proven to provide effective relief from the symptoms of RLS by doing three things:

    1. Reducing Your Stress

    Stress has been found to make RLS symptoms worse, according to doctors at Helpguide. The bubbling systems in ThermoSpas® Hot Tubs help soothe the mind and jets reduce the tension in your muscles. The warm water stimulates your body to release endorphins that reduce stress naturally and increases blood circulation, causing your muscles to loosen. Hot tubs put your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation, allowing your legs to rest.

    2. Massaging your legs

    Leg massages help your muscles to relax and reduce the symptoms of RLS. Though many hot tubs don’t have jets that are specifically designed to massage your legs, ThermoSpas does! OurDolphin model from the Aquatic Series features a Wave Lounge that includes massaging jets for your legs and thighs. The Dolphin Model also includes two corner therapy seats with laser jets behind the calf muscles for a focused massage. These jets will help to loosen up your leg muscles and soothe any pain or discomfort in them. Our Wave Lounge is also available in a variety of other ThermoSpas®® Hot Tubs.

    3. Helping You Sleep

    While RLS can cause sleep deprivation, it is also triggered by fatigue. This is an unfortunate combination. Soaking in a hot tub for 20 to 30 minutes two hours before bed can help put you into a deep sleep, according to Health.com. The warm water raises your body temperature, and the rapid cool-down period after you step out helps to relax you. The change in body temperature helps you fall into a deeper sleep, lessening the chance of waking up from any leg twitches.

    If you’re experiencing RLS symptoms, we suggest you speak to your doctor to see if a hot tub could help provide you with relief. Even if you don’t have RLS, a ThermoSpas® Hot Tub can help your health in a variety of ways. Learn more about the health benefits of spas here.


  4. How to Heat Things Up for a Romantic Night in Your Hot Tub

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    If you’re looking to spice things up with the one you love, a hot tub is a great way to do it. In fact, many ThermoSpas customers have reached out to us to let us know how much their hot tub has helped rekindle the romance in their relationships. The privacy of the hot tub and its warm, bubbling waters help bring you and your loved one closer and heat things up to get you in the mood for love.

    We here at ThermoSpas have some sensual tips to help you and your partner have the most romantic night you’ve ever had in your hot tub.

    1. Slip Into the Mood for Love

    This tip requires no work on your part. All you and your loved one have to do is step into the spa. As you sit back and relax, the massaging of the jets and the warm temperature of the water will work together to decreases stress, relaxes your muscles and improves blood circulation. Both your body and your mind will slip into a deep state of relaxation. You and your loved one will no longer be thinking about work or worrying about your kids. Instead, you’ll be ready to fall into the mood for love.

    2. Turn On the Mood Lighting

    To make your hot tub night a truly sensual experience, you will want to turn on some mood lighting. If your ThermoSpas hot tub includes an LED lighting package, you can transform your spa into a multi-colored romantic oasis with the touch of a button. We recommend changing the color to red, purple and pink. These colors are relaxing and known to set a romantic mood. If you have trees nearby your hot tub, consider hanging fairy lights or Chinese lanterns in them to make the environment even more beautiful.

    3. Play Romantic Music

    Romantic and soothing music is a must for a secluded night with your loved one. With a ThermoSpas deluxe sound system, you can control your music without ever leaving your spa. Just connect the system to an audio source, such as an iPod, mp3 player or USB memory stick, and you’re ready to serenade your lover with music.

    You can either create your own playlist, play an automated playlist based on a romantic mood using StereoMood, or listen to ThermoSpas’ romantic hot tub playlist. With our quiet spas, you won’t have to worry about any disruptive noise coming from your hot tub and ruining the sensual mood.

    4. Add a Touch of Sensual Fragrance

    Just like foods, scents can act as aphrodisiacs, getting you and your partner in the mood for love. ThermoSpas offers a wide variety of fragrances to help you slip into different moods. Some of the best for a night of romance include Lavender Palmarosa, White Musk Vanilla Jasmine and Green Tea Peony, all of which include known aromatic aphrodisiacs.

    5. Find the Perfect Hot Tub

    Though all ThermoSpas hot tubs can help create a romantic mood, we have a couple that are specifically designed for romantic rendezvous. Our Gemini 2-Person Hot Tub is an intimate spa loaded with jets. Its depth allows you and your lover to sit deeply in the water together.

    Another great hot tub for a romantic getaway is our Maui 2-3-Person Hot Tub. This compact spa allows couples to soak deeply in therapeutic waters together and its exterior cabinet lighting makes for an elegant setting for romance.

    By following these simple tips, you’re sure to have an intimate night to remember with your loved one. If you’re interested in enhancing your love life with a 2-person ThermoSpas hot tub, click here. You’ll never have to worry about where to go for a date night again.