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  1. The Science Behind How a Hot Tub Can Help Relieve Stress

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    In today’s hyper-production and incredibly busy society, it’s easy to become overly stressed. Thankfully, science has proven that a short soak in the steaming and massaging waters of a hot tub at the end of a long day can help you greatly reduce a lot of that stress.

    Why Is Stress Bad for Us?

    Before we get into how exactly hot tubs help to relieve stress, it’s important to look at the negative effects of stress. According to the Mayo Clinic,1 stress can affect your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Stress can wreak havoc on your body and mood, causing chest pain, upset stomachs, headaches, depression, anxiety, angry outbursts and social withdrawal. What’s worse, if your stress is left unchecked, you can develop some serious health problems. Chronic stress can lead to heart disease, depression, problems with your memory and concentration, weight gain, digestive problems and problems sleeping, according to the Mayo Clinic.2

    The Science Behind How a Hot Tub Can Help Relieve Stress

    Warm Water Immersion for Deep Relaxation Immersing yourself in warm waters at 102 degrees F has proven to put your body into a deeply relaxed state. During his research, Dr. Bruce Becker, a physician and research professor at Washington State University, found that the sympathetic nervous system3 (which increases when you’re stressed) and the parasympathetic nervous system (which helps your body to calm down), balance out when you soak in warm water. Your nervous system reacts to warm water in the same way that it reacts to meditation or other relaxed states. During his studies, Becker found that stress levels were decreased in all subjects who immersed their body in warm water. Water Buoyancy Reduces Physical Stress The weightlessness of your body in a hot tub can also help to relieve physical stress. A study by E. J. Sung and Y. Tochihara4 analyzed how soaking in warm water improved sleep. The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)5 suggests that this sleep improvement may be a result of the water’s buoyancy. The water, supports approximately 90 percent of your normal body weight, relieving stress from your joints and muscles and making you feel weightless. Massages Work The Stress Away Along with the stress relief you receive from water buoyancy and warm water immersion, therapeutic massages from hot tub jets help to relax your body and mind. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center,6 massages reduce stress hormones and promotes the body to release endorphins, which are natural mood elevators and painkillers. The American Cancer Society7 also states that massaging water jets provide relaxation and stress relief. Quiet Relaxation for Stress Management Taking just 15 or 20 minutes every day to sit quietly, relax and breathe deeply can help you cope with stress, according to the American Heart Association8. A hot tub is the perfect place for tranquil solitude, giving you the alone time you need to focus on yourself and relax. Dr. Michael R. Irwin, director of UCLA’s Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and the Mindful Awareness Research Center, also states9 that taking time to relax everyday significantly improves your life. In an interview with the LA Times, he says that stillness and being present in the moment causes profound relaxation by resetting your physiology, regulating your stress hormones, helping with concentration and reducing tension. As you can see, soaking in a hot tub is an incredible way to help you manage the stress in your life. Not only are hot tubs fun and enjoyable, but they can also help to give you a happier and more pleasant life through relaxation. If you’re interested in learning more about hot tubs, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-876-0158. We would love to be a part of helping you transform your life for the better. Sources:

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  2. Hot Tub vs. Pool: Comparing Pool & Hot Tub Benefits

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    Many people dream of adding a hot tub and pool to their house. The two make an excellent pair, each serving slightly different purposes for entertainment, exercise and relaxation. While most of us would love to own both a hot tub and a swimming pool, sometimes space and money forces us to choose one. But no matter which one you get, you’ll be making an investment that will enhance your life.

    Let’s compare pools and hot tubs now to see the benefits of each and help you make the best choice if you have to decide between the two.

    Your Friends and Family Will Love Your Pool and Hot Tub

    Whether you get both or choose between the two, your friends and family will love spending time with you in your pool or hot tub. Both allow you to connect with the people you love without distraction. No one will be using their electronics in the water. Instead, they will be spending quality time enjoying the water with you.

    Pool Entertainment vs. Hot Tub Entertainment

    Typically, pools can fit many people and have a lot of room for movement. The downside to this is that they usually take over most of your backyard, and some people can’t fit a pool on their property.

    The great thing about hot tubs is that you can choose what size you want depending on your desires and space. You can purchase an intimate 2-person spa for romantic evenings, which will take up very little room. If you’re more interested in having lots of people in your hot tub, you can buy a larger 6-7 person hot tub or a 12 person swim spa. Best of all, you can use your hot tub with your friends and family year round.

    Make Exercise Safer and More Efficient With Hot Tubs and Pools

    For the best workout possible, look no further than a hot tub or pool. Both offer a more efficient, low-impact workout; water buoyancy allows for cardio exercises that don’t put stress on your joints, making your exercises safer for you. This is especially helpful for people with physical disabilities or ailments. Water resistance gives you a full-body workout during most exercises and helps you develop flexibility, balance and muscle symmetry much quicker.

    Pool Exercise vs. Hot Tub Exercise

    Having enough space to workout is almost never an issue in a pool. You have a large body of water to swim laps, do strength exercises and stretch in.

    Though many people don’t think of hot tubs as exercising machines, they definitely can be. Swim spas have enough room to swim against a powerful jet for a great cardio workout, and exercise spas feature resistance band attachment mounts for strength training. Smaller and more traditional-sized hot tubs are perfect for stretching and low movement exercises.

    ThermoSpas® Spa Trainer combines both cardio and strength training to make the ultimate workout machine. Because the spa trainer is so large, you can swim in place against a powerful jet stream, or work on building your muscles with resistance bands and structural bars.

    Hot Tubs and Pools Are Great for Relaxation and Therapy

    Both pools and hot tubs offer soothing ways to relax and forget about the busy world outside your home in your own personal water oasis. Imagine coming home from a long day of work, getting into your pool and floating on the surface, allowing your body and mind to completely relax. Or, stepping into your hot tub after a busy day to receive a powerful back massage in bubbling, warm waters.

    Pool Therapy vs. Hot Tub Therapy

    Both are also great for therapy. Hydrotherapy has been used for years to help people suffering from physical injuries or diseases to exercise and get pain relief. Hot tubs have the added bonus of warm water and jets. Together, heat, buoyancy and massage can help relieve joint, head or muscle pain, sleep problems and stress. Warm water therapy has also been proven to help with arthritis, restless leg syndrome, multiple sclerosis and more issues.

    Pools and Hot Tubs Increase Your Home’s Value

    When you add a pool or a hot tub to your house, you’re creating an area that will generate endless hours of fun. People who are looking to buy homes know this. Pools and hot tubs generally increase home values, though the actual amount they increase it by varies from place to place.

    If you have a portable hot tub, you can always take it with you if you want to keep it. While a portable hot tub can increase the perceived value of your home for the potential buyers, your property taxes shouldn’t be affected. In most states, property taxes only increase when permanent fixtures, like in-ground swimming pools, are added to your home.

    We hope this guide to hot tubs and pools helps you see the benefits you can get from both of these wonderful water oases. If you’re interested in purchasing a hot tub, we would be happy to help you find the perfect ThermoSpas® hot tub to fit your needs and budget. All you have to do is schedule a free, no obligation hot tub site inspection here. ThermoSpas® hot tubs are custom built to meet each of our customers’ personal needs. You can choose everything from the number of jets, color, features and elegant spa accessories. Contact us today!

  3. 5 Ways to Make Reading in a Hot Tub Easier

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    Nothing beats relaxing with a good book in the hot tub—At least until you drop it in the water and ruin it, of course. Unfortunately, it’s hard to relax while you’re worrying about potentially damaging your book or eReader by getting it wet. Reading near water can be a risky activity. But it doesn’t have to be anymore. We’ve come up with a handful ways to make reading in a hot tub easier and less worrisome.

    Before we get to those, we want to note that you should avoid reading valuable or precious books in the spa even if you have taken precautions because there is always a chance they might get damaged by water. Only use an eReader in the hot tub if it is waterproof or placed inside of a competent waterproof case.

    Now, without further ado, here are some great ways to comfortably read in your hot tub:

    1. Buy books with DuraBooks technology

    When you think of book technology, eReaders are probably the first things to pop into your mind. But there are other great reading technologies out there, including DuraBooks. DuraBooks is a waterproof book-binding technology that was created by Charles Melcher and patented in 2004. DuraBooks use synthetic paper that is virtually indestructible, waterproof and can be recycled indefinitely, unlike regular paper which can only be recycled a couple of times. You won’t have to worry about these tough books getting ruined by your hot tub water.

    DuraBooks Suggestions:

    There are a bunch of great books out there that use DuraBooks technology. If you’re interested in environmentalism and thought-provoking tales, try giving Cradle to Cradle a read. This is one of the most popular DuraBooks available because of its unique and progressive re-imagining of environmental sustainability.  If fiction is more your style, pick up The Beach Book, which is filled with beach stories written by a handful of acclaimed authors, including Roald Dahl, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isaac Bashevis Singer. You can also turn the heat up in your hot tub with a variety of steamy adult novels.

    2. Use an AquaReader

    AquaReaders are helpful tools that are designed to hold your books and eReaders above water for you. This hot tub accessory secures your tablet PC’s, eReaders, magazines and books to a flotation device, so that your reading material is safely placed on top of the hot tub water. Still, we recommend that you don’t use valuable books or eReaders without a waterproof case with this device , as it does not protect your reading material from splashes. For all other reading material, AquaReader allows for a comfortable and effortless reading experience.

    3. Slip your eReader into a waterproof case

    If you use an eReader and are looking for one of the cheapest ways to make reading in the hot tub a less terrifying experience, waterproof covers or guards are the way to go. These accessories will protect your eReader from splashes and the occasional accidental drop in the water, leaving you worry-free. They allow for easy interaction with the keyboard and navigation buttons. We recommend doing some research before you buy. You’ll want to make sure you’re buying a tried and tested waterproof case before entrusting it with the safety of your eReader.

    4. Purchase a waterproof eReader

    This is by far the easiest way to ensure a worry-free and relaxing reading experience with your eReader in the hot tub. Waterproof eReaders are designed to come into contact with water. You can splash water on them and even submerge them in water. Waterproof eReaders are definitely the best option if you have children who want to read with you in the hot tub. If you’re interested in purchasing a waterproof eReader, we suggest taking a look at Waterfi’s Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite.

    5. Listen to an audiobook

    Although you don’t exactly read audiobooks, they can give you a hands-free way to enjoy books in the hot tub. Most popular books are available in audio form now, and you can download them from various sources, including Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Audible. You can also find a bunch of free, public domain audiobooks available for download on various websites.

    ThermoSpas’ deluxe sound system makes listening to audiobooks in your hot tub easy. All you have to do is hook up your digital audio source to the hot tub’s sound system and you’re ready to go. You can even adjust the volume, change tracks and select the audio source without leaving the water. You’ll never have to worry about damaging books or electronics with water again.

    We hope that this guide helps to enhance your relaxation experience by allowing you to read comfortably in your hot tub. Keep an eye on our blog for more unique ways to enjoy your hot tub.

  4. Meditating in Your Hot Tub

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    Soaking in a warm hot tub is relaxing in itself. Add meditation to that, and you’re in for one of the most relaxing and beneficial experiences you’ve probably ever had. Mindful meditation is used to focus your mind on your body instead of on the ever-changing and busy world around you. With each breath, you should feel the stress and worries of life melt away from you. The tension in your muscles should begin to fade away, and eventually your body and mind should fall into a state of deep relaxation.

    Reaching this state of deep relaxation through meditation can benefit you in a number of ways. Mindful meditation has been proven to reduce stress, as it is linked with decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Mindful meditation also allows us to analyze our body objectively, and helps us to regulate our emotion and attention.

    To reach an even higher level of relaxation through meditation, try meditating in a warm hot tub. Although you probably won’t reach the level of relaxation you desire the first few times you meditate, you will become better at focusing your mind each time you practice. Eventually, meditating in the hot tub will help you reach a level of mental wellbeing that is rarely achieved in our society. If you’re new to meditating, give it a try by following the steps we have listed below.

    How to meditate in a hot tub

    1. Set a timer to alert you in 11 minutes. Beginners should start meditating in 10-minute intervals, with one minute added for you to get situated and comfortable in the tub. If you are more experienced at meditating, set your timer to 15 minutes or longer, though we do not recommend staying in the tub for more than 20 minutes at a time. If you are using a timer on your phone, turn it to silent mode so that you are not distracted by incoming calls or texts. Disconnect yourself from the outside world.

    2. Make sure to turn off the hot tub jets, as silence allows for minimal distraction. Try to sit cross-legged on the hot tub seat with your spine erect and your chin tilted slightly downward. Make sure that you are comfortable. Now, leave your eyes halfway open, and concentrate on the water in front of you.

    3. Take three big, deep breaths. Allow your torso to rise and fall with each breath, and focus on this movement. Feel the air entering and leaving your body.

    4. Now, return to breathing normally, but continue focusing on your breath. Concentrate on your individual body parts, starting with your head all the way down to your toes. Notice how each body part feels and moves with your breath. Don’t consciously move any part of your body. Just notice how each body part feels in its natural state.

    5. After you’ve successfully focused on each body part, concentrate on your body’s buoyancy in the water. Feel your backside on the seat, and your legs on the bottom of the spa. Notice the lightness of your body in the water. Feel your hands on your thighs.

    6. Finally, go back to concentrating solely on your breathing until the 11 minutes have passed. This is very difficult to do for beginners. Don’t worry if you get distracted. It’s normal. Noticing your mind wandering is actually a good thing because it proves that you are aware of your thoughts. Acknowledge the fact that you were distracted, and then gently go back to focusing on your breath. Concentrate on the air moving into your lungs, and out of your lungs. Feel it going through your entire body.

    If your mind continuously wanders from your breath and you begin to feel frustrated, try mantra meditating. To do this, repeat a sound or phrase over and over again. Concentrate solely on the sound or phrase. Also, consider adding aromatherapy to your meditation to enhance relaxation.

    Deep relaxation through mindful meditation is difficult to achieve your first few attempts. In fact, meditating may seem to be more frustrating than relaxing at first. But the more you engage in this activity, the higher level of clarity and relaxation you will reach. The mental wellbeing and relaxation you will eventually achieve as a result of meditation will be sure to outweigh the effort you put into mastering it. This is why meditation has survived over thousands of years. Best of all, meditation gives you another great way to enjoy and relax in your hot tub.