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  1. Water exercises and aerobics using the ThermoSpas Aquacisor Hot Tub and Spa

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    It’s an undisputed fact. Exercise is important. For many, it is tough to stick with a regiment and the impact upon joints can cause pain. ThermoSpas had changed this with the revolutionary Aquacisor. It is a spa that combines the power of water along with resistance training. It gives you a full body workout in just 25 minutes and increases your metabolism, all in a low impact environment. Plus, during your workout, you can enjoy the music of the finest outdoor stereo available. The Aquacisor is not just for exercising it is also one of the most luxurious hot tubs ever designed and it seats up to seven people.call-to-action-button-blog-blue3


  2. ThermoSpa Swim Spa for relaxation, water exercise and physical therapy

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    Trying to decide between a hot tub or a swimming pool?

    ThermoSpas has designed the best of both worlds with the revolutionary swim spa. One side provides a powerful current allowing the user to swim endlessly. The opposite side features two captains chairs that provide the ultimate hot tub experience. It seats up to twelve adults. The center seat is designed for exercise. Tension bands allow the user to perform virtually every exercise available in a professional gym. There is even a rowing attachment for an incredible upper body work out. With the swim spa, the user will experience an easier yet more effective work out because exercising in water decreases the negative impact on your joints.

    So whether you are interested in throwing a pool party in January, have an exercise machine that’s actually fun, or simply improve your life, give ThermoSpas a call. ThermoSpas will send you free their 48 page catalog, along with a one hour DVD that includes a documentary on the history of hot tubs. If you call ThermoSpas, you will receive a $1000 gift certificate, which includes free delivery and installation, a $450 value! In addition, ThermoSpas will send you $150 in chemicals and a $400 cash coupon. ThermoSpas sells directly to the consumer, guaranteeing the best value, with features not available on any other hot tub brand.

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