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  1. Five Hot Tub Products To Make Your Life Easier

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    Cleaning your hot tub is a fun and simple experience, and with these recommended products, maintaining and enjoying your hot tub has never been easier. While everyone needs to supply themselves with basic cleaning and chemical necessities for their hot tub, these few items are the icing on the cake for an enjoyable hot tub experience.

    Water Wand Filter Cleaner:

    One of the most time-consuming maintenance issues is cleaning your filter. Many can take hours to soak and clean free of debris. However, with the Water Want Filter Cleaner, the filter cleansing process has become much easier. Connected to a hose, the Water Wand Filter Cleaner uses eight pleat-separated fingers to to send a high pressure stream of water through each filter pleat.

    The filter cleaner is able to use less water than other filter cleaning systems and can shorten your filter cleaning process to just minutes.

    TruTest Digital Tester:

    To keep track of your chlorine/bromine, pH, and alkalinity levels, you need many test strips and a good knowledge or chemistry. However, with the TruTest Digital Tester, keeping your hot tub’s chemical levels at their right numbers has never been easier. The TruTest can measure accurately sanitizer levels (both chlorine and bromine, along with pH, and your total alkalinity. This is a huge time-saver when it comes to hot tub maintenance.

    Aqua Quik Vac:

    Here’s a big time saver when it comes to cleaning out small debris build up at the bottom of your hot tub. Rather than draining your entire hot tub to scoop up and clean out the the dirt that has settled at the bottom of your hot tub, use the Aqua Quik Vac.

    The Quick Vac comes with a complete set of brush attachments that help you clear the bottom surface of your hot tub with ease. A simple pump action pulls dirt and debris through out of the tub and leaves your water looking clear and clean.

    Bromine Float Dispenser:

    A great way to distribute bromine throughout your hot tub water is by using a simple Bromine Float Dispenser. Rather than trying to measure the right amount of bromine every time you add it, this dispenser helps distribute bromine without your need to worry.

    Small tablets are used to fill the dispenser which floats atop the hot tub water. Whenever you’re not in your hot tub, just drop the dispenser in the water and let it do it’s work. Easy as that!

    Escape Elixirs White Musk Vanilla Jasmine:

    A great addition to a relaxing hot tub soak is the added bonus of aromatherapy. Spazazz fragrances help your mind and senses relax while enjoying a warm soak. We recommend the white musk vanilla jasmine. The light aroma of vanilla and the settling scent of jasmine will help you release the stress of your day while your muscles receive a wonderful massage from a collection of powerful jets.

    If you’re looking for the best in hot tub maintenance products and a few extra items that will make your hot tub experience easier and more enjoyable, we encourage you to take a stroll through ThermoSpas’ Online Store. We have everything a hot tub owner will need to have a well-maintained hot tub for years to come.