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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Festive Christmas Hot Tub Party

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    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing makes us jollier than keeping warm in a bubbling hot tub during a cold winter evening. So we’ve created the ultimate guide to throwing a festive Christmas hot tub party to help you host the best and most unique Christmas party around! Here’s what you’ll need to do.

    First, Make Sure Your Hot Tub is Squeaky Clean

    Your hot tub water should be glistening like fresh snow for your Christmas party. Before inviting guests over:

    Transform Your Hot Tub into a Winter Wonderland With Christmas Decorations

    Festively decorate your hot tub and the area around it to get your guests in the Christmas spirit when you:

    • Get your hot tub looking merry by setting your ThermoSpas® hot tub LED lighting to green or red inside and finish it off with waterproof Christmas lights.

    • Transform your hot tub into one of the best presents of the year by wrapping a long waterproof ribbon around it and adoring it with waterproof bows.

    • Add wintery details by hanging plastic snowflakes and lights in the trees around your hot tub, place reindeer décor and inflatable snowman around your backyard, and mark the path to your hot tub with cardboard candy cane pathway markers.

    Celebrate With Christmas Music & Entertainment

    Kindle the Christmas spirit with some merry-themed media, from Christmas music to holiday flicks:

    • Plug in your audio source, pull up our playlist of the best classic Christmas party songs and turn on your ThermoSpas® hot tub with a deluxe sound system. You can find the playlist at the bottom of this post.

    • Play classic Christmas movies on your hot tub cinema, such as Home Alone, A Christmas Carol or  It’s a Wonderful Life. Just make sure to put the movies on mute so that they don’t conflict with the music.

    • Make your own holly, jolly music with a karaoke machine your guests can use when they aren’t in your hot tub.

    Serve Festive Food and Drinks

    Provide some easy-to-eat finger food for people to munch on when they’re out of the hot tub:

    • Serve sweets, like green and red Christmas M&Ms, candy canes and gingerbread cookies.

    • Balance your pallet with savory treats like red and green tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa, and put your favorite nuts in a bowl for your friends to enjoy.

    • Keep your guests toasty when they’re outside of the hot tub with hot drinks such as hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint tea.

    Plan Out Your Christmas Hot Tub Party Guest List

    Like with any hot tub party, the amount of people you invite is important to think about:

    • Set up tables and chairs outside of the hot tub so that people who can’t fit in the spa have somewhere to relax.

    • Throw a more intimate party, make sure you’re limiting the number of guests to the number of people who can comfortably fit in your hot tub.

    • Remind people to bring towels, slippers, a warm robe and a swimsuit. It’s likely that someone will forget to bring these essentials, so make sure to have extra.

    Throwing a Christmas party with a hot tub is a blast. We hope this guide helps you to host a Christmas party that gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

    For more winter fun, check out ThermoSpas’ Pinterest page, where you can feast your eyes on beautiful images of hot tubs in snowy places. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your hot tub in the dead cold of winter. If you haven’t yet prepared your hot tub for winter, find out how to do so safely and easily in our blog.

  2. How to Throw The Best Halloween Party Around With Your Hot Tub

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    The spookiest time of the year is coming up, which means you’re probably getting ready to dress up and get your scare on. One of the best parts about Halloween parties is that they give us a chance to transform ourselves for a night and become our favorite characters. We’ve got great ways to incorporate your hot tub into your Halloween party this year to make it a unique and chilling experience. Here are some tips to help you throw the best Halloween hot tub party around.

    Clean Your Hot Tub For a Horrific Night

    Though you may want to scare your guests on Halloween, you don’t want to scare them out of your hot tub. Make sure to clean your hot tub and its water before your party. Test the water’s chemical balance and clean your filters. This will ensure that your water will stay as clean and bacteria-free as possible when your guests are in it.

    If it’s been more than four months since you’ve filled your hot tub with fresh water or you notice your water is dirty, you should drain the water before your Halloween party. Then, after the tub is drained, thoroughly clean the shell’s surface and jets. After that, fill the tub back up with water. Add in the appropriate chemicals and sanitizers, and quickly run the hot tub to move the water around with jets.

    Spooky Invitations

    As with any party, you can invite a large or small group of people depending on your preference. Whether you invite people online, with a letter or with a phone call, try to make it as spooky as possible. Call your house “The Lair,” inform your guests that you think your house may be haunted and tell them you’ll be offering freshly-brewed drinks from the cauldron.

    When making invitations for your hot tub party, think about the amount of people the hot tub can hold. If you want a small, intimate party, make sure to limit the number of people to that which can comfortably fit in your hot tub, or invite a handful more so that the people outside of the hot tub don’t feel like they are left out. If you’re hosting a bigger party, you won’t have to worry about this as much because there will be enough people both outside and inside of the spa.

    In the invitation, tell people you have a hot tub so that they bring a swimsuit and wear costumes that they can easily change out of. For even more fun, test the creativity of your guests by challenging them to make their swimsuit a part of their costume.

    Frightening Decorations

    Halloween parties are all about the decorations. To make your party a true success, you need to spend a lot of time making your party space feel haunted and spooky. We’ll start with the hot tub. We recommend transforming your spa into an “Acid Tub” for the evening. If you have a ThermoSpas hot tub with LED lighting, set your lights to green. Add submersible green LED lights to your water for an even more striking effect. Then, hang up a “Danger Acid” sign near your hot tub to create the perfect illusion.  Your guests will love it.

    If an Acid Pool doesn’t excite you, how about a large witch’s cauldron where your guests become the missing ingredients? Change your LED lighting to purple and create a sign with cardboard that reads “Boiling Witch’s Cauldron: Humans Needed.” Place some witch hats, brooms and other witch props around the hot tub to reinforce the illusion. Then, watch your spa transform into a cauldron as you take off your hot tub cover and see purple-lit steam float into the sky.

    Or, if you really want to spook your guests, turn your hot tub into a “Dead Man’s Pool” for the night. Switch your LED lighting to red and add submersible red LED lights to your water for a more blood-red appearance. Place plastic skeletons, bones, body parts and skulls on the area around your hot tub. Then, hang up a cardboard sign that reads, “Dead Man’s Pool: Enter If You Dare.”

    If your hot tub is outside, set up a fog machine somewhere in your backyard to create a truly eerie environment. Stick fake tombstones in your grass, lay skeletons on the floor and put rubber snakes, insects and rats in your bushes.  You can also cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and hang them in trees, drape fake cobwebs over your bushes and stick motion sensor props near where people are likely to be. This will be sure to give your guests a scare.

    Hauntingly Fun Games

    Games are a great way to break the ice and set the mood of your party. Here are some great Halloween games you can play to get the party started and keep it going.

    1. Costume Contest

    When everyone has arrived, kick off the night with a costume contest. Have everyone write down their favorite costume on an index card and give it to you. Make sure to check the cards to make sure no one votes for themselves. The top five winners get first dibs on going in the hot tub. You can also offer them a prize, like a Halloween basket filled with sweet snacks and candy. After the contest, invite guests into the hot tub.

    2. Scary Stories in the Hot Tub

    Once people have settled into the hot tub, invite them to share their scariest stories. Make sure you have a couple of freaky stories prepared so that you can kick it off. For a truly haunting experience, buy a submersible flashlight to pass around.

    3. Guess Who

    Have guests pull index cards from a hat. Each of these cards should feature the name of a famous character from a horror movie. Without the guest seeing their card, have them tape it to their forehead so that the other guests can see it. Then, they should ask other guests yes or no questions about the character taped to their forehead to try to figure out who it is.

    Bone-Chilling Tunes

    A party isn’t a party without music, and great Halloween tunes can really help to set the mood. We recommend playing a mix of Halloween classics (like Thriller and Monster Mash) with iconic horror movie hits (like the Jaws and Psycho theme songs) during the beginning of the party. Once people have had a few drinks in them and they are ready to really party later in the night, stop playing the movie songs and just play the classic Halloween hits with normal party songs. For the best musical experience possible, play music in your hot tub with a ThermoSpas deluxe sound system.

    Sickeningly Good Food & Drinks

    We recommend you have your party after dinner, so that it’s dark outside. For snacks, set out chips (labeled “Bone Shards”), salsa (labeled “Blended Man”) and guacamole (labeled “Blended Frog). You can also bake some “Eyeball” peanut butter balls and skeleton cookies for desserts. Wicked Ways Productions has some great Halloween recipes available.

    For drinks, we recommend serving blood-red fruit punch or black as death cola. Don’t forget to have your guests drink water, especially if they are drinking sugary drinks and using the hot tub. It’s important that they stay hydrated while soaking in warm water.

    It’s best to avoid eating in your hot tub. This way, you don’t damage your filters. Keep finger foods available on a table nearby for quick bites outside of the spa. Also, make sure to only use plastic cups in the hot tub for drinks. Remember, both hot water and alcohol cause dehydration, so if your guests are drinking alcohol, make sure they limit their time in the hot tub and drink responsibly.

    More Halloween Hot Tub Party Preparations

    Some guests may forget to bring towels, swimsuits or even a costume. It’s good to have a plethora of extra towels available near the hot tub, and a swimsuit or two incase someone doesn’t bring one. Offer a variety of old Halloween costumes to guest who forget theirs so that everyone gets to enjoy the Halloween fun.

    We hope these tips help you to throw the best Halloween party you’ve ever had. When another holiday comes along, make sure to keep an eye on our blog. We’ll be sure to keep posting more hot tub holiday party ideas.

  3. How to Watch Football The Right Way in Your Hot Tub

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    Football season has finally arrived, and with it will come weeks of suspense, excitement, tears and cries of joy. There’s no better way to experience all of these emotions while watching the big game than in the warm waters of a hot tub.  The soothing jets will comfort you when your team is down, and your touchdown celebration will be much more intense with splashing waters of excitement all around you.

    We here at ThermoSpas want to transform your football game viewing experience for the better. Here are a handful of great tips to help you create the perfect football game viewing experience in your spa.

    Prepare Your Hot Tub for Game Day

    Before your buddies come over, make sure your water is clean and clear. Do this by testing the water’s chemical levels with test strips to make sure it’s balanced. If it’s not, add the chemicals needed. This will ensure your water is safe for soaking in while watching the game. Also make sure to quickly rinse and inspect your filter, or thoroughly clean them if it’s been a while.

    If you haven’t refilled your hot tub with clean water in the past four months, now is the time to do it. You don’t want to be distracted from the game by dirty water. Drain your hot tub, clean the shell’s surface and jets, and then fill it back up with clean, fresh water. Don’t forget to have extra towels on hand for your friends and family. They might be so focused on the upcoming game that they forget to bring them.

    Make Sure You Have Enough Space

    Make sure you know how many people can comfortably and safely fit inside your hot tub. If you’re inviting more people than can fit in your spa, set up chairs and a table outside of it for others to sit and watch the game. Then, during breaks, the people inside the hot tub can switch places with the people sitting outside to cool down and eat snacks.

    We recommend that you don’t spend more than 15 minutes in a 104° F hot tub at one time. You can extend the time you can be in the spa by reducing the temperature a few degrees, or switch with the people outside of the hot tub every 15 minutes if you want to keep the heat up.

    Make Sure You Have the Perfect TV Set Up

    We’ve finally come to the most important part of game day: the television. Make sure you have your television set up so that everyone inside the hot tub and outside of it can see the game comfortably. If your TV is not waterproof, keep it a safe distance away from the hot tub so that it doesn’t’ get damaged.

    If everyone watching the game is in the hot tub, waterproof spa-mounted televisions are great options. If you have friends outside of the hot tub as well as inside, you might want to consider wall-mounted televisions or projectors. Check out our guide to making your own hot tub cinema for more information about how to create the perfect TV setup for your spa.

    Don’t Forget About Refreshments

    Whenever you’re in a hot tub, hydration is very important. Make sure to keep water and sugar-free drinks close by for people to refresh themselves with. You and your friends should be drinking water every hour. Consider buying a waterproof floating refreshment tray to put your drinks in. You won’t have to take your eyes off the game to grab a drink if you have one of these.

    Also, make sure to only use plastic cups or cans in your spa. You really don’t want glass breaking in your hot tub. Instead of glasses, stick a few plastic cups in your refreshment tray, sit back in the warm water and watch your team dominate.

    Prepare Some Good Grub

    What’s a football game without food? Set out some finger food on the table outside of your hot tub for quick snacks throughout the game. We suggest party mixes, chips, shrimp, guacamole, salsa, wings or nuts. Keep the food outside of the hot tub so that you don’t damage your filters or contaminate your water. Try to keep the food close though, so that you can quickly step out of the hot tub to grab snacks from the table.

    Half time is a great time to cool down and take a break from the heat of the hot tub and the game. Depending on the time, you might want to have a bigger meal available at the table during half time. Big subs can feed a lot of people and are easy to buy and make. Nachos and tacos are also a pretty easy and tasty option.

    Represent Your Team

    Just because you can’t wear your team’s shirt in a hot tub doesn’t mean you can’t represent them. It just means you have to be a little more creative. If you have a ThermoSpas hot tub with LED lighting, change the spa color to match your team’s colors. This will look especially awesome during evening games.

    Another great idea is buying some flags for your team and setting them up around your spa to show your pride. Finally, ask all of your friends to bring their football shirts and hang them up with hangers on trees, walls or other places you find around your hot tub (as long as it’s not too windy out). You’ll transform your backyard into a football shrine for your team.

    If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to having the ultimate football-watching experience in your hot tub. You’ll never want to watch the game on a couch again. For those of you who don’t have a hot tub yet, but are interested in getting one, feel free to contact us for a free site inspection. We’d love to help you find the perfect spot to put a hot tub so that you can have more fun in your backyard or home.


  4. Drink Recipes: Refreshing Drinks to Sip On in Your Hot Tub

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    There is nothing quite like sipping on a refreshing drink in a bubbling hot tub on a perfect summer evening. Just like fragrances, delicious drinks can enhance relaxation in a spa by reinvigorating the body and soothing the senses. We have rounded up a list of refreshing recipes for drinks that will quench your thirst while you are in your spa for the ultimate relaxation experience.

    As always, it is important to avoid using glass in and around your spa. Make sure to purchase plastic or non-breakable cups while drinking in your hot tub to ensure a safe and fun soak.

    Peach Iced Tea

    From Myrecipes.com

    Serving size: ¾ gallon

    If you want a quick and easy drink that tastes like summer, this Peach Iced Tea recipe is the way to go. It bursts with refreshing citrus flavor and boasts a gorgeous orange color.


    • 3 cans, or 11.5 ounces, of peach nectar
    • 2 quarts of freshly brewed or store bought tea
    • ¼ of fresh lemon juice
    • 1 cup of sugar


    1. Mix all of the ingredients together
    2. Chill until ready to serve

    Piña Colada Smoothie

    From Bhg.com

    This non-alcoholic version of the classic drink is great for family time in the spa. It’s refreshing, flavorful and tropical, and will fill you up for a quick and easy snack in the hot tub.

    2 servings


    • ½ cup of unsweetened coconut milk
    • ½ cup of vanilla yogurt
    • ½ of banana
    • ½ cup of pineapple chunks
    • 1 tablespoon of honey
    • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla


    1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender. Cover and blend until smooth.

    Mexican Strawberry Water

    From Allrecipes.com

    Mexican Strawberry Water is just one type of aguas frescas, which literally translates to “fresh water.” These light-bodied and refreshing drinks are very popular in Mexico, allowing for people to cool down in the strong heat. This particular aguas frescas is light-bodied and packed-full with flavor.

    4 servings


    • 1 and 1/2 cups and 2 tablespoons of strawberries, sliced
    • 3 and 1/2 cups of cold water
    • 1/3 cup and 1 tablespoon of white sugar


    1. Pour 1/2 cup of water into a medium sized bowl. Then add strawberries and sugar. Mix together.
    2. Place the bowl in the refrigerator and let it sit for 4 hours.
    3. After 4 hours have passed, remove from refrigerator and blend on high until smooth.
    4. Get rid of pulp and seeds by pouring the liquid through a wire mesh strainer over a large bowl.
    5. Add remaining 3 cups of cold water to the bowl. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
    6. When ready to serve, pour the drink over ice and serve.

    TIP: If you want to spice your drink up with some alcohol, try adding a little Bacardi rum. Make sure to hydrate regularly with water if you are adding alcohol.

    Raspberry Lemonade

    From Allrecipes.com

    A great twist on classic lemonade, this raspberry delight is sure to keep you relaxed in your hot tub. It’s easy to make and will brighten up your day with its big flavor.


    • ¼ of a can, or 12 fluid ounces, of frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate
    • ¼ of a can, or 12 fluid ounces, of bottle lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage
    • 1/8 teaspoon of lime juice
    • 2/3 cup of water
    • 3 tablespoons and 1 and ¾ teaspoons of crushed iced
    • 3 tablespoons and 1 and ¾ teaspoons of fresh raspberries, garnish


    1. Mix the raspberry lemonade concentrate, lime juice and water together in large punch bowl. Then, stir in the lemon lime soda and crushed ice.
    2. Pour into glasses and garnish with a fresh raspberry.

    These drinks are sure to make your spa time an even more refreshing and rejuvenating experience. If you have any other drink suggestions, we would love to hear them. To learn more about fun things to do in your hot tub, keep an eye on the entertainment section of our blog. It is filled with activities to make your time in the spa an even more enjoyable experience.