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  1. 4 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with a Hot Tub Party!

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    Labor Day is a great opportunity to get children and adults together for a fun end-of-the-summer celebration. So don’t dread that Summer is over – celebrate it! Give your friends and family an experience to remember. If you own a hot tub, you are in luck! I’m sure not all of your friends have a hot tub at their house, and throwing a hot tub party adds more fun to any party or BBQ. Plus, it’s fun for both kids and adults.

    Idea #1 – Football BBQ. If you are a sports fan, Labor Day and Football go hand in hand. A Football theme would fit well with a hot tub barbecue. Here are some Football themed foods ideas, and you can find more recipes and decorating tips on our Labor Day Pinterest Board.

    Football Cookie Balls

    BBQ Sliders

    Cheesy Football Loaf








    Idea #2 – Hot Tub Cinema Night – Watch the game with friends while relaxing in your hot tub. Hot tub cinema is a theme we’ve seen popping up and it would make for an experience to remember.

    Idea #3 – Under The Sea.  Avoid the traffic and crowds that come with a trip to the beach this holiday weekend. Take the beach to you! Instead of a barbeque, you can host a clambake or even a lobster fest. You still get the water because you have your hot tub, and you can make it fun by throwing in some beach balls and waterproof activities like playing cards for the kids. If it’s hot in your area,you can still ‘chill’ in your hot tub. All you have to do is turn your heater off. With the cover off and the jets running, the temperature will drop quickly. Give this labor day weekend a refreshing splash!

    Idea #4 – Tropical Get-Away. Who doesn’t enjoy a Hawaiian Luau? Decorate with items that make you feel like you are on a tropical get-away – use  props like palm trees, tikki torches, and Christmas lights in red, white, and blue. Set your music to Hawaii jazz or blues. Your local party store will have Hawaiin luau decorations and props. Turn the heat up in the hot tub, enjoy the music, and you’ll be taken to your own little paradise!

    More tips for the perfect party –

    A few days before your party prepare your hot tub. Clean it well and wash the inside of the tub and disinfect. Fill up the water, set the temperature to the right setting, and have chemicals prepared ahead of time. You don’t want your guests to be kept waiting once they arrive. Everything should be prepared, decorated and the ambiance set.
    The hot tub area should be decorated and inviting, bring in a buffet set-up and drinks corner, soft lights safely strung overhead, or citronella candles for outdoor settings to keep bugs and flying insects away. Another nice touch is to be prepared with extra towels, bathrobes, or swim suit if a guest forgets to bring theirs.

     Tell us in the comments, how do you plan on celebrating this Labor Day with your hot tub?