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  1. What is Hydrotherapy and How Does it Work?

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    So maybe you just had a hard day at the office, or walked too far carrying your tired toddler. Perhaps you just got home from a rough pick up soccer game with friends, or even finished a long day of yard work. Your muscles are sore, your back aches, and all you want to do is take a second to relax. What you need is a good session of Hydrotherapy. But what exactly is Hydrotherapy and how does it help? We’re here to answer that.

    Formerly hydropathy, hydrotherapy it is a part of occupational therapy and physiotherapy. The object of hydrotherapy is to deliver pain relief through the use of water, hot or cold. The therapeutic method uses water, pressure, and temperature to stimulate the circulation of a person’s blood and help treat symptoms of various diseases.

    Hydrotherapy has been around since the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. At some point, all of these civilizations used hydrotherapy to cure or maintain the health of their people. Egyptians used oils and flowers to bath royalty while Romans had communal baths for men and women. In more current times, hydrotherapy can be found at spas throughout the world. While more medical uses of hydrotherapy are seen less these days, the methods are used to help burn victims as well as rheumatic diseases.

    For personal use, hydrotherapy is a great way to relax muscles, comfort joints, and help circulate blood to the entire body. The use of hot water on a body can relax and alleviate pains, while powerful jets that push water and air against the body can massage the muscles.

    Hydrotherapy can help a number of conditions that a person may have throughout the day. Here are a few:

    • Acne or Blemished Skin
    • Arthritis and Sore Joints
    • Colds and Sinuses
    • Depression
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • Nausea
    • Insomnia
    • Stress

    Hydrotherapy is key for allowing a person’s body and mind to relax. It helps promote a healthy lifestyle by alleviation and mediation.

    However, hydrotherapy is not just a mental vacation, it has real benefits that can help cleanse and refresh the body. It can dramatically help eliminate waste and dead skin cells on the body. It has the ability to loosen tightened muscles. Hydrotherapy is also able to increase ones metabolism and digestive activity along with hydrating the body’s cells and improving skin tone. It can also help improve the immune system and stimulate a body’s blood supply to organs to help them function better.

    With all of these great benefits to hydrotherapy, you’re probably wondering how to start. Its simple. Hydrotherapy can be performed with the use of a hot tub. Thermospas’ Healing Spa is an incredible option to help relax muscles, joints, and your all around mental state. The Healing Spa comes with the full line of therapeutic features that has never before been seen together on a hot tub, and has earned the prestigious Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

    With the ability to control the pressure of the jets, the Healing Spa uses a variety of Therapy, Swirl, Whirlpool, Laser, Pulsating, and Shoulder Jets all to relieve the specific needs of your body. As well, the Healing Spa has included the Patented Pillow Jets which deliver an unbeatable neck massage. With the ability to control all of these jets’ intensity, you’ll be certain that your hydrotherapy sessions work every time.

    If you’ve had a long day, and need a break from the stressful duties of life, look to Hydrotherapy to help cure your pain. With mental and physical benefits, it’s a great way to relax and feel at one with yourself.

    If you have any questions on how you can start the process to owning your personal hot tub and hydrotherapy sessions, contact Thermospas today, we’re happy to help.



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    It’s that time of year again, cold and flu season. This year we are getting hit hard with the flu, so you will want to take extra measures this season to stay healthy.

    Did you know that regularly soaking in a hot tub could be a proactive and also a therapeutic solution to head colds and other sicknesses? Yes, hot tubs could help prevent you from getting sick, and speed up your recovery when you are sick. I’ll tell you why in this article.

    Maybe you’ve heard the theory that people who work out often get sick less? Well, it turns out that there is some validity in this. Researchers from Appalachian State University in North Carolina tracked the lifestyle habits of 1,000 adults over a 12 week period. The results were astonishing – those who worked out for regularly for at least 20 minutes decreased their chances of getting sick by half!

    “Activity is, by far, the most powerful lifestyle habit in terms of your ability to avoid getting sick,” said David Nieman, the study’s lead author. “Exercise is the one thing you can do that truly seems to boost immunity. In many ways, it’s more effective than hand washing and other hygiene habits. No matter how clean you are, coming into contact with viruses and bugs is unavoidable.”

    “Each exercise session sparks a temporary rise in immune system cells circulating around the body,” he said. “So, although these levels fall back into the normal range within three hours or so, each bout enhances the surveillance of harmful viruses and bacteria. Repeated often enough, this reduces the number and severity of infections like the common cold.”

    [source: ABC news]

    It may seem far fetched, but the reasons are simple:


    EXERCISES CAUSES A RAISE IN BODY TEMPERATURE – It has been found that even a small shift of a few degrees in body temperature makes a difference for preventing and fighting infections. Infectious agents can’t survive in environments where the body’s core temperature is elevated on a regular basis. In addition, Science Daily claims that elevated body temperature helps certain types of immune cells work better. On the flip side, too much strenuous exercise while sick could have the opposite effect on the immune system.

    EXERCISE MAKES YOU SWEAT: When you exercise, you sweat. Sweating releases waste products, lowering the amount of infectious agents in your body, and making you less prone to sickness.

    If you want to decrease your chances of getting sick, or even help cure a sickness you already have; increase your body temperature on a consistent basis and make sure to sweat.

    This is also how our body naturally fights a sickness. Our body reacts with a fever, raising the body temperature temporarily. Your internal environment becomes less inviting place for viruses and your immune system is boosted. A raise in temperature won’t eliminate the infectious agents, but it will make them less effective.

    We can apply these same principles to your hot tub. A hot tub can induce a “fake fever”. Your core body temperature is 98.6 degrees, and a maximum hot tub temperature is 104 degrees.

    By soaking in a heated hot tub, your body temperature will be raised. This will cause your core body temperature to shift, and also cause you to sweat. Raising your body temperature + sweating = the magic formula. 

    In addition, regular hot tub use will help you get a better nights rest and assist you in relaxation, all important aspects to keeping sickness away and curing it once it arrives.

    Hot Tub Tips:

    • Make sure your hot tub is clean, of course! If you have questions on how to maintain your Thermospas hot tub, call our Customer Care department at  #1-800-876-0158
    • Stay hydrated. This is very important!
    • Use aromatherapy like eucalyptus to enhance the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the hot tub


    Are you someone that has used this technique before, or would like to test it out? Let us know in the comments below:


  3. Soaking in a Thermospas Hot Tub Can Help You Lose Weight

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    As unbelievable as it may sound, recent studies have proven that the regular use of hot tubs can aid in the reduction of weight, as well as diminish the appearance of cellulite. This stems from the fact that soaking in a hot tub simulates exercise. The hydrotherapy dilates the blood vessels, promoting better circulation as it relaxes the skin and muscles. It also raises the heart rate, while lowering blood pressure.

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  4. Install a Hot Tub to Increase the Saleability of Your Home

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    Having trouble selling your home? Did you know that installing a hot tub may significantly increase your home’s attraction for buyers and become the selling point that seals the deal? In fact, when potential buyers have the choice between two similar properties, the likelihood of them buying your home instead of the other option increases significantly when there is the addition of a luxurious hot tub spa.