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  1. Creating The Perfect Space for Your Indoor Hot Tub

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    When done correctly, an indoor hot tub can transform an average room into a luxurious therapeutic retreat. All it takes is a good eye and an understanding of the necessities of indoor hot tub spaces. We’re here to help you create the perfect space for your indoor hot tub with a handful of helpful aesthetic and functional tips.

    Install Floors That Can Take a Splash

    No matter how careful you are, water will fly out of the hot tub and onto the floor at some point. Outdoors, this is no problem at all. But when your hot tub is indoors, you’ll want to make sure you choose flooring that won’t be damaged by water and isn’t too slippery when wet. Avoid wood and carpet flooring. Instead, go for a non-slip tile material with a matte-finish. Once you pick the perfect flooring for your hot tub space, we suggest installing a drain system to make your life even easier.

    Keep The Air Fresh

    While you relax in your steamy hot tub, a lot of moisture is going to build up in the room. You’ll need a ventilation system, like the one in your bathroom, to keep the warm and moist air moving. Your best option is to buy a quiet fan with a thermostat and humidistat that suits the size of your room.

    Make Sure Your Walls Are Tough

    Even with a great ventilation system, the room is probably going to steam up quite a bit. You may want to consider redoing your walls to keep them safe. There are specific types of drywall that are resistant to moisture. Cement walls and cedar lining are also great options for your hot tub room.

    Transform Your Space into a Relaxation Room

    Along with making sure your walls are tough, you’ll want their appearance to reflect tranquility and relaxation, with calming colors, such as blue, light green or purple. Large windows also promote peaceful meditation and bring in calming natural light. You’ll also want to make sure you have towel racks and cabinets attached to the wall near your hot tub for easy access. After all, you don’t want to disturb your peacefulness with a cold and wet journey to find towels.

    Set Up Soothing Lighting

    Lighting can transform the entire atmosphere of your room, so it’s important to carefully select types of lighting and where you place them. Use as much natural and ambient lighting as possible to create a soft and calming effect. Placing candles around your hot tub can also promote an extremely tranquil environment. Take a look at this great guide from Prime Location for more information about how to light your hot tub space.

    Buy A Hot Tub to Match Your Room’s Aesthetic

    Finally, to ensure that your indoor space is as relaxing and beautiful as possible, you’ll want to pick a hot tub that compliments the colors and aesthetic of the room it will be placed in. All of ThermoSpas® hot tubs feature five different calming shell colors, as well as three elegant cabinet colors for you to choose from. With these options, you’ll be sure to choose a hot tub that will bring your whole room together.

    By paying attention to both your hot tub room’s functionality and its aesthetic, you’ll be sure to create the perfect indoor oasis for you. If you’re still looking for an indoor hot tub, we suggest taking a look at ThermoSpas® luxurious 2-3 person hot tubs.

    Have you already designed an indoor space for your hot tub? Share it with the ThermoSpas community on our Facebook page! We’d love for you to share your hot tub inspiration.


  2. ThermoSpas Smallest Hot Tubs

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    If you’re looking for a quiet and compact warm water oasis for therapy and massage, you’ll probably get the most enjoyment out of a compact hot tub. The compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are luxurious, easy to maintain, less expensive to operate than larger hot tubs and don’t take up a lot of space indoors or outdoors. Best of all, they come with a variety of incredible features and are roomy enough to comfortably fit even the tallest of bathers. Let’s take a closer look at our compact hot tubs now.

    thermospas gemini hot tub

    The Gemini

    Imagine ending your day by retreating to an intimate and steaming indoor hot tub for a relaxing night with your loved one. Our Gemini model can make this dream a reality. It’s our most compact hot tub, offering the perfect private retreat for one or romantic oasis for two. Each side of the spa features a slightly different seating arrangement and jet configuration to create a unique experience for both bathers. The Gemini is extremely economical, at less than 175 gallons. Most importantly, even the tallest of bathers will find deep relaxation while receiving a neck, shoulder, and foot massage in the Gemini’s deeply contoured seats.

    thermospas maui hot tub

    The Maui

    Looking for the most comfortable 3-person hot tub in the world? Look no further than the Maui. Not only is this compact hot tub energy efficient and soundproofed, it can also include all of the elegant features of a full-size spa, so you won’t miss out on anything with its efficient size. Both short and tall bathers will rejoice in the hot tub’s masterfully-designed deep therapy seats, which are covered with powerful massaging jets. If you’re looking for a compact hot tub that still has all of the great features of a full-size spa, the Maui is the perfect choice.

    As you can see, compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are as luxurious, comfortable and relaxing as our full-sized models, yet can fit in much smaller places. If you’re interested in finding the perfect spot to put your future hot tub, feel free to schedule a site inspection with our professional hot tub experts. They’ll deliver all the information you’ll need to your home and help you decide where and how to install your hot tub.

    Interested in larger hot tubs? Check out our largest ThermoSpas® hot tub models here.

  3. 9 Helpful Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

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    Congratulations on buying your first hot tub! We know that being a new hot tub owner is not only exciting, but can also feel a little bit overwhelming at first. There’s no need to worry though. Taking care of your hot tub and enjoying it to the fullest extent is easy to do, especially after reading some helpful information. We’ve compiled a handful of tips to help you both maximize your enjoyment and maintain your hot tub.

    1. Invest in a high quality hot tub cover

    Along with keeping your spa safe from the outside environment, a well-insulated and high quality hot tub cover saves you a significant amount in energy costs by keeping your water warm. Good news: if you bought a ThermoSpas® hot tub, you’ve already invested in a great cover.

    2. Stick to a regular cleaning routine

    As long as you regularly sanitize and clean your spa and its filters, maintaining your hot tub will be easy. All you have to do is follow our hot tub cleaning schedule here to keep your spa looking and functioning as good as new.

    3. Keep the temperature consistent

    If you have a well insulated hot tub and cover, it actually costs less to keep your water temperature consistent than it does to heat up cool water when you use your hot tub regularly. Instead of turning down the heat after you’re done using your hot tub for the day, just make sure to secure your cover.

    4. Protect your cover with cover conditioner

    After you’ve invested in a high quality hot tub cover, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make it last for as long as possible. Use a cover conditioner to protect your cover from UV rays and keep it from hardening and cracking.

    5. Always have extra swimsuits and towels for your guests

    Whether your friends forget to bring their hot tub attire or they spontaneously want to use your hot tub while they are at your house, you’ll quickly learn why it’s important to have extra swimsuits, towels and robes for your guests to use.

    6. Use cleaning tools to save you time and effort

    Though cleaning your hot tub is already pretty easy, cleaning accessories can make it even easier. Hot tub filter accessories and other cleaning tools are definitely worth the investment.

    7. Keep your hot tub chemicals dry and out of extreme temperatures

    If your chemicals get wet or are exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, they will begin degrading and may not work properly. Make sure to follow this guide when deciding where to store your hot tub chemicals.

    8. Soak in your hot tub two hours before bed to get better night’s sleep

    Bathing in warm waters for 20 minutes before bed can help put you into a deep sleep, says Joyce Walsleben, PhD, associate professor at New York University School of Medicine. If you have sleeping problems, your hot tub may be the perfect natural remedy.

    9. Turn on economy mode while you’re on vacation

    If you’re worried about what to do with your hot tub while you’re out of town, don’t sweat it! ThermoSpas® hot tubs feature an economy mode, which lowers the water temperature by 15 degrees when you turn it on, and heats it right back up to its original temperature when you turn it off.

    We hope these tips help you get the most out of your hot tub! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact a ThermoSpas representative at 1-800-876-0158.

  4. Can a Hot Tub Really Help With Joint Pain?

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    As we age, joint pain becomes more and more frequent. Along with arthritis, even plain old injuries can cause pain in your joints. Soaking your body in the warm, bubbling waters of a hot tub can help to greatly relieve joint pain that you are experiencing. Let’s take a look at why a hot tub can help alleviate the symptoms of your pain here.

    Reduces Pressure on Your Joints

    Water buoyancy makes your body lighter by about 90 percent, reducing most of the pressure gravity puts on your joints, according to the National Swimming Pool Foundation.1 When you reduce the strain on your knees and joints in the water, the muscles around those joints are allowed to relax, notes Psychology Today.2 Because of this, both your muscles and joints will be substantially less painful and tense.

    Heats Your Body Up

    There’s a reason your body loves the feeling of hot water. The warm waters of a hot tub relax your joints and increase circulation, which in turn reduces the muscles spasms that so frequently accompany joint pain, according to Laura Schiff’s article in Psychology Today.3 Hot water helps trigger more blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints. Engulfing your body in hot water also gives your joints 360-degree support and decreases swelling and inflammation, notes Arthritis Today.4

    Massages the Places That Need it Most

    Whether you’re receiving a massage from your therapy spa or a professional spa therapist, your joints will thank you. Studies have shown that regular massage has led to improvements in pain, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall functions of the joints, according to Arthritis Today.5 ThermoSpas® Healing Spa features therapy jets that are specifically designed to massage joints that are commonly affected by pain.

    Gives Your Mind a Break

    It’s not just your body that needs to relax when you have joint pain. When you sit in a hot tub alone, listening to the gentle motion of the bubbling waters, you give yourself a unique opportunity to meditate. This combination of meditation and soaking in hot water is great for relaxation purposes, which in turn relieves stress and reduces arthritis pain, according to William Arnold, M.D., a rheumatologist at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute.3

    Provides You With a Better Way Exercise

    Exercise can be extremely painful and difficult for people who suffer with joint pain. While working out in a hot tub, you’ll be putting very little stress on your joints while experiencing the pain-relief benefits of hydrotherapy. It’s one of the best ways to exercise if you have joint pain problems. Arthritis Today notes that a variety of studies show that arthritis and fibromyalgia patients who took part in warm water exercise programs two or three times a week saw their pain drop by as much as 40 percent.4 They also found that they were able to function better.

    If you have joint pain and are looking for a relaxing way to get relief, we recommend taking a look at ThermoSpas® Healing Spa. We worked with the Arthritis Foundation to build the first hot tub ever to be specifically designed for people who experience arthritis symptoms, including joint pain.

    The Healing Spa comes with therapy seats and powerful jets crafted to treat your specific joint pain. Even better, almost every part of the hot tub, from the filter system to the staircase, is designed for ease-of-use for those with limited mobility. To learn more, feel free to contact us!


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