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  1. Fun Hot Tub Party Ideas for the New Year

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    To celebrate the beginning of 2015, we’ve come up with a handful of fun hot tub party ideas to help you host the part of the year with your ThermoSpas® hot tub at the center of the celebration. From a pirate hot tub party to a Hollywood hot tub party, check out these fun ideas for the new year.

    Fun Hot Tub Party Ideas

    Pirate Hot Tub Party Theme

    Recreate the deep sea in your backyard with a pirate hot tub party! Enjoy being a rascal with your closest crew in the most soothing body of water a pirate has ever explored: your hot tub.

    Sports Hot Tub Party

    Whether watching the game with your own hot tub cinema or throwing one of these get togethers to celebrate after big games throughout the year, you can upgrade the way you and your buddies watch sports and celebrate your team by hosting a hot tub sports party.

    • Watch the game with your own hot tub cinema or throw a get together to celebrate after big games
    • Fly your team’s flags around your hot tub to show your pride
    • Hang guests’ jerseys up on trees in your backyard.
    • Set your hot tub LED lights to match your team’s colors
    • Play the game’s audio through the hot tub sound system; or, play post-game music to match the mood: upbeat tunes for victory and melancholy ballads for defeat
    • Offer quick eats outside of the hot tub, like nachos, party mixes, wings, guacamole, and chips

    Hollywood Hot Tub Party

    Your friends and family will love strutting their stuff and feeling like big stars at a Hollywood hot tub party. Hot tubs have always been an important part of celebrities’ lives; just make sure your guests wear a swimsuit underneath their suits and gowns!

    • Roll out an a red “carpet” that leads to your hot tub and place paparazzi props on each side
    • Have floodlights shine light on your glimmering hot tub
    • Give guests exclusive access to the hot tub with a V.I.P. Entrance sign
    • Hang starry string lights on your trees and bushes for a dazzling effect
    • Play music from classic Hollywood movies or swinging jazz reminiscent of ‘40s Hollywood
    • Turn on classic movies, like Singin’ in the Rain, Wizard of Oz or Gone With the Wind, near your hot tub with the volume muted
    • Serve popcorn, candy and sparkling juice on Hollywood-themed serveware

    We hope these fun hot tub party ideas help you to have the best year yet! What are your creative hot tub party ideas? Let us know in the comments below. For more ideas for new and unique ways to have fun in your hot tub, keep an eye on the entertainment section of our blog.

  2. Is it Safe for Children to use a Hot Tub?

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    Children absolutely love hot tubs in any season! We’ve all seen signs in public places warning us not to allow children under a certain age to use the hot tub spa. Is this for health reasons or for the comfort of their guests? What is safe and unsafe when it come to children in hot tubs? (more…)