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  1. Stretching in the Hot Tub for People with Arthritis

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    The Healing Spa was specifically designed for arthritis patients and was the first hot tub to receive the Ease of Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation. We’re happy to have so many satisfied customers that enjoy the relaxing sensations of our high powered jets and bubbling system. For any hot tub user with arthritis, there are great stretches to help relieve muscle and joint tension while in the hot tub. Here are some recommended routines for arthritis patients.

    Stretching is most important for arthritis patients to help relieve muscle aches throughout the body. Flexibility can alleviate a lot of tension, but is hard to do when your muscles and joints are already tight and sore.

    Using a hot tub when stretching is the perfect way to loosen muscles. The heat of the water helps increase blood circulation throughout the body while the buoyancy of the water is able to deliver relief by loosen pressure and joint strain.

    Once in the water and a body’s circulation has increased, there are several stretches a person can focus on to release more pressure.

    Shoulder Stretch:

    Let your upper body and shoulders soak for 15 to 20 mins in the hot tub. After which, take one arm and lift it over your head so you can touch your upper back with your hand. Next, use your other hand to touch the tip of your elbow and gently push down, aiming your elbow to the center of your head. Take deep breaths and lean your head back into the cradle you created with your arm. Breath deep several times before slowly releasing and repeating with the opposite arm.

    As well, simple shoulder shrugs are a great way to help stretch shoulders and neck. Shrug your shoulders, bringing them up to your ears. Hold them there and breath deep.

    Hamstring Stretch:

    Stretch one leg out as long as you can and point your toe to the opposite end of the tub. Feel the muscles of the leg stretch and take a deep breath. Then, pull the leg in, bending the knee and bringing it into the chest. Make sure to sit up straight, and breath deep. Extend the leg back out and repeat with the opposite leg.

    Hand Stretch:

    Many arthritis patients have a hard time with their hands. And although you can do these stretches anywhere, they are especially helpful with the addition of warm water. With your hands underwater, interlock your fingers and rotate your wrist clockwise several times. This will help stretch out the wrists. Next, slowly make a fist with your hands and repeat to stretch out fingers. Last, bend the arm at the elbow and use your opposite arm to push your fingers down, palm facing forward. This will stretch both wrist and fingers while relieving joint pain. Point your fingers up and repeat the stretch, then move onto the opposite hand.

    Breathing is very important when it comes to stretching. With good deep breaths, effective stretching, and a warm hot tub, you’ll find arthritis pains can melt away.

    If you have questions about ThermoSpas Healing Spa and how it can help your arthritis pain, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas today. We’d be happy to help direct you through the benefits of the hot tub and the buying process.

  2. How Aquatic Exercise Helps Arthritis

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    Immersing the body in water has many physiological effects, which have been reported since nearly the beginning of recorded history.

    Aquatic exercise is especially beneficial to arthritis sufferers for several reasons. Water provides a remarkable medium for heat transmission, buoyancy, and resistance, which makes it possible to carry out exercise with minimal stress for those with limited mobility.  (more…)

  3. Thermospa Healing Spa – The First Arthritis Hot Tub

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    About The Healing Spa

    The Healing Spa was designed for Arthritis sufferers in collaboration with Thermospas and the Arthritis Foundation. The Healing Spa was the very first hot tub that specifically addressed the needs of people with Arthritis symptoms.

    Specially designed warm water therapy jets target joints commonly affected by arthritis, as well as a unique hot tub design that is easy for people with limited mobility to use.

    The prestigious ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation was awarded to the Thermopa Healing Spa, the very first hot tub to receive the award (a Foundation program encouraging the development of products that allow for ease of use by everyone, including people with arthritis who may have pain and limited movement).


  4. Easy Entry System – Thermospa Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

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    The Healing Spa was designed to allow everyone easy access to warm water therapy. The features on the Healing Spa hot tub are so impressive, it was the only spa that was awarded the ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation by the American Arthritis Association.

    This state of the art Easy Entry system is not the only feature that makes this hot tub by Thermospa so special.

    To read more about this hot tub and it’s many benefits, click here: www.thermospastest.info/arthritis