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  1. 6 Fun Hot Tub Toys and Games For Your Kids

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    Kids love hanging out with their friends in the hot tub. There’s no doubt about it. The bubbles and jets makes for a unique and exciting environment, and splashing around in a spa is always fun. You can make your child’s time in the spa even more of a blast with hot tub toys and games.

    We here at ThermoSpas have rounded up five great toys and games for your children to play with. These toys are great for children ten years old or over to play with their friends, and are fun for the whole family.

    Remember, children under five years old should not be in the hot tub, and we usually recommend waiting until they are ten years old to let them use the hot tub regularly.  You should also turn down the spa temperature a few degrees lower when children are in it. Kids tend to be more active in the hot tub, so turning the temperature down should ensure that they don’t overheat.

    Milliwik Splash Jack

    By Milliwik

    Price: $6.95

    With this 52-set pack of waterproof cards, your kids can now play all their favorite card games in the hot tub! These cards float, so that you’ll never lose them in the water, and stick to any tile surface when they are wet for extra convenience. They also come in a mesh bag, which allows them to dry.

    Playing cards is a great way to get the whole family together in the hot tub. Try playing Go Fish, Speed or Spoons for an evening of fun!

    Namits – The Game of Think

    By Namits

    Price: $13.97

    Another card game, Namits is not only fun for all ages, but is also a great way to teach your kids some new words. The goal of the game is to name as many things in one category as possible. It challenges kids and adults alike to think quickly and creatively.

    The cards are waterproof, durable and attached to a ring so that they don’t float away in the water. Created by a mother of seven, Namits is family friendly, simple and fun for kids.

    Hot Potato Splash

    By Ideal

    Price: $10.79

    Now you can bring the classic game of Musical Hot Potato to the water with Hot Potato Splash. This toy will be sure to get your kids and their friends squealing with anticipation and excitement. All you have to do is squeeze the rubber potato to begin the game and start the music. Just don’t get caught with the tater when the music stops!

    Hot Potato Splash is small, easy to carry, waterproof and comes with non-replaceable batteries that last for 2000 plays. It’s stuffed with foam for child safety and can be played by two or more people, perfect for a hot tub party or hang out.

    Coleman Blue Xtreme2 C12WP Waterproof Digital Camera

    By Coleman

    Price: $73.45

    As we’re sure you’ve noticed, kids love capturing every moment of their time spent with friends on camera. Now they can do it in the hot tub too! Coleman’s Blue Xtreme2 C12WP Waterproof Digital Camera has 16-megapixel resolution, 4x digital zoom, and has HD video and still picture capabilities.

    With this camera, your children can take pictures and video in an entirely new way in the hot tub. Just make sure you buy a memory card to store photos, as it doesn’t come with one. Also, if blue isn’t your kid’s favorite color, there are a variety of other colors available to make it the perfect camera for them.

    Cool Duck Toy

    By ThermoSpas

    Price: $5.95

    Your child will never have to feel alone in the hot tub again. Our Cool Duck Toy is a great hot tub companion, and is super soft and cuddly. Let’s not forget, he’s also a very cool little guy, always wearing shades and never leaving your side.

    He may be small, but he’s a great swimmer and always stays upright. You can check him out on our online store by clicking here.

    Solar Splash Light Show

    By ToySplash

    Price: $14.16

    Kids will have a great time with this fun light show. There are five different light show programs so your children are sure to never get bored with it. Plus, the lights turn off automatically in the day and on during sundown, so that they won’t have to do anything to get it going.

    Create a magical environment in your hot tub with moving blue, green and red colors. It will turn any child’s play time in the hot tub into a party.

    Make every time in the hot tub a party time with these fun and diverse toys. They are sure to keep your kids pleased and entertained with their friends or with the whole family. Just make sure a trusted adult or parent is present and supervising children at all times when they are in the hot tub. This will help ensure their safety, and will also make for a great bonding time for parents and their children.

    For more ideas about how to have fun in your spa, keep an eye on the entertainment section of our blog. You’ll have a hard time running out of fun hot tub ideas with us around.

  2. Family Hot Tub Games

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    Spending time with your family in the hot tub can be fun for all, especially when you combine your hot tub with family game night: simple games that children and adults of all ages can play. There are plenty of delightfully fun games to play, or you can easily think of some of your own. Here are our recommendations for great games to play with your family in the hot tub.

    Waterproof Cards

    To start the night off, invest in a deck of waterproof cards. This is a simple way for everyone to relax in the warm bubbles of the hot and enjoy the rushing jets while spending time with others. Waterproof cards are perfect for simple games of poker, or employ a small floating tray that can hold cards for games like gin rummy or Texas Hold’em.

    There are also waterproof UNO cards as well for families with younger children. Just as you would with your playing cards, use a floating tray that can collect the UNO cards. Just make sure no one tips it over.

    Battle Ducks

    You’ll need two floating rubber ducks for this game. The object is to make your duck touch one of the opposing team’s players before their duck touches one of yours. Start by splitting the hot tub up into two even teams. Then give each team a duck. When the game starts, each team should place their duck in the water. With only the use of jets and air, try to get your duck to cross the water and touch one of the other players. This game is a lot harder than it sounds. Of course, the more you understand the power and aiming ability of your jets, the easier it becomes.


    As mentioned in adult hot tub games, and taken from Pierre Audet’s Hot Tub Games, this is an exciting game for children and adults. You’ll need at least two plastic cups for this game.

    Start by placing one of the cups in the water. Fill it with enough water so the bottom of the cup is emerged in water and the top is facing upward. Pass the other cup around the hot tub, each taking turns adding a small gulp of water to the cup. The object is to not let the cup sink when adding the water into it. Whoever sinks the cup, loses, and the game continues until there is one player left.


    You’ll need at least five ping pong balls for this game. The object of the game is to be the last in the hot tub without a ping pong ball touching you.

    Start the game with everyone in their seats, then toss one ping pong ball into the water. You must avoid the ping pong ball and not let it touch you. You can move around, but your feet must stay emerged in the water. As the minutes pass, add more ping pong balls to the mix. If a ball does touch you, you must sit outside the tub until their is a winner.

    Four fun games for your family to try next time you’re in the hot tub. We love to play these games with our children and friends. And they’re great games to play if you’re throwing your children a hot tub party. Just remember to stay safe and keep an eye on your kids if they’re playing alone.

    For any more questions about great games to play in the hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we love to help.

  3. Adult Hot Tub Games

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    While we all love a hot tub to relax and relieve the stress of the workday, it’s also great to invite friends and family over for a fun evening of massaging jets, drinks, food, and games. Anyone interested in throwing a small hot tub party, should consider a few adult hot tub games to play with your guests to keep the night lively and fun. Here are a few of our favorite adult hot tub games to play.

    Of course all of these games are up for interpretation. If you’d like to add your own twist, perhaps something more scandalous, you’re more then welcome to. We, however, would like to give you the basic idea of these games and let you create the rest of the rules.


    When sitting in a circle formation with a few of your friends in a hot tub, this is a fun and silly game to play. Use a regular sized balloon and fill it up as much as you can before it bursts, about the size of your head.

    The race begins by the first person holding the water balloon over their head and passing it to their right. The challenge is to pass the balloon before it pops. The one holding the balloon as it pops loses. Use cold water from a faucet or a hose so the loser is treated to a chilly surprise when the balloon bursts.


    Similar to the Water Balloon Pass, use regular sized colored balloons, however, this time, give everyone one deflated balloon to start with. The object of this game is to use the water jets to fill up your balloon as quickly as possible. Some play this game by seeing who can fill up their balloon as big as possible without it bursting while others play by who can burst their balloon first. Whichever way you choose to play, remember to clean up all the broken balloons from your hot tub as to not damage pumps or filters.

    HA – HO – HE

    Here’s a great game suggested by the folks at HotTubWorks where the object of the game is to not laugh. Going in a circular motion, each person either says, Ha, Ho, or He in a goofy, fun way with the intention of making the others laugh. The first person to giggle or laugh loses. Smiling is permitted, but that’s it. Again, what happens to the loser is up to you.


    Here’s a game taken from Pierre Audet’s Hot Tub Games. Place a plastic cup in the middle of your hot tub so it it floating just above the water. You may need to slow down or completely turn off your jets for this to work. Next, set up teams that pour water into the cup for two seconds. The team that pours the water into the cup and sinks it, loses. What happens to the team that loses is up to you.


    Last, a fun game to pass the time and bring a few good laughs is called, Find the Word. The object of the game is for every player to say the same word at the same time without knowing what the other players are going to say. On the count of three every player says any word they want, then from the words originally said, each players needs to think of one word that is similar to all of the words said. The game then starts again and on the count of three everyone says a word. Hopefully, every player gets closer to a relatable word. The game continues until every person says the same exact word. No word can be repeated twice by any player and players cannot voice their reasoning for any word they say. We suggest not playing this with over four people, otherwise you might be in that hot tub for a long time.

    There are hundreds of games to play in the hot tub, all incredibly fun too. For more hot tub games, we suggest taking a look at Pierre Audet’s Hot Tub Games, or inventing a few of your own. For questions about ThermoSpas hot tubs and installing the perfect hot tub spa in your house or backyard, contact us today, we’d love to help.