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  1. Relieve Your Flu Symptoms with a Hot Tub Soak

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    It’s the flu and cold season’s favorite time of year, which means it’s our least favorite time. Nothing is worse than nausea, an aching body, a stuffed nose, and a terrible cough. Luckily, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a good way to relieve those tough symptoms of a flu, don’t look for over the counter medicines and wacky herbal teas, just take a dip in your hot tub. The warm water can help relieve symptoms and actually help shorten the time you’re sick.

    If you followed our blog for awhile, you’ll remember last year we posted a similar article on how a hot tub can help you control your cold or flu. Hot tubs initiate two essential processes that are great at helping your body fight cold and flu symptoms. First, the hot tub raises the body temperature. Flu viruses cannot be cured by antibiotics, they are problems that just take time to work themselves out of your system. One of your body’s defense systems is to heat up, thus, why you get a fever. The second, as a result of your body’s temperature raising, you sweat. Sweating helps release toxins that are draining your body’s sources of nutrients. By sweating, you’re detoxing and keeping your body clear of free radicals which will only exaggerate symptoms. This is just the start of how a hot tub can help you during a spell of the flu. For more, lets discuss the proper steps to enjoying your hot tub while sick for the best results.

    Start by making sure the hot tub is sanitized. Make sure to check the chemical balance of your hot tub before getting it. An unbalanced hot tub can cause more harm than good, so be extra careful.

    Next, enjoy the hot tub for about 20 mins at a time every few hours for as long as you feel sick. Try not to overdo it, but also, don’t feel hesitant to really take advantage of your personal spa. Between dips, make sure to hydrate as much as possible. As the hot tub will make you sweat, you can easily become dehydrated, especially when sick.

    Once you stepped in the hot tub, start by creating that false fever. Turn your hot tub to the hottest possible temperature. By regulation, hot tubs cannot go higher than 104 degrees. Turn it all the way up, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but your body will adjust and your body temperature will start to raise. This false fever will begin to help kill the virus that’s causing you much discomfort.

    Use our powerful set of jets to your advantage. The flu tends to leave our bodies especially sore, muscles that have not bothered you before can be causing you much discomfort. Use Thermospas Total Control Therapy to focus the massaging jets on the areas that really need it. The more relaxed you feel, the easier it is for your body to kill a virus.

    If you’re stuffed up, the hot tub can also help clear the nasal passage with the help of the warm steam. If you so please, use a small amount of Vicks under your nose. With the combination of Vicks and steam, your nasal passage should be able to clear. Keep a towel or handkerchief by the pool to blow your nose. This is another great way of helping rid the body of the virus. Don’t suck mucus back into your nose, make sure to get it out.

    Last, if your hot tub is outside, make sure to have a warm robe and towel to cover the body immediately when you step out of your tub and quickly make it back to your home. You don’t want to cause more trouble by standing out in the cold soaking wet.

    With the help of a hot tub, you can rid yourself of a cold or flu faster than ever. If you’re considering purchasing and installing a hot tub of your own, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas for the best in hot tub guidance.

    This content is not to be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional.


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    It’s that time of year again, cold and flu season. This year we are getting hit hard with the flu, so you will want to take extra measures this season to stay healthy.

    Did you know that regularly soaking in a hot tub could be a proactive and also a therapeutic solution to head colds and other sicknesses? Yes, hot tubs could help prevent you from getting sick, and speed up your recovery when you are sick. I’ll tell you why in this article.

    Maybe you’ve heard the theory that people who work out often get sick less? Well, it turns out that there is some validity in this. Researchers from Appalachian State University in North Carolina tracked the lifestyle habits of 1,000 adults over a 12 week period. The results were astonishing – those who worked out for regularly for at least 20 minutes decreased their chances of getting sick by half!

    “Activity is, by far, the most powerful lifestyle habit in terms of your ability to avoid getting sick,” said David Nieman, the study’s lead author. “Exercise is the one thing you can do that truly seems to boost immunity. In many ways, it’s more effective than hand washing and other hygiene habits. No matter how clean you are, coming into contact with viruses and bugs is unavoidable.”

    “Each exercise session sparks a temporary rise in immune system cells circulating around the body,” he said. “So, although these levels fall back into the normal range within three hours or so, each bout enhances the surveillance of harmful viruses and bacteria. Repeated often enough, this reduces the number and severity of infections like the common cold.”

    [source: ABC news]

    It may seem far fetched, but the reasons are simple:


    EXERCISES CAUSES A RAISE IN BODY TEMPERATURE – It has been found that even a small shift of a few degrees in body temperature makes a difference for preventing and fighting infections. Infectious agents can’t survive in environments where the body’s core temperature is elevated on a regular basis. In addition, Science Daily claims that elevated body temperature helps certain types of immune cells work better. On the flip side, too much strenuous exercise while sick could have the opposite effect on the immune system.

    EXERCISE MAKES YOU SWEAT: When you exercise, you sweat. Sweating releases waste products, lowering the amount of infectious agents in your body, and making you less prone to sickness.

    If you want to decrease your chances of getting sick, or even help cure a sickness you already have; increase your body temperature on a consistent basis and make sure to sweat.

    This is also how our body naturally fights a sickness. Our body reacts with a fever, raising the body temperature temporarily. Your internal environment becomes less inviting place for viruses and your immune system is boosted. A raise in temperature won’t eliminate the infectious agents, but it will make them less effective.

    We can apply these same principles to your hot tub. A hot tub can induce a “fake fever”. Your core body temperature is 98.6 degrees, and a maximum hot tub temperature is 104 degrees.

    By soaking in a heated hot tub, your body temperature will be raised. This will cause your core body temperature to shift, and also cause you to sweat. Raising your body temperature + sweating = the magic formula. 

    In addition, regular hot tub use will help you get a better nights rest and assist you in relaxation, all important aspects to keeping sickness away and curing it once it arrives.

    Hot Tub Tips:

    • Make sure your hot tub is clean, of course! If you have questions on how to maintain your Thermospas hot tub, call our Customer Care department at  #1-800-876-0158
    • Stay hydrated. This is very important!
    • Use aromatherapy like eucalyptus to enhance the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the hot tub


    Are you someone that has used this technique before, or would like to test it out? Let us know in the comments below: