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  1. Get The Arms of Your Dreams in Your Hot Tub with These 5 Arm Exercises

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    Over the past month, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of exercising in a hot tub. The water buoyancy allows for a low-impact exercise that is much better for the joints than any land workout. Water heat increases blood flow and water resistance provides you with a more challenging training session.

    If you’re looking for the most effective arm workout possible, a hot tub is definitely the place to do it.  Water resistance will help to tone your muscles more quickly and the warm water will help to speed up your arm muscles’ recovery time. You can use resistance bands to make your exercises even more productive.

    Let’s take a look at some of our favorite arm exercises for the hot tub to help you get the best arms you’ve ever had. For extra resistance, we recommend doing each of these exercises with your arms underwater.

    Arm Circles

    You can be standing or sitting for this one. First, start with your arms at your side and palms facing you. Then, extend both out from your sides, so that they are parallel to the ground and facing the walls of the hot tub to the left and right side of you. For 15 seconds, rotate your arms clockwise, making small circles. After you have gone in the reverse direction for another 15 seconds, begin making bigger circles.

    Elbow Raises

    This simple exercise will get your upper arms in great shape. First, while standing or sitting in the hot tub, put your hands on your on your shoulders and your elbows out in front of you. Then move your elbows up, and slowly lower them back down to your chest. After 10 reps, try doing another 10 reps drawing circles with your elbows in one direction. Then, do another 10 reps going in the other direction.

    Bicep Curl

    For this popular exercise, you’ll want to use waterproof resistance bands or an aquatic dumbbell. First, stand in the middle of the hot tub and place the center of the resistance band underneath both feet, holding the ends of the bands in your hands. Your palms should be facing the hot tub wall in front of you and your arms should be next to your sides. If you don’t feel enough tension in the bands, spread your feet farther apart across the band.

    Then, with your arms facing straight down next to you, lift your forearms to the top of the water, with your upper arm making no movement and your elbows as close to your body as possible. Finally, slowly bring your forearm back down into the water until your arm is straight. Try doing 12 reps!

    Anti-Rotation Press

    For this exercise, you will need resistance bands and a hot tub with attachment mounts. ThermoSpas’ Fitness Series Hot Tubs are specifically designed for exercise, and feature multiple attachment mounts for the perfect upper body workout.

    First, attach the bands to the mounts at chest level and stand with the left side of your body facing the mount. Your feet should be placed on the bottom of the hot tub, shoulder width apart. Then, grab the ends of the bands with both hands clasped together against your chest. Side step far enough away from mount to feel tension in the band. Next, extend your elbows and both arms in front of you, parallel to the bottom of the hot tub, with your knees bent slightly. Try to hold your arms out for about 10 seconds. Then, slowly bring your hands back to your chest and elbows back to your sides . Do 3 reps on each side.

    Make sure to keep your spine straight and use your core instead of your back to keep you from twisting. This exercise works your core, multiple arm muscles and your shoulders.

    Chest Press

    If you want defined triceps and a strong chest, chest presses are the perfect exercise for you. You will need to use resistance bands for this workout too. First, attach the bands to your hot tub and sit with the mounts behind you. Put the ends of the bands in each hand, keeping your elbows bent so that your hands are in front of your chest. If you don’t feel enough tension, make sure to tighten the band or move farther away from the mounts.

    Lift your arms with your elbows still bent at a 90 degree angle. Move your torso to a 45-degree angle, slightly bent forward. Keep your spine straight. Your elbows should be facing the hot tub walls to the left and right side of you and your forearms and knuckles should be facing forward. Straighten your elbow and push your arms forward with the band, following the angle of your body. When your arms are fully extended, slowly bring your elbows back to your sides.

    We hope these exercises help you to get the toned arms you’ve always dreamed of. Make sure to give whatever part of your body you are training a day of rest whenever you are doing strength exercises. For more exercise ideas, check out the fitness section of our blog.


  2. Get The Ultimate Workout with ThermoSpas Swim Spas and Exercise Spas

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    Hot tubs are usually thought of as a great place to relax and sooth your body and mind after a long day. While this is definitely true, spas are also one of the greatest places to work out. Why?  Well, because working out in warm water is safer, more effective and more fun than working out on land.

    The Benefits of Exercising in Water

    Exercise in water is one of the safest ways to get fit because it allows for a no-impact workout, so you aren’t putting any extra stress on your joints. Water also makes your physical activities more efficient because it provides resistance. This water resistance gives you a full-body workout during most exercises and allows for an increased development of flexibility, balance and muscle symmetry. Finally, the heat from hot tub water gets your blood flowing more quickly, giving your body more energy and oxygen.

    Along with health benefits, the small size of a hot tub also allows for convenience and low maintenance.

    Think it all sounds too good to be true? You’re probably asking yourself how you can exercise in a spa when they’re so small and covered in jets. Well, we have the answers.

    ThermoSpas Swim Spas and Exercise Spas

    ThermoSpas offers spa models specifically designed for both exercise and relaxation. We call them our Swim Spas and Exercise Spas. Physical therapists, physicians and customer focus groups contributed to the design of these spas, so that they would provide the features, quality and convenience that people want most while exercising.

    Let’s take a look at the three models from our Fitness Series to learn which one is right for you.

    Spa Trainer

    The Spa Trainer Swim Spa is the ultimate exercising machine. It’s a combination of a hot tub, swimming pool and gym. Measuring at 174 inches long and 88 inches wide, the Spa Trainer is big enough for almost any exercise. You’ll never have to go to the gym again.

    One of the best features of this hot tub is the powerful jet stream that produces a current strong enough for an adult to swim in place. This jet allows for a great aerobic exercise through swimming without the need to buy a massive pool. You can practice any swim stroke you like against the stream and adjust the strength of the current accordingly for a full body workout.

    The Spa Trainer also features three structural bars for strength exercises. The attachment mounts allow you to use exercise bands and an optional rowing attachment for an intense upper body workout.

    All of these features make the Spa Trainer the only exercise machine you need. But that’s not all it is. The Spa Trainer is also a great place to relax and entertain guests. The warm water and bubbling system soothes your mind while the jetted seats and pillow jets massage your entire body. The Spa Trainer can also hold 12 adults and includes up to 85 jets, making it perfect for a hot tub party.

    The Olympian

    Though smaller than the Spa Trainer, The Olympian offers a wide area of open space for exercising. Like the Spa Trainer, it features attachment mounts for exercise bands and a rowing machine, great for working on your upper body strength.

    The most unique feature of this hot tub is its adjustable seat. This seat allows a person of any size to get the most comfortable and effective workout possible. After your workout, you can also adjust the seat to get a perfect massage from the target therapy jets no matter what direction you’re facing.

    The Olympian can fit six people comfortably, at 91 inches long and 87 inches wide. You can remove the adjustable seat for even more space. With up to 62 jets, a foot well, elegant seating and a raised child seat, this spa is the perfect place to relax with your friends and family.


    As one of our deepest hot tub models, the Aquacisor is a great place to work out, especially when you’re doing leg exercises. The three grab bars allow you to work on upper body exercises, as well as keep yourself stable while doing leg exercises such as bicycles or leg extension. A set of six optional tension bands allows you to work virtually every muscle in your body, and the rowing attachment lets you build up your upper body strength.

    After your workout, you can relax with a full body soak and a back and neck massage in one of the two corner seats. The Aquacisor can have up to 67 jets and is 93 inches long and 88 inches wide. This allows six other people to enjoy the spa with you when you’re not exercising.

    Transform the way you work out with a ThermoSpas Swim Spa or Exercise Spa. Working out in a hot tub is effective, safe and fun. To learn more about our Swim and Exercise Spas, click here.


  3. 4 Great Leg Exercises To Do In Your Hot Tub

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    If you’re looking for one of the best ways to strengthen your legs, look no further. Time and time again, doing physical activities in water has proven to be one of the healthiest and most effective ways to exercise. The buoyancy of the water allows for a no impact workout, so that you’re not putting any unnecessary stress on your leg joints.

    Exercising in water is especially beneficial for people with arthritis, chronic pain, obesity and other medical conditions. Water also helps to strengthen and tone your leg muscles by providing resistance, and the heat from a hot tub gets your blood flowing more efficiently.

    Today we’re going to be focusing on some great leg exercises to do in your hot tub. Before you begin doing any of these exercises, we recommend speaking with your doctor to make sure that they are safe for your body and condition. ThermoSpas is not responsible for any injuries that may occur while performing these exercises.

    Underwater Leg Reaches

    Sit on the edge of your hot tub seat and support yourself by placing your hands next to you on your seat. Next, point your legs straight out in front of you parallel to the hot tub floor and facing the opposite side of the hot tub. Then, spread both legs out. Keep your toes pointed and stomach tight. After you’ve spread your legs out as far as you comfortably can, flex your feet and bring them back together.

    Try starting with 2 sets of 20. Challenge yourself to do more and more each time!

    Outer Thigh Lift

    For this one, you’ll need a hot tub with enough space for you to extend your leg to the side while holding on to one of the sides of the hot tubs. Our Swim Spas and Exercise Spas have enough space for almost any exercise.

    First, stand with your right side close to the hot tub wall. Keep your feet together and hold on to the right edge of the hot tub or a grab bar. Then, slowly lift your left leg out to the side, as far as comfortably possible. Finally, bring your leg back slowly to the floor. The slower you go, the better workout you’ll get.

    For your first few times, try doing sets of 20 on each side.

    Leg Bends

    Sit on the edge of the hot tub seat again, supporting yourself by placing your hands next to you on the seat. Then, bend your knees and bring your thighs up to your chest.  Next, with your back arched, extend your legs out in front of you, so that your toes are pointing to the opposite side of the hot tub. Then, slowly bend your knees and bring your legs back up to your chest. Make sure you’re not using your back to carry the weight of your legs. You should only be using your stomach muscles. You don’t want to hurt your back!

    Start with doing 2 sets of 20, just like the Leg Reaches.


    You can do this fun and effective exercise in a ThermoSpas Swim Spa. First, hold on to the metal grab bar behind you to support yourself while standing straight. Then, lift your legs up from the ground and to your chest. Begin rotating them in a circular pattern, as if you were pedaling on a bike. For the best workout, make sure to rotate your legs slowly and keep your stomach tight.

    Try doing 2 sets of 20 rotations at first and try to do more each time!

    The best place to do all of these exercises in warm water is in a ThermoSpas Swim Spa. Our Swim Spa a complete exercise center for swimming, walking, jogging in place, rowing and working on both upper and lower body strength, such as leg exercises. Physical therapists, physicians and customer focus groups helped to contribute to the design of this hot tub.

    Measuring at 174 inches long and 88 inches wide, it has ample space for almost any exercise. The Swim Spa’s powerful jets allow for water resistance while swimming, and its grab bar offers a great tool for strength and other simple body exercises that don’t require as much cardio output.

    The Swim Spa is also a soothing place to relax. It can fit up to 12 people, which makes it great for big families or entertaining friends. If you’re interested in buying our Swim Spa model, schedule a free hot tub site inspection today. Our experts will help you find the perfect spot for your hot tub, and you’ll be under no obligation to buy. We’ll also provide you with a free quote and brochure, along with any other information you may want.

  4. Hot Tub Yoga: Relieve Stress and Feel Good

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    Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga combines physical, mental and sometimes spiritual practices. It involves balance, strength, flexibility and concentration, allowing for not only physical wellness, but also mental wellness. Although yoga is an ancient exercise, hot yoga is a relatively new and popular variation of the practice. It involves performing yoga in hot and humid conditions, allowing for increased flexibility in the poses.

    Like hot yoga, performing yoga in warm hot tub water can enhance yoga’s mental and physical benefits. The relaxing bubbling system aids in melting the stress away, and the warm water increases flexibility, making it easier to stretch into difficult positions.

    We here at ThermoSpas have rounded up a handful of easy and effective hot tub yoga poses to practice in your hot tub. Make sure to be conscious of your breathing for ultimate relaxation.

    Before doing any of the following yoga techniques, make sure to check with your primary care physician to determine if you have any health issues that might stop you from safely practicing each of these poses. Drink water throughout your exercise to ensure that you stay hydrated, and we recommend that you do not exercise in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes. If you begin to feel unwell, stop exercising immediately.  Be sure to practice these poses in a safe and careful manner. ThermoSpas is not liable for any injuries that may occur.

    Warm Up

    To boost your stretching capabilities, it’s best to warm up before doing yoga poses. We recommend going on a short jog to get your blood pumping and doing some light stretches.

    chair pose yoga

    Chair Pose

    Start by standing in Tadasana, tall, straight and with weight evenly distributed to both feet. Then, raise your arms perpendicular to the sky with your palms facing each other or joined together. Next, bend your knees. Try to keep your thighs as parallel to the floor as possible, like you are sitting on an invisible chair. Your inner thighs should be facing each other. Push the top of your thighbones towards your heels. Make sure your shoulder blades are firm and keep your lower back long. Try to hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute.

    One-Arm Advanced Bend Pose

    Carefully stand in Tadasana in the middle of your hot tub. Then, spread your feet shoulder-width and lift your right arm straight up. Curve your right arm to the left while pushing out your left hip. Now, keep your eyes on your outstretched arm. When you are done stretching out the right side, move on to the left.

    Katichakrasana Pose

    This one is a very simple, but effective stretch that will make your waist feel great. First, stand up straight with your toes together in the Tadasana position. Next, stretch your hands out in front of you with your palms parallel to the ground and facing each other. Make sure they are at shoulder width distance from each other. With your hands out in front of you, gently twist your waist to the right while looking over your right shoulder. For the best stretch possible, do not move your feet. You should feel a nice stretch in your lower back area. Repeat this movement on the other side.

    tree pose

    Tree Pose

    The Tree Pose is one of the most recognized poses in yoga. If you don’t have great balance, you should skip this pose or try practicing with someone nearby to help you balance. Like usual, you should start the pose off in Tadasana in the middle of the hot tub. Then, shift your weight to your right leg. Next, bend your left leg out to the side, placing your left foot on your inner right thigh. Keep your back straight and place your hands in Namaste above your head. Stay balanced for as long as possible, looking forward. Then, switch legs.

    half moon pose

    Half Moon Pose

    This one is slightly more challenging than the preceding poses. Take it slow, and if you have back pain, it’s best to skip this pose. Stand up straight in the middle of the hot tub in the Tadasana position. Then, place your hands on your lower back. Next, while focusing on the chest area of your backbone, slowly arch your back. Take care not to throw your head back too far or too quickly. Press your elbows together. When you become experienced at this pose, you can put your palms together and point them in the direction you are looking instead of placing them on your lower back.

    We hope these yoga positions boost your mental and physical well-being in the soothing waters of a hot tub. For the best workout environment, take a look at ThermoSpas’ Swim Spas and Exercise Spas. They are larger than average hot tubs to give you ample space to stretch out and exercise in a low impact environment. They also include attachments for you to enjoy a variety of different types of exercises in your hot tub, including rowing and swimming.