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  1. 5 Sensual Steps to A Romantic Hot Tub Encounter

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    The Perfect Romantic Hot Tub Night

    Love & Romance are good for your health. Romance can lower blood pressure, boost your immune system and even help you live longer.

    Studies also show that regular ‘date nights’ are a key element to a happy and long-lasting marriage.

    Many ThermoSpas hot tub owners say their hot tub has enhanced their love life and added more romance into their relationship.

    Creating a romantic hot tub night is not difficult, and to help, we’ve compiled a list of 5 sensory pleasing suggestions for a sensual and romantic evening in your hot tub.

    1. Mood Music

    Set the tone with a romantic playlist. You can make your own playlist , or you can build a playlist based on the mood you want to set like “in love”, “romantic”, or “sexy” with StereoMood.

    Lucky for you, ThermoSpas hot tubs are some of the quietest hot tubs on the market, so you don’t have to worry about annoying sounds ruining your ambiance.

    2. Love Lighting

    Think melting candles, tea lights, and Chinese lanterns. Many spas already come with LED mood lighting built into the hot tub, but adding candles is a definite mood enhancer. Also, low lighting will give you added privacy.

    Rose petals with floating candles are a romantic pair, and it’s better to add these elements with the jets off.

    If you are surprising your date, you can light up the floating candles and sprinkle some rose petals in the water right before you reveal your hot tub surprise; or, sprinkle a trail of rose petals that your date can follow all the way to the hot tub.


    Floating Flower Candles

    Once you settle in to the relaxing waters, watch the sunset together or take a journey through the constellations in the night sky.

    3 .Seducing Scents

    Essential oils have been used for seduction since the time of Cleopatra.

    Smell is the only one of our senses that links directly to the brain and effects the same areas that are involved with sexual arousal.

    Hot Tub Aromatherapy is a powerful aphrodisiac!

    4 Romantic Essential Oils to Add to Your Hot Tub:

    • Lemon (uplifting)
    • Peppermint (aphrodisiac)
    • Clary Sage (aphrodisiac)
    • Geranium (romantic)

    Add a couple drops to your hot tub water then save to add to your massage oil for later…

    Learn more about aromatherapy in our post, Here’s a Quick Way to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

    4. Finger Foods

    Light finger foods like oysters, asparagus, button mushroom; or for sweets, strawberries, chocolate and mini-eclairs will jump start start the taste buds.

    Add these finger foods to a silver tray along with flowers and candles if you want to kick it up a notch.


    Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    5. The Final Touch

    This is where it all comes together – the mood setting music; the flicker of the candlelight; the arousing smells; the taste of savory or sweet finger foods; savored along with the touch of your partner – make for a romantic and fun evening you both will never forget.


    Romantic Hot Tub

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