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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Festive Christmas Hot Tub Party

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    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing makes us jollier than keeping warm in a bubbling hot tub during a cold winter evening. So we’ve created the ultimate guide to throwing a festive Christmas hot tub party to help you host the best and most unique Christmas party around! Here’s what you’ll need to do.

    First, Make Sure Your Hot Tub is Squeaky Clean

    Your hot tub water should be glistening like fresh snow for your Christmas party. Before inviting guests over:

    Transform Your Hot Tub into a Winter Wonderland With Christmas Decorations

    Festively decorate your hot tub and the area around it to get your guests in the Christmas spirit when you:

    • Get your hot tub looking merry by setting your ThermoSpas® hot tub LED lighting to green or red inside and finish it off with waterproof Christmas lights.

    • Transform your hot tub into one of the best presents of the year by wrapping a long waterproof ribbon around it and adoring it with waterproof bows.

    • Add wintery details by hanging plastic snowflakes and lights in the trees around your hot tub, place reindeer décor and inflatable snowman around your backyard, and mark the path to your hot tub with cardboard candy cane pathway markers.

    Celebrate With Christmas Music & Entertainment

    Kindle the Christmas spirit with some merry-themed media, from Christmas music to holiday flicks:

    • Plug in your audio source, pull up our playlist of the best classic Christmas party songs and turn on your ThermoSpas® hot tub with a deluxe sound system. You can find the playlist at the bottom of this post.

    • Play classic Christmas movies on your hot tub cinema, such as Home Alone, A Christmas Carol or  It’s a Wonderful Life. Just make sure to put the movies on mute so that they don’t conflict with the music.

    • Make your own holly, jolly music with a karaoke machine your guests can use when they aren’t in your hot tub.

    Serve Festive Food and Drinks

    Provide some easy-to-eat finger food for people to munch on when they’re out of the hot tub:

    • Serve sweets, like green and red Christmas M&Ms, candy canes and gingerbread cookies.

    • Balance your pallet with savory treats like red and green tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa, and put your favorite nuts in a bowl for your friends to enjoy.

    • Keep your guests toasty when they’re outside of the hot tub with hot drinks such as hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint tea.

    Plan Out Your Christmas Hot Tub Party Guest List

    Like with any hot tub party, the amount of people you invite is important to think about:

    • Set up tables and chairs outside of the hot tub so that people who can’t fit in the spa have somewhere to relax.

    • Throw a more intimate party, make sure you’re limiting the number of guests to the number of people who can comfortably fit in your hot tub.

    • Remind people to bring towels, slippers, a warm robe and a swimsuit. It’s likely that someone will forget to bring these essentials, so make sure to have extra.

    Throwing a Christmas party with a hot tub is a blast. We hope this guide helps you to host a Christmas party that gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

    For more winter fun, check out ThermoSpas’ Pinterest page, where you can feast your eyes on beautiful images of hot tubs in snowy places. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your hot tub in the dead cold of winter. If you haven’t yet prepared your hot tub for winter, find out how to do so safely and easily in our blog.

  2. Tips to Throw a Great 4th of July Hot Tub Party

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    The 4th of July is always a great time to get the neighbors together to celebrate with fireworks, BBQ and activities. Make your 4th of July even more fun and special this year by hosting a hot tub party in your backyard. We’ve got some great tips to help you throw the best 4th of July party in town with your hot tub.

    Prepare Your Hot Tub

    First things first, you’re going to want to make sure your hot tub and its water are clean and clear before your party. Whenever you are having people over, it’s good to test the water chemical levels with test strips to make sure everything is balanced. Also, clean the filters to make sure they are working properly. The more people there are using the hot tub, the more bacteria will get into it.

    If it’s been more than four months since you have drained your hot tub, you should do it again before your 4th of July party. Drain the hot tub’s water, clean the shell’s surface and jets, and then fill it back up with fresh water. The night before your party, give the hot tub a quick run with the jets to move the water. This will ensure safe and beautiful water and a relaxing soak. You should also have a good amount of towels on hand to offer your guests. If they are coming in and out of the hot tub a lot, they will need more than one towel.


    If you’re thinking about having a small celebration, make sure to not invite more people than will fit in your tub. If one person is left out of the hot tub, it can make them feel awkward and out of place. If you’re looking to have a bigger celebration, you can of course invite a larger group than will fit in your hot tub. Just make sure you invite enough people so that one person isn’t awkwardly left out of the hot tub alone. Set up tables and chairs in your backyard for people to relax on when they are not in the spa.

    Celebrating with a large group works well because it’s recommended that you spend no more than 15 minutes in a 104 degree spa at one time. After 15 minutes, the people sitting outside and eating and those in the spa can switch out, so that everyone gets to enjoy the hot tub.

    Party Time

    For your convenience, we suggest not starting the party too early. You don’t want guests to get too tired, as fireworks usually begin around 9 p.m., and warm hot tub water feels especially great at night. Start around 6 or 7 p.m. That way, guests will have had dinner already, which means you can just put out snacks. Finger food is much more convenient during a hot tub party than full meals.

    If you do want to have an all day party, try lowering the hot tub temperature to around 94°F or lower. This will allow your guests to cool down during the warm holiday and spend more time in the hot tub. Any temperature lower than our body temperature will keep you feeling relaxed and cool. If you really want to transform your spa into a “cool tub” during the day, turn the temperature down to 85°F.

    Tasty Snacks

    Try to get your snacks together and ready a couple of days before the 4th of July party. If you’re having your hot tub party later in the evening after normal dinner hours, you will only have to provide light snacks.  This is best for hot tub parties because finger food is quick to eat and not messy, so people can jump right back into the hot tub when they are done. Some great snacks for 4th of July include chips, red, white and blue M&M’s, red and blue fruit, such as blueberries, strawberries and watermelon, and finally some shrimp, chicken or veggie kabobs.

    If your party is earlier in the day, have a good old-fashioned BBQ in your backyard. We recommend grilling up some hot dogs or burgers for your hungry guests. Make sure to check if any of your friends are vegetarian or vegan, as you will have to buy some vegetable patties for them. Also, offer up some sort of salad to compliment the burgers or hot dogs, as well as some of the snacks above.

    Delicious Drinks

    Every 4th of July party needs drinks, but it’s especially important to hydrate during hot tub parties. Make sure you have a lot of water and sugar-free drinks available near your spa. Your guests should be drinking water every hour. Consider buying some red and blue light up ice cubes to make your drinks patriotic and fun.

    You also might want to offer soda and alcoholic beverages. If so, make sure your friends don’t drink too much alcohol and remind them to be careful around the hot tub. The last thing you want is someone falling and hurting themselves. Encourage them to drink water in between their sugary and alcoholic beverages because these drinks tend to dehydrate you.

    One of the most important things to remember while serving drinks at a hot tub party is to use plastic cups instead of glass. If someone breaks a glass in your hot tub or backyard, it could ruin your 4th of July party.

    Patriotic Decorations

    A party isn’t a 4th of July party without patriotic decorations. We recommend putting up some red, white and blue streamers, a patriotic tablecloth for your table and an American flag in your backyard. If you have a ThermoSpas hot tub with LED lighting, change the spa color to red or blue to create a great ambience.

    For an even more refreshing soak, add some soothing fragrances to your hot tub water. We recommend Verbena Lime Coconut or Pina Colada for your 4th of July Party.

    Get the Party Started with Games and Music

    Music is a must at any party. If you have a ThermoSpas hot tub with a deluxe sound system, playing music is easy. All you have to do is connect your audio device to the system and you’re ready to party. If you don’t have a sound system, bring a speaker outside, but keep it away from the hot tub so that you don’t spill water on it.

    Try to make a playlist that will last a few hours, as you don’t want to be hearing the same songs over and over again. Of course, patriotic songs are the best for the 4th of July. Your playlist can include songs like American Woman by The Guess Who, American Girl by Tom Petty, American Pie by Don McLean and America the Beautiful by Ray Charles. Always make sure to have your guests in mind when creating a playlist.

    Playing games is a great way to get everyone in the party having fun together. Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever are really fun games to play with adults in your hot tub. You can also play your favorite card games in the hot tub with waterproof cards. For more hot tub game ideas, click here.

    We hope these 4th of July hot tub party tips help you throw the best 4th of July party ever. If you’re interested in buying a hot tub so that you can host fun and unique hot tub parties, feel free to contact us. A hot tub makes your backyard a fun place to be all the time.

  3. Hot Tub Etiquette

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    As an owner of a hot tub, you’re allowed to set your own rules when it comes to who goes in and what they’re allowed to do. For those of us that are only enjoying another’s well-maintained hot tub, there are basic hot tub etiquette guidelines that we can all follow. Whether you’re with friends or family, these are the general rules that will keep you on the hot tub owner’s good side, along with everyone else who’s enjoying the tub.

    First, Apparel.

    Bring a Suit:

    When it comes to enjoying someone else’s hot tub, bring a bathing suit. Make sure your bathing suit is washed and rinsed well. Laundry detergents can mix with hot tub water and cause foam to raise to the top of the tub. Avoid that by having your suit rinsed thoroughly with water before taking a dip.

    Bring a Towel:

    While it is proper for your host to provide a towel for you, it should not be assumed that they will. Bring a towel for yourself as a gesture of thoughtfulness. As well, make sure to take it home with you when you leave. Your host probably doesn’t want your wet towel laying around their house.

    Second, Cleanliness

    It’s a good idea to arrive clean for a dip in the hot tub. A hot tub is a time to relax, enjoy others company, and relieve stress. Make sure to shower before coming over to anyone’s hot tub soiree.

    However, make sure to keep lotions, perfumes, cologne, and any other chemicals you tend to put on your body, off. This will help keep the hot tub water clean and free of the foamy bubbles that can rise to the surface of your water. Also, if you have any open wounds, cuts, rashes or infections it’s a good idea to not go into the hot tub. This is not only unsanitary for others, but also for yourself.

    When entering the hot tub, make sure your feet and legs are free of any grass and dirt before stepping in the water. Your hot tub host would greatly appreciate it as would all your other guests. Keeping the hot tub water clean is one of the most important aspects of a great hot tub gathering.

    Third, Amenities

    If you’re drinking any kind of liquid around the hot tub, make sure your drink is in a plastic cup that won’t break. Nothing’s worse than a broken glass ruining a hot tub and the party.

    While what kind of drinks are consumed at another’s house is up to the host, if alcohol is involved, be responsible and make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water after every alcoholic drink.

    If there’s food available, do not eat in the hot tub. Food that falls into a hot tub can affect the quality of the water and filtration system. If you want a snack, step out of the tub, eat, then jump back in. It will give you time to cool off anyway.

    Last, Your Behavior

    Remember, you’re in a hot tub, not a pool. There’s no jumping, splashing, or horse playing in a hot tub. It’s a time to relax and let the stress of your day melt away. Enjoy the powerful jet streams and soothing bubbles.

    Make to be conscientious of the other guests by letting everyone have a turn in every seat and rotate out of the water if there are more guests than spots in the tub.

    And, of course, never leave children alone in the hot tub and keep pets out of the water.

    With these general rules on hot tub etiquette, you should be the pleasure of any host and enjoy yourself immensely at your next visit to a friend’s hot tub. If you have any questions about owning your own hot tub, or how to properly use someone else’s, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas, we’d be happy to help.

  4. Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol in a Hot Tub

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    We are often asked by new owners of Thermospas hot tubs if drinking alcohol is a safe thing to do during a soak. While the simple answer is no, we understand that there are many people who still want to enjoy a drink while relaxing. If you understand the risks of drinking in the hot tub along with ways to stay safe, having a drink in your hot tub can be an enjoyable experience.

    There are several reasons why drinking alcohol in a hot tub is a bad idea.

    1. Dehydration

    While you may not feel it, a hot tub makes you sweat a lot. All of that sweat is water in your body that you’re losing, which can easily make you dehydrated. Alcohol also dehydrates you, and the two together can cause extreme dehydration. This includes headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, fever, and extreme thirst. This is not a pleasant experience. Imagine the worst hangover you ever had, that was caused by extreme dehydration.

    2. Heat Exhaustion

    Drinking alcohol expands blood vessels and rises the temperature of your body, as does hot tubs. The combination, plus dehydration can cause heat exhaustion. Symptoms include confusion, fatigue, headache, nausea, and extreme sweating. Heat exhaustion can make you very sick, if you feel like you’re experiencing these symptoms, get out of the hot tub immediately and stop drinking. Take a cold shower and drink lots of water.

    3. Passing Out and Drowning

    The combination of alcohol and the bubbles of a hot tub can make you too relaxed. With too much alcohol in you, one can easily fall asleep or pass out while in the hot tub. This can lead to extreme dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even drowning. If you’re alone, passing out in a hot tub can be a very dangerous thing.

    4. Broken Glass

    Another reason to avoid drinking in the hot tub is the use of glass bottles. If glass breaks in or near a hot tub, fun must end immediately and the hot tub must be drained and cleaned. That’s not a fun after-party if you ask us.

    Like we said, just because we tell you it’s not safe to drink alcohol in a hot tub doesn’t mean you’re going to stop.

    Here are a few tips to keep you safe while drinking in your hot tub.

    1. Never Drink Alone

    If you are going to drink alcohol in a hot tub, drink with a friend. It’s not a safe idea to drink alone. If you become too intoxicated, which can happen a lot quicker than you think, it’ smart to have a friend or two that can take care of you, or at least, make sure you don’t pass out in the water.

    2. Drink Water Between Every Alcoholic Drink

    A great way to keep yourself hydrated while in the hot tub is by drinking a big glass of water between every alcoholic drink. This will make sure you have plenty of water inside you to stay hydrated and avoid and symptoms of dehydration.

    3. Step Out of the Hot Tub

    You should consider stepping out of the hot tub every 15 to 20 mins to cool down and let your body rest from the extreme heat. This will help you avoid heat exhaustion and keep your body temperature low.

    4. Use Plastic Cups

    Keep glass bottles as far away from your hot tub as possible. The best setup is to keep your alcohol far enough away that your guests must leave the hot tub to get a new drink. This will help them cool down as they fill up their cup. Make sure everyone has plastic cups so they don’t drop and break glass in or near the hot tub.

    We can’t stop you from drinking alcohol in the hot tub, but with the information you have now, we hope that you’ll understand the risks of drinking and take certain steps to stay safe. If you have anymore questions or are interested in your own Thermospas hot tub, contact us today.